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    818-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, July 9, 1994
Science, Technology Drive
structure of America’s broiler
chicken industry, in which poultry
companies control breeding,
hatching, growing the chickens,
health programs, processing, feed
production, and paying attention
to consumer perceptions or
misconceptions are major fac
tors in helping chicken to maintain
its reputation as a healthy, good
for-you meat that is reasonably
prices and convenient to prepare.
That was the message conveyed
at a food editors’ breakfast on
June 18 in Pover, Del. In attend
ance were about 40 representa
tives of regional and natonal news
media covering the 46th annual
Delmarva Chicken Festival and
Dclmarva Chicken Cooking Con
During the breakfast, they
heard presentations by representa-
Laura Fitch Reigns
heard the ads. ‘The 1994 cam
paign, which is already under
way, continues the theme, stress
ing the message that milk makes
you feel and look good,” she said.
During the holiday season,
Hauck said a character, “Aunt
Emma,” will be used to promote
real dairy products, with recipes
Other promotional events tak
ing place throughout the state
include cow milking contests, par
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lives of Delmarva Poultry Indus
try, Inc. (DPI), the trade associa
tion for the area’s nearly $1.3 bil
lion-a-year poultry industry and
sponsor of the chicken cooking
Keith E. Rinehart, a former DPI
president, spoke to the group on
“Food Safety Issues." Rinehart is
vice president for technical ser
vices witih Perdue Farms, Inc., at
Salisbury, Md. He predicted that it
may take another generation for
U.S. consumers to accept irradiat
ed chicken, even though the Food
and Drug Administration declared
a few years ago that irradiation
could be used in poultry process
In the meantime, chicken pro
cessing plants are instituting pro
cedures that continue to reduce
bacterial spread. These procedures
include science-based inspection,
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licipating in the Prom Promise by
supplying milk beverages at
proms, and taste-tests comparing
hot chocolate made with milk as
opposed to hot chocolate made
with water.
Judges for the Dairy Princess
Pageant were WHGL-FM radio
personality Kenny Lane of Troy,
Lycoming County Dairy Promo
tion Program director Becky
Steppe, and Jenny Teeter, a farm
wife from Milan.
Storing Ctnlrtl PA Sine* 1(21
SATURDAY 7:30-12:00
2 Locations
imo n«wtt wh#, immt, m itmi
chlorinated water for rinsing
chicken carcasses, and developing
systems to identify critioal control
points in plants and to take correc
tive actions to prevent bacterial
Tissue sampling from birds be
fore they leave the farm for the
processing plant is one way com
panies can continue to prevent
drug residues from being in chick
en products. Rinehart noted that
most chicken processors, in the
Delmarva area at least, have
voluntarily complied with United
States Department of Agriculture
(USDA) nutritional labeling and
safe-handling label requirements.
He pointed out, however, that
some USDA data bases for food
nutrients are out-of-date, so this
could cause confusion for con
Bill Satterfield, DPI executive
director, spoke to the food editors
on ‘Technological Advances.” He
declared that “the poultry industry
is one of the most technologically
advanced segments of American
Satterfield cited statistics for
Delmarva that compared the years
1941 and 1993. The statistics
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Industry Growth
show that, in 52 years, the the
number of broilers produced has
increased more than tenfold.
Young chickens are marketed at
much heavier weights in half the
time previously required, and with
considerably less feed.
This amazing increase, driven
by innovative application of sci
ence and technology, has been ac
companied by an even more
amazing increase in U.S. per capi
ta consumption. In 1941, the per
capita consumption was just 2.8
pounds. Last year it ws 68.3
pounds, and it is forecast to be
73.4 pounds next year.
Genetics and feed formulation
are key factors in producing su
perior chickens. The emphasis in
science and technology, as al
ways, is on finding answers to cur-
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rent challenges. Nipple drinkers in
chicken houses, tunnel ventilation
chicken houses, vector vaccines,
DNA probe-testing, and in-ovo
vaccination are recent innovations
that are producing or are expected
to produce healthier chickens.
An enzyme called phylase
holds promise of allowing chick
ens to better utilize the phosphor
us in their feed. This could mean
less phosphorus in soils where
chicken manure is applied.
Satterfield noted that his or
ganization has provided more than
$600,000 to university researchers
in the last 30 years. DPI also spon
sors educational meetings each
year, including the internationally
recognized National Meeting on
Poultry Health and Processing, to
share new scientific and technolo
gical research.
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