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    88-LancMtar Farming, Saturday, March 26,1994
If you are looking for a recipe but cant find it, send
your recipe request to Lou Ann Good, Cook’s Question
Corner, In care of Lancaster Farming, P.O. Box 609, Eph
rata, PA 17522. There’s no need to send a SASE. If we re
ceive an answer to your question, we will publish it as
soon as possible.
Answers to recipe requests should be sent to the same
QUESTION Bette Lawrence, Honesdale, would like a
recipe for pear jam or pear jelly that uses green tomatoes as
an ingredient.
QUESTION Mimi Stoltzfus, Lewisburg, would like a
recipe for honey-mustard pretzels such as those sold by
QUESTION Ruth Cantello, Somerset, N.J., would like a
recipe for apple cider donuts like those served at Apple Cider
QUESTION M. Sauder, Mohnton, asks if anyone has a
recipe for the waffle cones served at ice cream stands.
QUESTION Helen Kofran would like a recipe for Amish
shredded roast beef salad.
QUESTION A reader from Kutztown would like recipes
using self-rising flour.
QUESTION Vicky Mitchell, Fairbanks. Alaska, would
like a recipe for extra sour rye bread with caraway seeds (not
the dark rye made with molasses).
QUESTION Grace Ikeler, Bloomsburg, would like a
recipe for stuffed shells.
QUESTION Grace Ikeler, Bloomsburg, would like a
recipe for English walnut cake.
QUESTION Lisa Miller, New Hope, wrote that she and
her grandmother found a recipe that called for died apples.
She wanted to know how to do it. This sounds like a
typographical error to me. It probably should read diced or
perhaps dried apples. However, if anyone heard of such a
thing as died apples, send the information.
QUESTION Kendra Hilt, Canisteo, N.Y., would like a
recipe for sophapias, a flat dough that puffs when deep fried,
much like elephant ears but smaller and much lighter. It is
served with maple syrup for breakfast.
QUESTION Fay Werner, Tevoli, N.Y., would like a rice
pudding recipe like one that she lost. She remembers that the
sugar and beaten eggs were combined and set aside while
the milk was heated and the rice cooked about 15 minutes.
Then the two mixtures are combined and simmer until
QUESTION Gerri Rottkamp, West Hempstead, N.Y.,
would like a recipe to can sweet and sour red cabbage.
QUESTION Gerri Rottkamp, West Hempstead, N.Y.,
asks why her canned crushed tomatoes and sauce are very
acid tasting this year. What did she do wrong?
QUESTION Dorothy Golembieski, Gettysburg, would
like a recipe for pineapple jam made with fresh crushed
pineapple and Kiefer pears.
QUESTION Dorothy Golembieski, Gettysburg, would
like a recipe for O’ Henry candy made with a fondant, rice cris
py cereal, and a layer of chocolate on top.
QUESTION—Amanda Lantz, Lititz, would like a recipe for
lemon shoo-fly pie.
QUESTION—M. Hart, Newton, N. J., wrote that she heard
a program on TV where a Pennsylvania Dutch lady gave pie
crust recipes for a hot water pie crust that used beaten egg
whites and one cup boiling water. She said a Mack truck could
drive over the crust and it would not hurt it. The other was a
recipe for a pie crust in a pan. All the ingredients were put in
the pie plate, mixed, patted into place, and baked. M. Hart
missed the measurements. Do any of our readers have these
QUESTION —Julianne Medaglia, Birdsboro, would like a
recipe for chewy granola bars.
QUESTION Julie Filler, Bethlehem, would like a recipe
for Montgomery Pie. She writes that she enjoys the wide
range of recipes readers submit. Because of this column, she
writes, “Being a novice cook, I have begun an interesting,
educational hobby."
QUESTION Faye Better, Mechanicsburg, requests a
recipe for schmeircase cheese.
QUESTION —Evelyn Snooks would like a recipe for sweet
cauliflower pickles.
QUESTION Kathy Szarko, Landisville, purchased a
pound of chestnut flour in an Italian Market about a year ago.
After a diligent search through cookbooks and asking rela
tives, she is unable to find any recipes requesting chestnut
flour. She vaguely remembers hearing a TV cooking show
say that the flour is naturally sweet tasting and can be used in
pastry recipes.
Egg Roll
LEESPORT (Berks Co.)
Nipa Hammond, owner/opcrator
of the Egg Roll Outlet, will teach
the basics of egg roll preparation
such as pork, shrimp, mushroom
and apple egg rolls. Participants
will also have an opportunity to
taste main dish and dessert egg
Spotlight On Oriental Foods.
Tuesday, March 29. 1:00 - 2:15
p.m., Nipa Hammond, $l.
QUESTION Evelyn Snooks would like Thai recipes for
sticky rice and a soybean custard to scoop on the sticky rice.
QUESTION S. Stryker would like a good recipe for cole
recipe for milk pie.
QUESTION Mrs. Robert Wagner, Bloomsburg, would
like a recipe for bean and barley soup, the variety that is brown
in color.
QUESTION David Akins, Blairsville, would like to know
where to purchase monosodium glutamate.
ANSWER A reader from Kutztown wanted a recipe to
make suet cakes for the birds. Thanks to Elaine Young,
Quakertown; Ida Swartzentruber, Oakland, Md.; Cathy
Heagy, and Naomi Blank, Kinzers, for sending recipes.
1 cup cornmeal
1 cup oatmeal
1 cup flour
'/* cup bacon drippings
3 teaspoons powdered milk
'A teaspoon baking soda
'A cup bread crumbs
Add enough water to make a thick batter. Ingredients can
be varied.
Suet Cakes For Birds
Grind or finely chop suet. Melt in frying pan or broiler. Cool
and remelt, which produces a firmer cake, pour a mixture of
the following into the hot fat; dry dog food, peanut butter,
seeds, cracked corn, cornmeal, and similar items.
Slice enough fat to fill two cups. Slowly melt. Remove
gristle and add two cups peanut butter and about 12 cups
cornmeal while fat is still hot. Stir mixture until well blended.
Spoon into cans or cupcake forms. Store in refrigerator until
ready to place outside for the birds.
Chickadee Pudding
VA cups melted suet
1 cup commeal
'A cup sugar
1 cup bread crumbs
3 tablespoons peanut butter
Add sunflower and bird seed. Melt suet in double boiler, let
cool. Add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Don’t let
mixture get too dry or it will crumble. Pack in paper cups or any
other small container that can easily be removed.
Suet Cakes
2 pounds suet or grease drippings from fat cut off meat
2 cups cornmeal
1 tablespoon salt
1 cup bread crumbs
% cup peanut butter
Handfuls of mixed seeds
Grind large pieces of suet in blender and melt. Stir in
remaining ingredients. Fill up plastic containers (butter con
tainers or trays for frozen dinners work well). Store in freezer
until needed.
ANSWER—Ada Mothes, Renick, W.Va., wanted a recipe
for Maryland Crab Soup. Thanks to Mary Jane Heidlebaugh,
Stewartstown and Carroll Boyer for sending recipes.
Crab Soup
1 dozen craps, steamed in a steamer using Old Bay or Wye
River Spice seasoning.
Carefully pick off your crab meat to eliminate all shells,
reserve the whole crab claws and the back-cleaned shells,
include all spice from the steaming.
In a large pot, place crabmeat, whole claws, and cleaned
back shells using all the meat stored in the shell points. Add
enough water to fill pot one third full. Bring to a simmer. Add;
1 can cut okra
1 can whole peeled tomatoes
1-pound can crushed tomatoes
1 cup diced celery
1 cup diced red cabbage
Use enough frozen soup vegetables to bring pot to */« full
Add water to bring the soup to consistency desired. Add
1 teaspoon celery seed
1 pinch garlic powder
Simmer for three hours and taste. Add Old Bay seasoning
until it reaches desired flavor.
When serving, use large soup bowls and make sure every
one gets a back shell and a couple of claws. The shells are for
appearance, but the claws are super eating when opened.
Carrol Boyer said that this recipe has been in the family for
(Turn to Pago Bt)
Easter Favorites
(ConUmwd from Pago B 6)
Mash together 3 medium
cooked fresh sweet potatoes or
18-ounce can sweet potatoes
Whip together
1 egg
'/ cup melted butter
'A teaspoon salt
Dash pepper
V* teaspoon nutmeg
Jean Mitchell, Lewisburg, would like a
Bird Cake
*A cup light brown sugar
Spoon in 8% -ounce can crushed
pineapple, drained
Carefully spoon into a buttered
VA quart casserole dish.
Bake uncovered at 375 degrees
about 30 minutes. Sprinkle with
‘A cup chopped nuts
Vi cup mini marshmallows
Bake S minutes longer until
marshmallows are light brown.
Serves 6.
Sarah Clark
IS ounces whole milk ricotta
'/ cup confectioners’ sugar
1 cup diced fresh pineapple,
well drained
'/ cup chopped almonds
14 teaspoon almond extract
1 frozen pound cake
'A cup prepared fudge topping
1 tablespoon almond flavored
For cake, combine cheese and
sugar in small mixer bowl. Beaton
high speed of mixer until smooth
and fluffy. Stir in pineapple,
almonds, and extract. Cut cake
horizontally into three layers.
Spread one-third of cheese mixture
on one side of each layer. Stack
layers one on top of the other.
Place on serving plate. Refrigerate
until serving time, up to three
hours. Just before serving, com
bine fudge topping and liqueur.
Heat until warm. Drizzle chocolate
sauce over each slice of tone.
Serve immediately.
American Dairy Association
1 egg
'A cup fine dry bread crumbs
1 tablespoon dried minced
A teaspoon salt
A teaspoon pepper
1 pound ground lamb
10 J /4 -ounce can condensed
cream of chicken or mushroom
'A cup milk
1 tablespoon dried mixed veget
ables or dried minced onion
In a medium mixing bowl, com
bine egg, bread crumbs, 1 tables
poon onion, salt and pepper. Add!
lamb; mix well.
With wet hands, shape meat
mixture into 20 1-inch meatballs.
Place meatballs in a 15xl0xl-inch
baking pan. Bake 375 degrees for
20 to 25 minutes or until done.
Drain. Meanwhile, in a small
saucepan, combine soup, milk, and
dried vegetables or onion. Heat
Serve over meatballs and
l'/i pounds ground ham
Vi pound ground pork
2 eggs
Vi cup milk
1 cup cornflakes
V/i cups brown sugar
'A cup vinegar
1 tablespoon mustard
Vi cup pineapple juice
Combine first 5 ingredients
mixing well. Shape into balls.
Place in 10-inch square baking
dish. Blend remaining ingredients
in saucepan. Heat until blended
Pour over ham balls. Bake covered
at 375 degrees for 2'/4 hours.
Serves 8.
Susan Glass
Lena Heyd