Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, May 14, 1994, Image 55

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Recently, I had a visit from a
mother and her grown son. The
reason that they came was because
I’d told them that 1 had letters that
their husband and father wrote to
me during World War 11. There
were some 60 of them written
from training camps in the U.S.
and from overseas.
During that war, I worked for a
farm organization where 90% of
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Ida Risser
the employees were men. So, 1
wrote to the young men and they
answered my letters as it seems
that they really looked forward to
mail call. Many are short notes
containing very little news. While
some were censored and words
were blacked out.
This winter, after rereading
most of them, I phoned the survi
vors of the servicemen and so far
VVWOB. CuMtwnm
<2(b« ptt 100 bird*/
1000 ptr year
Master Distributor Since 1982
only two parties have come to
claim their relatives letters. I shall
keep the rest a while longer.
People complain of animals eat
ing their garden plants but one
does not know how they feel until
the same thing happens to you.
The other night we went to cover
our tomato plants and found no
thing to cover. It was dusk and af
ter searching I discovered some
one-inch stubs. I’d thought that
with a lot of cats around no rabbits
would dare venture into my gar
den. 1 was wrong.
On a happier note, our daughter
in Texas surprised me with a big
bouquet of flowers on May Day.
When she was a child living at
home, she always picked flowers
and lay them at the front door on
May first Then she knocked and
ran away to hide and watch my
surprise when I opened the door
and found no one there. It is cer
tainly nice to be remembered.
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Dauphin County Seeks
Pageant Candidates
Co.) The Dauphin County
Dairy Promotion Committee is
searching for candidates for Dairy
Princess, Dairy Maid and Little
Dairy Miss.
The Dauphin County Dairy
Princess Pageant will be held on
Friday, June 17 at 8:00 p.m. at the
year warranty
cagas. Call or
lend for a copy
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Uncwtar Firmlnfl, SMunay.Hay 14, 1994-815
Agricultural Resources Center,
Route 225, Dauphin.
To obtain an application form,
or to receive more information,
contact Tonya Scholl, chairman,
at R.D. 1 Box 305, Elizabethville,
PA 17023. Or phone Tonya at
(717) 362-8158. Deadline for
applications is May 31.
An election of offices and the regular
monthly meeting of the Lancaster County 4-H
Horse Production Club will be held May 16 at
the home of Samara Shuster-Edelson, 2001
Sonora Lane, Manheim, beginning at 7 p.m.
The Production Horse 4-H is open to any
youth between the age of 8 and 19 who has a
horse or pony under the age of three years.
Production 4-H teaches youth the skills
needed in properly raising, training, and
showing a young horse or pony. Each youth
has the opportunity to show his or her animal
in a county production roundup with possibil
ities or competing on the district or state level
of competition.
For more information about the club, con
tact organizational leader Tammy Long, at
(717) 665-7626 (daytime) or (717) 627-2837
North Mountain 4-H
Community Club
A new 4-H community club has formed in
the North Annville Ono, Waterworks, Bell
grove area.
Meetings are held the last Monday night of
each month at the Waterworks fireball off of
Thompson Avenue.
At the Monday, April 25 meeting, 48 mem
bers were present. Games and mixers were
enjoyed by everyone 20 minutes before the
meeting began.
The meeting was called to order by vice
president Natalie Funck. Secretary’s report
was read and roll call was taken.
Report was given by Lori Hossler for Pet
ting Zoo at the County Club. Rollerskating
report by Melissa Hitz: 75 attended, had a
great time getting to know on another. Cook
ies sold by the club was more than 1,100
Cindy Funck explained hands-on-training
for demonstrations April 27. Woodworking,
vet science, vegetables & gardening, and sew
ing are among some of the new projects.
The meeting was adjourned and refresh
ments were enjoyed by everyone. The next
4-H meeting will be held on May 23 from 6:45
p.m.-8:15 p.m.
Somerset County 4-H
The thirtieth annual Somerset County 4-H
Public Speaking Contest was conducted
Wednesday evening, April 27, at St. Peter’s
School in Somerset. Fifty-five members parti
cipated in the event 35 in the junior divi
sion and 20 in the senior division.
Junior division finalists were Vincent
Barbera, Alison Beeghly, Lacey Coleman,
Midni Countryman, Jennifer Maul, Samantha
Maust, and Elise Melvin.
Senior division finalists were Karen
Rhoads, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allen
Rhoads, and Michele Countryman, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. David Countryman. They
will compete at the State 4-H Days contest at
The Pennsylvania State University held
August 2-4.
Other senior division finalists were Andrea
Blough, Jeff Knotts, Laura Miller, Natalie
Welch, Lauren Lynch, and Gina Reynolds.
Judges for the evening’s competition
included Robert Antram, Annette Barbera,
Frank Famariss, Janet Hay, Richard Kauf
man, Mr. & Mrs. David Laczynski, Mr. &
Mrs. Eric Ludy, and Kurt Walker.
Junior leaders who served as room chair
men were Andy Barron, Jason Baughman,
Jennifer Black, Valerie Castro, Ryan
Schmuck, Michele Shaffer, and Melissa
The event was sponsored by the Somerset
County 4-H Development Fund, Inc. and the
Somerset County Farmers’ Association,
which contributed premium and expense
money and the Somerset County Agricultural
Extension Office.