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    Bis-uncMtw Fanning, Saturday, Much 26,1994
Look Good, Feel Good Is Theme For Maryland
Holstein Ladies
drag yourself out of bed feeling
like you could have slept another
eight hours. On your way to the
kitchen, you stub your toe on the
Fisher-Price bam set your two
year-old had painstakingly arrang
ed the evening before in the hall
way, sending fences and cows fly
ing in all directions. And then you
realize you’re out of coffee. Looks
like its’ going to be one of these
days nothing you do will turn out
But, wait, ladies, maybe there is
something you can do to turn a
day like this around, if you follow
the advice given by Jackie Leim
bach, guest speaker at the ladies
program of the Maiyland Holstein
Association Convention held re
cently in Hagerstown. Ms. Leim
bach is a director of bales for
Mary Kay Cosmetics. Her topic:
Looking Good/ Feeling Good.
The ladies program for the an
nual convention offered a full day
of lectures and hands-on make
overs, and was capped by the As
sociation’s evening banquet. Ap
proximately 25 women participat
ed in the day program, which was
presented by Leimbach and Mary
Martin, wife of dairy farmer Ken
lin Martin, Smithsburg, who as
chairman of the convention. Mary
has been a Mary Kay representa
tive for one year.
According to Ms. Leimbach,
looking the part of someone who
feels great can go a long way tow
ard actually making you feel your
best, even on those days when you
would rather crawl back in bed
and start the day over. Just think
about it: have you ever run out of
the house to pick up a loaf of
bread wearing jeans and an old
shirt, with no makeup on, not bo
thering to run a brush through
H MIIK.IT does a body good.
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your hair? And then you run into
someone you know, one of those
women who always seem to look
lovely; face radiant, a casual but
coordinated outfit, cute shoes.
You want to melt away into the
bakery display rack as you stare
down at yoiur own dingy sneak
ers, the same ones you throw on to
do your chores. By the same tok
en, are you aware of days when
you don’t have a lot of energy, but
you seem to “put yourself togeth
er” especially well, and end up
feeling revitalized?
According to the principles of
Looking Good/Feeling Bood, by
taking charge of and enhancing
your outward image, you provide
positive reinforcement to your in
ner self. Ms. Leimbach suggested
that the ladies “take time for your
selves every day” by applying
some makeup, and putting thought
into their outward appearances.
“You are investing in yourselves,”
she gold the group.
After a break for lunch, the lad
ies program continued with a pre
sentation on Color Logic, and then
with makeovers. Swatches of vari
ous colored cloth were draped
around volunteers’ necklines, so
that the group could see for them
selves the degree to which differ
ent shades and intensities of color
flattered certain skin, hair, and eye
Fannie Bender, wife of outgo
ing Holstein Association president
Qren Bender, Accident, was one
of those who volunteered to “try
on” different fabric swatches. As
various fabrics were draped
around Mrs. Bender, and others,
the group had an opportunity to
see examples of Color Logic. The
subsequent makeovers also en
hanced the fellowship of the day.
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From left, farm wives Martha Bender, Fannie Bender, guest speaker Jackie jlm
bach and Peggy Myers view an assortment of makeup colors that complement vari
es in accordance W'
From left,- ay >- Jppln treated to a make-over by Becky Wiles and Mary Martin,
wife of convention chairman Kenlin Martin.
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