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    National Holstein Assn.
Changes Name
Managing Editor
SEATTLE, Wa.—The 109th
national Holstein convention held
in the Wes tin Hotel last week ran
quite smoothly this year, according
to James Yanizyn, manager of
public relations. All those running
for office on the board and those
running for re-election ran unop
posed. And delegates voted to
change the name of the national
association from Holstein Friesian
Association of America to Hols
tein U.S.A., Inc.
John Selz of Wisconsin was re
elected president, and John Cope
from Pennsylvania was re-elected
vice president. Ron Wood from
Pennsylvania was seated on the
board, replacing Tom Kelly, who
finished an eight-year term.
The national Holstein sale had
an average of $9,115 that included
a $50,000 fop price for the first
choice Jed male from McHart
Kismct-ET, a 2E-91 Bova with
PTA plus 117 P. Universal Gene
tics. Alberta, Canada, purchased
the consignment from Clover Mist
Farms. Inc., Manitowoc, WI.
The second high price came on a
VG Southwind consigned by
Lylehaven, East Montpelier, VT.
Harley Man, New Brunswick,
Canada, purchased her for
Prior to the sale, I.SOO people
enjoyed a 4th of July salmon bar
becue picnic on the beautifully
landscaped Carnation grounds and
gardens. Tours of Carnation Milk
Farms were also on the agenda.
Both the senior and the junior
dairy bowl teams from Pennsylva
nia placed second to New England
teams in a contest that was
described as one of the strongest in
years. The senior division had IS,
and the junior division had 16
The first place senior team from
New England included: Dan Bar
nes, Jeremy Michand, Jen Belter
and Betsy Briggs. Their junior
team members are: Sarah Belter,
Kail Hartshorn and Kate and Viv
ian Briggs.
The Pennsylvania senior team
from Lebanon County are Steve
Bollinger, Karen Lentz. Jeff Hos
tetler, and Jen Beshore. The junior
team from Berks County are:
Melissa Wenley, Erica Davis and
Michael and Jennifer Neiman.
Six national distinguished junior
members were honored at the
awards luncheon during the
national junior convention. They
are: Chris Booth, Cuba City, Wis
consin; Betsy Briggs, Turner,
Maine; Renee Nugent, Lowell,
Michigan; Jason Pullis, Richfield
Springs. New York; Thad Stur
geon, Fombell, Pensylvania and
Matt Syme, South Windsor,
Steve Kerr, executive secretary,
recounted the accomplishments of
the association for the year. Kerr
said they continue to focus on the
basic mission to provide products
and services to those in die dairy
industry who need management
information for better breeding and
marketing of Holstein cattle. TTiesc
core services include identifica
tion, type evaluation, management
information and genetics
“We have begun to diversify
how we package and deliver those
products and services to ensure that
they meet your particular needs,”
Kerr said. “As our recent market
ing slogan for the new classifica
tion participation options noted,
‘one size doesn’t fit all.’”
“We continue our strategy to
reduce our costs in order to remain
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Th« member* of the Lancaster County Holstein Association hear how John Bom
gardner placed the classes at the field day Thursday.
(Continued from Pago At ) Ken Raney, Pennsylvania Hols
ation’s name was changed to Holstein Assn., said they have an order
tein U.S.A, Inc., and membership for short bred heifers to be ready to
fees were raised from $lO to $25. ship overseas this fall. The require-
He said if members register only ments are within reach of most
four calves, they will make up the dairy farmers, andif you haveheif
difference. And this way the asso- ers for sale, you should contact the
ciation can continue to keep state office,
registration fees low. “We are in the cattle moving
business,” Raney said. “We also
have orders from local breeders, or
if you have heifers to sell, call us.”
competitive, and we continue to re
engineer our processes and techno
logies to deliver more timely,
customer-friendly products.”
Next year, the national Holstein
convention will be held in Pitts-
Iwrgh, and plans are already being
formed by members of the Pen
nsylvania Holstein Association. If
you have questions, you may call
Bill Nichol or Ken Raney at the
state office. Phone: (814)
JULY 28, 29, 30 & 31
11:00 - 10:00 DAILY
Thursday, July 28 The Charlie Daniels Band
Friday, July 29 Three Dog Night
Saturday, July 30 Jefferson Starship
Sunday, July 31 Ronnie McDowell & Shucks
Enjoy Musical Entertainment All Day Long!
Craft Show, Children’s Area, Jackpot Show & More!
Lancaster Holstein Field Day Held
This Event Sponsored by
The PA Livestock Association
For more info, call 610-767-5026
uncmir Firming, Saturday, July 16, 1
Dairy Savings!
Rane Betts from Profiles said the
national convention that will be
held in Pittsburgh next year is an
opportunity for Pennsylvania
breeders to meet people from many
other parts of the nation. And it’s
an opportunity to promote your
herd to these people. She recom
mended that dairy farmers get
involved in this opportunity and
plan to attend at least part of the
bottles, cans,
coolers or pets