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mum needed for optimum herd re
No. 4: b your calving interval
greater than 13 months? For every
extra day you lose money at the
rale of $1.50 to $2-per cow. Thu
alone will pay for a major part of
the cpstff DWA.
Nf. 5: Do y«iJjavft cows test
ing *matfc cell
coumif llwi you're losing money
from and
eventnalM from added mastitis
W» B* Salting From The Former Blerly’s Service Station, R.R. #4 Jersey Shore,
Pa. Located Approx. 7 Miles Northwest Of Jersey Shore Along Rt. 44 In The Pine
Creek Valley. Watch For Auction Signs Off The Pine Creek Exit Of Rt. 220.
FRIDAY. APRIL 29, 1994 AT 10 A.M.
SAL. APRIL 30. 1994 AT 9 A.M.
Cub Cadet #1650 16 h.p. hydrostatic 42” snow blade, 48” cut, nice shape; Cub Cadet #147 14
h.p. hydro 48* cut; Cub Cadet #12212 h.p. 3 spd.; Cub Cadet #l2OO 12 h.p. hydro, hi/lo; Cub Cadet
#7O 38* cut; Cub Cadet #149 hydro, trans.; (2) Cub Cadet’s 3 & 5 Spd. 42’ Cuts; Inventory Includes:
fuel pumps, gaskets, filters, gas tanks & gauges, 42’ & 48’ snow blades; bulbs, fr. tires, mower decks
& blades, gas lids, deck wheels & handles, Kohler crank shafts, fr. & rear rims, drive shafts, pulleys,
blades, piston rings & rods, engine parts, elec, motors, starters, engine blocks, flex couplings, seats,
parts manuals & books, with more.
IH #2OO dual wheel V-8 tow truck, 4 apd. w/Hlghway chain drive winch; 19681 H travelall #llOO
V-8,4 spd.; 1978 Scout Terra 4x4 4 cyl., 4 spd., P.S., P. 8., w/runnlng boards, T Meyers hyd. lift &
angle snowplow, current Insp.; Inventory Includes: tiered ends, hood hinges, trans. & seal kit, ex.
gaskets, gas tank, scout paint, rad. hoses, gears, valva stems, filters, univ. shafts, body side panels,
st. linkage parts, ex. pipe & mufflers, speedometers, trans. parts, side windows, cl. lights, window reg
ulators, heater parts, hydro vac. shocks, door hinges & handles, water pump, disc & brake drums, em.
br cables, gas tanks, chrome & molding, sleeve bearings, fuel purhps, headlight switches, coils, steer
ing knuckles, arm rest, motor mounts, master repair kits, elec, switches & parts, choke cables, oil fil
ters, brake linings, pedals, oil seals, & pans, U-]o)nts, steering parts, king pins, choke repair kits, axle
seals & bearings, ignition sets, bearings, piston ring sets, fan blades, pulleys, hyd., steering & brake
hoses, valves, king pin kits, field assy, shafts, hubcaps, shocks, rear & front brake drums, cyl. head
gasket sets, seat covers, gates thermo., belts, radiators, fenders, Scout II IHtgate (complete), mas
ter & wheel cyl. kits, valve cover & head gaskets, king size mirrors, Ig. selection wheel parts & studs,
alternators, starters, tire rims, windshields, floor mats, door & window cranks & track, axles, grills, tail
gates, emblems, reflector & lenses, cl. pr. plates, fenders, alternators & starters, wiring, carb., etc.
plus more.
1986 Alrstream Excello 32* sleeps 6, dlnstte, rear twin beds, side bsth, microwave, propane
appliances, central air, eat. hsatsrs, orlg. 1 ownsr, excellent showroom cond., no blsmarck
damags* (only serious prospects will be shown as par family request).
275 gal. fuel tank; metal fence posts; Brinley plow; belt drive sickle bar mower; 1 h.p. elec, motor; rec
& drop lights; plumbing items; welding helmets; 6* table saw; B.S. & Tec. used engines; Exide 6-12
battery chgr.; 10* tandem axle ut. trlr. w/mesh floor, tilt bad, & winch, limb trimmer; log & tire
chains; Myers 3 h.p. water pump, B.S. 2 h.p. 10-gal. garden sprayer; cultivator; creepers; Craftsman
6 dwr. top chest; bag truck; axle puller; valve spr. compr.; 55 gal. oil tank; jumper cables; 16’ alum. ext.
ladder; tailpipe cutter; Craftsman 4’ witton 6’ vises; Walker fl. jack; sun volt/amp. tester; manual floor
tire changer; B&D 14 ’ Impact wrench; 4* bench grinder; triumph torque drivers; oil drain; air tank; sun
motor tester, (older model); (4) air gr. guns; Sears 225 amp AC arc weldsr; screw & scissors jacks;
Dig bars; B&D 8* bench grinder; (2) B&O 14 ’ drills; C-clamps; Craftsman stud remover; 8’ step ladder;
Sears elec, paint gun; armature tester; timing lights; porter porta-power; bear headlight tester; hyd.
bumper jack; */• ’ air drill; welter sold, gun; B&D heat stripper; Swingline H.D. stapler; Sears dial calip
er; Ludell 9 pc. ’/• ’ deep well sockets; comealong; work benches; truck mirrors; welding & vise grips;
4' alum, level; Trico wiper cabinet; circuit tester; B&D pad sander; 14 * hyd. impact wr.; air chisel; (2)
tap & die sets; shop brooms; 18* rotary mower; Williams 200 lb. torque wr.; Craftsman I V* " % hp.
raclp. saw; bean ball joint checker; MT air chisel w/bits; Homelite #C-7 20’ chain saw; Ig. selection of
nuts, bolts, hdwe., washers, etc.; bolt cutters; tailpipe expander; qnty. of oil, windshield wipers; megat
ron RV deep cycle 120 marine battery, (new); cases of motor oil, comb. & box end wr.; V. ’, 14 ’, 14 ’,
3 /» ’ sockets; 10,12, &20 ton fl. jacks; air board sander; Craftsman 2 pc. roll around tool chast; elec,
valve sp. compr.; chain wr.; shop Ikes; 100’s of hand tools include: pliers; hammers; vise, grips, gear
pullers, many pipe wrenches, hand drill, hand & hacksaws, screwdrivers, etc.; Craftsman channel
lock pliers & metric wr.; mac % ’ socket set; B&D valve refacer; CP elec. h.d. grinder; tool threader;
Myers snowplow lites; brake rivet machine; road flares; asst'd hyd. hoses; car ramps; 1141. chain
hoist; Sears kero & wall heaters; sump pump; boat oars; lawn & garden tools; Lincoln 180 amp. elec,
welder; scythes; crafts. 714 ’ 2hp. circ. saw; I. Rand #B compressor unit; CHI2T. shop press; Robe
son 20,000 BTU kero, heater; I. Rand 1 ph. 200 lb. air compressor (about 5 h.p.); IH tire gauge;
Filko cabinet w/condensers, points, roters, modules, dist. caps, coils, elec, parts; muffler & tailpipe
clamps; brake fluid; trans. sealer; dry gas; oils; champion plug cabinet w/plugs; misc. lumber; RV fl.
jack; garden hose; acy./oxy. outfits w/lanks, gauges, torch kit, hose cart, etc.; 14 ’ flex hd. ratchet; gray
trans. #7J-750 jack; motor overhaul tools; 40/200 amp. fast chgr./starter; battery chargers; IH garden
dump trlr. forge; plus much more.
Protectall floor safe (24*x22*x3’); (2) crane boom lites; port, typewriter; Rem. adding machine; camper
commode; Tl calculator; paymaster checkwriter; card files; (3) 4 dwr. metal file cabinets; chrome
stools; chairs; nat’l cash register; invoice holders; lynx 23 ch. CB base; duo tone ans. machine;
phones; desk items; briefcase; 6 dwr. office desk; qnty. of metal shelving.
Auction Note: The late Charles Blerly was widely known as an IH dealer for close to 50 years.
We are privileged to disperse hie former workshop and equipment.
Sale Order: Friday at 10 A.M.- Strictly IH-Scout, Cub Cadet Perte Inventory Only.
Sat.- 8 Cub Cadets, (3) Vehicles, Garage Toole & Equip. Toole, Office Equip. Etc., Cub Cadets
Vehicles At 12 Noon. Office Equip. At 1 P.M., Everything Else Being Mixed.
Terms & Conditions: Cash, approved or travelers cheeks only. Out-of-state buyers must have
a current bank letter of credit warranting funds. Everything sells to the highest bidder without
reserve except for alrstream excello R.V. as noted with asterisk come prepared to pay PA sales
tax unless exempt (H needed). All Inquiries should be directed to the auctioneer.
Lunch & Parking Available rav; *3)
Tents If Inclement Weather
Can You Afford To Quit DHIA?
treatment costs and culling. Hist,
though, you lose money because
you forego that nice 20-cent bonus
for every 100 pounds of milk sold
when you qualify below limits
your milk buyer sets to induce you
to produce the most wholesome
milk possible.
We have herds in Delaware that
qualify for that bonus month after
month. One herd, in fact, has
qualified for the third year in a
row. What an achievement! And
it's thanks to DHIA. No-vhcre else
Conducted By
Scott Younkln & Associates (I
MU“I ODD OiKHiiiMt—Mlnr
(717) 323-9011
could the fanner get this essential
information data. What a differ
ence in herd income, much mote
than the cost of DHIA.,
No. 6: Any heifer calving for
the first time beyond 24 months of
age costs you money in extra feed
ing, with no milk money to pay for
it. It takes the milk income from
the entire first lactation to pay for
24 months of raising that heifer.
Other Benefits
You can derive extra income
from DHIA in other areas as well.
You name the identification of
your service sire and/or the she of
your cow or goat and you get free
all available genetic merit data
from the national computer ar
You name the national comput
er identification number of your
cow or goat (it doesn’t have to be
a breed registration number) and
you get free all of her genetic mer
it information.
' This makes your animals ca
pable of higher production and
more valuable.
If you try to save money by not
testing on DHIA every month, 12
months a year, you get into irregu
lar data that’s less reliable, and the
computing center will not give
you herd summary data as soon as
you fall below 10 tests per year.
Don’t be penny-wise and dol
DHIA offers money-saving op
tions without relinquishing regu
lar, reliable and official records.
One such option is APCS. You
test your milk every month, in the
Offer expires June 30,1994. Ad must accompany samples! J
• Conforms • $6.00 Basic Test ■ Dairy. Beef
• Nitrates • $13.50 Basic & Traces Swine, Poultry
• pH Results With Or Reported as:
• iron Without Fertilizer Lbs./Acre
• Sulfates Recommendations Lbs./1000 Gallon
• Hardness
• And Many More
Stop By Our Convenient Central Lancaster County Location
Or Call For More Information And Pick Up Your FREE Testing Kits
“We Measure Quality Quickly”
280 NEWPORT RD. • PO BOX 483, LEOLA, PA 17540
fgs*\ CB-40
Ca pyrenone fly bombs
\ For rapid control of flies on cattle. In animal quarters and milk
rooms High analysis formulated for very effective results Approved
\ Urm for ra P id control of flies on cattle, In animal quarters and milk rooms.
Kills and repels.
\% $5.99 Case of 6 - $34.50
y (while supply l»«t«)
APACHE FLY BAIT: .....5 Lb ... $15.75
y-3337 Lincoln Hwy East, Parade*, PA 1756®
717*768-7181 • (FAX) 768-7006
HOURS; Mgn.-Ffl. 7:30-6 ... HMHUpNhEp4
Uncttlar Fanning, Saturday, April 23, IW4-A35
morning and at night, but sample
milk for fat and protein and somat
ic cell only in die morning or eve
ning in alternating months. APCS
is labor-saving, and many formers
are convinced that their fot tests
fluctuate less and are even more
reliable. The system is certainly
less time-consuming for the tester,
who must fill the sample botdes
only one time instead of twice dai
Another great labor- and cost
saving option is AM/PM, which
alternates in milk and test samp
ling between morning and evening
and between alternating months.
Farmers with larger herds espe
cially like this option because re
cords are still considered official.
One drawback is that the total
24-hour milk is estimated by the
computing center, based on only
one milking.
Whatever your situation, it’s
clear that DHIA not only can
make you money, it can save you
money too.
On-slte field sampling available. Call for details
mas Lwu
Nm Hotand