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cap-fruit zone.
Further, the thrips also thrive on
clover and checking clover flowers
adjacent to a strawberry patch can
help determine if thrips may be a
Some growers are being put in a
difficult situation; for some who
market strawberries roadside, or
who run “pick-your-own” opera
tions, consumers have been fre
quently asking whether plants or
fruit has been protected with
According to Goulart, there’s a
Catch-22 for strawberry growers:
if a producer uses pesticides he
may lose a lot of consumers; if he
doesn’t use pesticide he may not
have a crop at all.
Further Support
Goulart said that she is even
more confident in the estimate of
being “90-pcrcent” sure that thrips
The Eastern Flowers Thrips has been infesting
strawberries flowers and fruit and in the fruit are
found feeding in the area between the cap and the fruit. This
is the area of concentration of vessels which carry plant
fluid and nutrition to the developing fruit. It is thought that
thrips are getting the nutrition, not the fruit.
55- The “Model H" balo rack la tha foundation on
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1 o^oo
Thrips May Be Cause Of Strawberry Problem
are the problem because she has
initially found that producers who
used pesticides on strawberry
plants while the plants were in
flower have not had the thrips
problem. She said it appears that
those who did not use any pesti
cides are experiencing losses.
And while there are not yet any
official recommendations for
Fighting the problem, Hellerick
said cross referencing has allowed
him to suggest three possible pesti
cides approved for use on
In his computer memo, Heller
ick slates, “Since this pest is usual
ly not a major problem, it is not
listed in the Small Fruit Production
and Pest Management Guide. I
checked the Penn State Woody
Ornamental Pest Control Sugges
tion Guide for insecticide recom
mendations for exposed thrips. I
then cross referenced this informa
tion with insecticides registered
for strawberries ... Insecticides
Call For Field Demonstration!
[ ',.»■',’•■■_ >-; - < -*•-> - '
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remaining with days to harvest These insects are not often
include: Diazinon (apply just exposed and the chemical may not
before bloom), Guthion (five days get to the where the pests arc
wait until harvest), and Sevin XLR located.
(one day wail until harvest).”
However, using a pesticide now research the insect further in an
may be considered a waste of lime, attempt to determine some poten-
Adams Holstein Approve
Establishment of a scholarship
program and plans for summer
activities were advanced when the
Board of Directors, Adams Coun
ty Holstein Association, met June
6, at the Penn State Extension
office, in Gettysburg. Marvin
Brown presided.
Kevin Holtziner, secretary, read
minutes of recent board meetings;
Robin Thompson presented a cur
rent financial report.
The board considered options
for distribution of a quantity of
cheese which remains unsold from
the recent fund raiser. It was
decided to award (me block to
each paid member who attends the
Holstein Association’s Twilight
meeting on Thursday, July 14.
Reporting for a newly
appointed scholarship committee,
Kevin Holtzinger presented the
criteria for awarding a $250 scho
larship. The report was accepted
and the scholarship established by
unanimous vote.
Applicants must be a member
of the Pennsylvania Junior Hol
stein Association, a resident of
Adams County, who is attending
or planning to attend a 4-year
school, two-year school, technical
school, or short course which has
been approved by the scholarship
committee. Applicants are eligible
as high school seniors through age
Applications for the scholarship
are available at the Adams County
Extension Office, 1135 Cham
bersburg Road, Gettysburg, PA
17325, and must be completed and
returned to this address on or
* w
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Uncart* Firming, Saturday, Juna n, 1994-A27
Goulart said she intends to
before September 13, 1994.
The board voted to provide
$3OO toward support of the Farm-
City Open House event which is
being planned for the John Hess
Farm on Saturday, Sept. 17,1994.
Plans were advanced for a
Dairy Twi-Light meeting to be
held on Thursday, July 14,7 p.m.
at the Lagging Stream Farm of
USDA Adopts TB
Controls For Deer, Elk
LANHAM, Md.—On May 15,
the US Department of Agriculture
instituted Uniform Methods and
Rules for the eradication of tuber
culosis in Cervidae (deer & elk),
regulations which are equivalent
to those in place for cattle and
Though Tb has been found in
new farmed deer herds over the
past 10 yean, the deer farming
industry recognized early that
livestock diseases must be con
trolled and began working with
USDA to identify effective testing
methods and to develop regula
tions which would ensure accurate
diagnosis of the disease on farms.
Deer farmers, represented by
the North American Deer fanners
Association, have worked dili
gently ova* the past S years to
establish reasonable and neces
sary regulation of their livestock.
tially effective treatments and to
build some recommendations for
In addition, strawberries are not
the only plants being affect by
thrips in Lancaster. According to
Hcllcrick, it has been affecting the
development and health of roses.
Thomas Clowney and sons, at
Barlow. The program will feature
cow judging and a discussion of
intensive grazing.
Anticipating a large dairy show
at the South Mountain Fair on Fri
day, Sept. 2, 1994, the board
agreed to sponsor die Holstein
Show which will facilitate the hir
ing of a second judge.
In the absence of assistance or
regulatory input from wildlife
agencies, the deer fanning indus
try has worked with the USDA
and state departments of agricul
ture, which appropriately regulate
livestock and the safety of food
products for human consumption.
NADeFA President Joe Delfi
no, owner of Old Moses Farm in
Vermont, farms deer and raises
Mr. Delfino said, “It has been
the USDA which works to control
disease, not the wildlife agencies.
Unfortunately, some wildlife
agencies have chosen not to work
with the deer farming industry and
USDA and are ignoring existing
facts and regulations and all too
frequently make statements based
on rumors and lack of specific
Winterspring Farm
York County, PA
A beautiful llSacrc farm located Just Northeast of Get
tysburg with a serene country setting along the Conew
ago Creek. Circa 1790 Stone (arm house, with archltec
tually designed addition, huge country kitchen with
walk-in ftre place and adjoining greenhouse. Charming
den with stone fireplace and foyer with open staircase.
In-ground pool with pool house & adjoining 2-car gar
age. Circa 1860 stone & frame bank bam and spring
house with overflowing spring. 54x80 pole bam with
office, great for sheep or catde and could easily be con
verted to box stalls. Much of the land is in permanent
pasture and is fenced and cross fenced $478,000
Many Other Country Estates & Farms Available
realty, inc.
Farms, Country Estates,
and Historic Properties
Rt. 1, Box 123, Now Ringgold, PA 17960
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