Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, May 14, 1994, Image 189

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1981, JD 4840 PleagjSS3bb. Air, Power Shift,
Very Nice
1980 JD 4640 Dies«kgSob, Air, Quad, 3200
Hrs., Excel. CondrV^
1975 JD 4430 Air, Quad Range
JD 2955 Diesel, CabrAir, w/148 Loader, Very
JD 2755 Diesel, Cab, Air, MFD, Hi-Low, 540 &
1000 PTO, Excel. Cond.
JD 2750 Diesel, Cab, Air, 2400 Hrs., Very Nice
JD 2555 Diesel, Cab, Air, Dual Hyd., High Low,
800 Hrs., Excel. Cond.
JD 2550 Diesel, Fender, 15x38 Rack & Pinion,
2500 Hrs., Very Good
JD 1530 Diesel, Hi-Lo, 1400 Hrs. w/145 Loader
JD 4020 Diesel, WF, w/Cab
Case IH 5130 Diesel, Power Shift w/Reverser,
Roll Guard & Canopy, Very Nice
Case IH 5120 Diesel, Cab, Air, MFD, Power
Shift w/Reverser, 1200 Hrs., Excel. Cond.
1975 IH 1066 Diesel, -Cab, Air, New TA, Very
IH 1066 D, Cab, 3400 Hrs., 1 Owner, Excel.
1981 IH 886 Diesel, Cab, Air, Low Hrs., Very
IH 606 Gas, 3 Pt. w/Loader
MF 1100 Dsl. Fender, 3400 Hours, 18x38
Radials, Gbod Condition
MF 85 Gas, WF, q@3S4.lve PTO, Very Nice
MF 35 Diesel w/Power Steering
NH 353 Grinder Mixer, Like New
IH 4R Front Mounted Cultivator
JD 148- 158- 260 Loaders To Fit Row Crop
JD RM 6R Cultivator
IH 4R Vibra Shank Cultivator
JD 27,14’ Stalk Shredder
Brady 6R Stalk Shredder- Excellent Condition
Donahue 18’ Implement Trailer
IH 40 Stalk Shredder, Excel. Cond.
JD 400 15’ Rotary Hoe, Very Good
18x38-18x34-16x28 Duals
JD 875 6R No-TIII Cultivator
Woods 60” 3 Ft. Finish Mower
JD #3O 2R Potato Digger
Cab To Fit MF 1100 Series Tractors
Ml 325 2RN, 12 Roll Bed. Late Model
Ml 324 2RW 12 Roll Bed, Late Model
Delivery t Financing
New Grain Header
Wagons In Stock
J & L hay-saver feeds 20 cattle.
New, improved, round hay-bale feeder
feeds large or small hay bales along with
square bales. It proves to save hay. This
feeder is built of heavy 1 Vi" pipe and Vi"
steel for ring. Available with Vi ” steel or
treated V* " plywood floors. This 1,200 lb.
feeder is built to last.
Call for more information.
J & L Equipment
St. Thomas, PA
(717) 369-2637
Ford NH 311 Baler w/75 Ejector, Like New
JD 435 Round Baler w/Net Wrap, Like New
NH 1038 Bale Wagon Tandem Axle, 105 Bale
Capacity, Single Bale Unload
NH 1033 Bale Wagon, Tandem Axle, 105 Bale
NH 1012 Bale Wagon, Single Bale Unload, 56
Bale Cap., Excel. Cond.
NH 846 Auto Wrap Round Baler, Excel. Cond.
NH 489 9’ Haybine, Stub Guards, Excel. Cond.
NH 479 9’ Haybine, Very Good
NH 276 Baler w/Thrower, Good Cond.
JD 327 w/30 Ejector, Excellent Condition
JD 337 Baler w/30 Ejector
JD 535 Round Baler w/Monitor, Excel. Cond.
JD 1219 MC Stub Guards, Late Model
Case IH 3440 Round Baler, Like New
NH 846 Round Baler
NH 855 Round Baler w/Hyd. Tie
New Farmco 18’ Steel Side Hay Wagons
NH l63@§B!)kr Tedder
Deutz Fahr 4 Star Tedder
Windrow Attachment For JD 1219 MC
NH #2B Blower, Very Good
Vlcon 4 Star Hay Tedder
NH 411 Dlscblne w/Hyd. Tilt
NH 315 Baler w/Thrower
NH 316 Baler w/Thrower
NH 258 Rake w/Rubber Teeth
Miller 3 Bar 12’ Off-Set Disc
JD 630 12’ Disc, Excel. Cond.
Kewanee 5 Shank Disc Chisel Like New
Brllllon 21’ 3 Gang Transport Cult I packer
JD 220 18’ Black Gang Hyd. Fold Disc
IH 720 4xlB SR
IH 710 3x16 SR. Semi-Mounted
JD 2800,6 Base Spring Reset Variable Width
JD 160010,12 Or 14 Tooth Chisel Plow, 3 Pt.
JD Add On Base For 2500 Plows
To i
6500 Bale Wire
In Stock
(Cedar Craat >
Blvd. E»HS J
JD 7000 4R Dry Fertilizer, Insecticide Monitor
JD 8300,18x7dd, w/Grass Seed, Very Good
Brllllon 10’ Seeder, Double Box, Hyd. Trans
port, Very Nice
JD 3940 Harvester w/Electric Controls, Choice
Of Heads, Good Cond.
Gehl 1260 Harvester, Elec. Controls, 2R Corn
& Pick Up Head
JD 5200 Self-Propelled Harvester, Cab Air,
2500 Hrs., Choice Of Heads
JD 2RW Forage Head w/Sllp Clutch
JD 3RW Row Crop Head
JD 16A Flail Chopper
JD 6’ Direct Cut Head
JD 244 2RW
JD 343, 3RN
JD 443, 4RN
JD 444, 4RW
JD 643 High Tin
AC 430, 4RN
AC A 438 Black, 4RW For F 2
IH 863 6RN
IH 843JRMporn Head,
MF 1163 6RN
MF 1163 6RN Used 200 Acres
(Displayed Inside Building)
1986 JD 6620 Diesel, Titan 11, Cab, Air, Hydro,
1300 Hrs., Excel. Cond.
1980 JD 6620 Diesel, Cab, Air, Hydro, Dlal-A-
Matlc, 2000 Hrs., Very Nice
JD 4420 Diesel, Cab, Air, 23” Rubber, Fully
Equipped, Excel. Cond.
1979 JD 4400 Dsl., Cab & Air, 23” Rubber, Ful
ly Equipped, Good Condition
1976 JD 4400 Diesel, Cab, Air, 1 Owner, Excel.
1988 Case IH 1620 Diesel, 1200 Hrs., Cab, Air
Hydro, Excel. Cond.
1977 Gleaner F 2 Diesel, Cab, Air, Very Good
1974 Gleaner F Diesel w/Cab
JD 3300 Gas, Cab, Air, Choice Of Heads
1985 MF 550 Diesel, Cab, Air, Very Nice
MF 550 Diesel, Cab, Air, Hydro, Low Hrs.,
Excel. Cond.
1974 MF 300 Dleselw/Cab & Grain Table
19771 H 715 DlesetigSS), Air, Hydro, Very Good
IH 820 15 Flex Heads
JD 13' Rigid Head, Very Nice
JD 215 & 213 Flex Heads
JD 918 Flex Head, Like New
Lancaster Fanning, Saturday, May 14, 1994-045
MF 1143 4RN
MF 1144 4RW
MF 43 4RN
MF 33, 3RN