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Co.) Spring is a lime when
many people enjoy the blooms of
ornamental trees and shrubs. But
one popular flowering tree is dis
appearing from many landscapes.
Since the late 19705, dogwood
trees native to the eastern United
States have suffered from stress
and disease. The resulting decline
in dogwood health and popula
tions has made the plant’s specta
cular white floral display a rare
sight in some areas.
“Scientists believe the primary
cause is a fungus called Discula,”
says Dr. Gary Moorman, associate
professor of plant pathology in
Penn State’s College of Agricul
tural Sciences.
“It’s thought that the fungus
was inadvertently brought to the
U.S. in the 19705,” he says. “It
since has spread throughout the
range of the native dogwoods. Be
cause these trees have never be
fore been exposed to the fungus,
they are especially susceptible to
The area affected by the decline
ranges from southern Maine to
northern Alabama. Trees in ex
posed sites seem most susceptible,
but forest dogwoods also are dy
Several symptoms are charac
teristic of dogwood decline.
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Dogwoods Disappearing From Landscapes
Twigs and lower branches die.
Cankers, or abnormally roughen
ed areas, form on twigs, branches
and trunks. Dogwood borers at
tack the weakened tree. Water spr
outs develop at the tree’s base,
then die. Tree growth sloWs.
Eventually, the tree may die.
Discula is one of several fungi
that cause a disease known as an
thracnose. “It can produce brown
spots up to one-fourth-inch in dia
meter on leaves,” Moorman says.
“Smaller, reddish-brown spots
may pepper portions of the leaf or
extend along veins.
“Large brown blotches of dead
tissue may appear on leaf tips,
along the margin of leaves or be
tween the veins,” he says. “Leaves
on branch tips may be completely
blighted and stay attached over
winter. Lower twigs and branches
may die.”
The fungus overwinters in in
fected twigs and leaves that re
main on the tree and in infected
fallen leaves.
“This fungus also has been
found on dogwood seeds,” says
Moorman. “Studies are under way
to determine whether migrating
songbirds are eating infected
seeds, then spreading the fungus
along their migration routes. Re
searchers also are looking at pos
sible insect transmission of the
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call top more intonation
disease.” lize moderately in the spring. Do dry. Remove severely affected
Moorman says steps can be ; not apply excessive nitrogen. Do trees,
taken to protect healthy trees and not injure trees with lawnmowers. * Protect trees from pests. If
to save trees not yet severely af- • Remove sources of fungus, necessasry, use fungicides to con
fected by decline: Rake and remove fallen leaves irol anthracnose. In May and early
• Promote tree vigor. During and twigs. Prune and destroy wa- June, control dogwood borer,
dry summer and autumn weather, ter sprouts and dead twigs and When using pesticides, be sure to
water once every seven to 10 days branches. Do this only during dry road and follow all directions and
to supply one inch of water. Petti- weather when plant surfaces are safety precautions on labels.
Maryland County Searches
For Pageant Entries
The Washington County Dairy
Princess Committee is searching
for contestants for its annual pa
As part of a new state program,
they will also be asking any young
ladies between 13 and 16 years old
who would like to represent the
county’s dairy industry. With the
exception of age, dairy maids
must meet all the same require
ments as a princess.
Dairy maids will perform simi
lar duties as the dairy princess, as
sisting her throughout the year.
There will be no competition for
the “princess-to-be’s” at the area
or state level.
Princesses make school and
grocery store promotions, speak to
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farm and non-farm groups and ap
pear on radio and television. They
often make appearances at sport
ing events and fairs. Regional
princesses participate in a training
seminar and will compete in the
state pageant Tuesday, July 26, in
Qualifications have changed for
the princess program. Contestants
may be the daughter of one of the
following: a dairy farmer, a dairy
farm manager or herdsman or
someone employed in a dairy-re
lated industry (farm store, dairy
cooperative, DHIA supervisor,
feed supplier, veterinarian, milk
inspector, etc.). Candidate may
also be employed herself as one of
the above or the owner of at least
one dairy animal or enrolled in the
dairy foods project in 4-H or FFA.
Contestants must be 16 years
old as of the contest year and will
not reach her 22nd birthday by
December 31, of the contest year.
For more information and an
application, contact Carolyn
Downey at 8929 Downsville Pike,
Williamsport, MD 21795;
223-7148 or Christine Forsythe at
10224 Downsville Pike, Hagers
town MD 21795: 582-4884. Ap
plication deadline is May 16,
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