Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, March 05, 1994, Image 43

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a farm
-And o
Joyce B
Be prepared
Good advice for Boy Scouts,
Good advice for anyone. Especial
ly good advice if you must travle
in the unpredictable weather of
this first quarter of 1994.
Looking over the situation at
hand, how glad I was to have
heeded that advice. My three
inch-hihg-hcclcd dress shoes were
not going to be much protection in
the six inches of heavy, wet snow
covering the airport’s parking lot
But just three stretching, chilly
steps should put me at the car
And on the other side of the
locked door waited a pair of calf
high boots. A heavy winter jacket
Sweatpants, gloves, earmuffs. In
the car’s trunk was a shovel and
The door and lock were only
wet, the heavy snow barely crust
ed with a seal of ice. The key slid
in easily and the door swung open.
Within a few minutes, more ade
quately booted and bundled up. I
had cleaned the heavy wet snow
from windows, hood, and head
lights and thankfully headed
Easier than the few weeks be
fore, when a similar time and
place scene had played out. But
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colder temperatures and a reversal
of precipitation patterns had then
sealed the car with a solid coating
of ice covered with several inches
of fluffy snow.
While the lock wasn’t frozen,
the door was. It took repeated frim
yanks to break the door’s icy seal,
hoping something didn’t break in
the process. Finally, again booted
and bundled. I’d hunted the one
tool that would help dig through
the ice crust and snow cover while
the car’s heating system began to
warm the interior.
The ice scraper fished from un
der the front seat is a heavy-duty
one, with a curved shape for a bet
ter scraping angle and a wide five
inch blade edge. I began carefully
chipping away at the snow, frozen
mess enveloping my little car, re
membering a news article on the
recent epidemic of broken wind
shields from overzealous, ice
scraping efforts.
That ice scraper was my lone
tool and security blanket for the
task. By the time most of the thick
layer of snow lay on the pavement
below the car, the inside heating
was beginning to slightly loosen
the undercoating of ice. After
some 20 minutes of scraping and
heating, the windows were clear,
ice removed from the hood so it
wouldn’t crash into the windshield
headed down the highway, and the
wipers safely swept from side to
Funny, I’ve used that scraper
only twice this winter, both times
on that airport parking lot And on
the day before leaving home that
first time, I’d gone' to the car for
my ice scraper always kept under
the seat. It wasn’t there.
See, it’s also my tool of choice
for scraping away the layer of sil*
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school activities. With the restau
rant industry increasingly catering
to health-conscious consumers, an
occasional fast-food meal need no
longer blow an otherwise health
ful diet out of the water.
You can still order a high calor
ie. high-fat, high-sodium meal,
but some new menu items are of
fering more healthful choices.
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ads and salad bars, skim milk,
low-fat yogurt, broiled chicken,
and low-fat meat choices now pro
vide some flexibility in quick din
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calories in fast foods come from
the sauces, toppings, and dress
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,11 C A,
Lancaster Firming, Saturday, March 5, 1994-B3
age dust that builds up periodical
ly on the outside of some of the
dairy bam windows. I’d gone
looking for the scraper on that day
in late January to clean a row of
bam windows. And the ice scraper
lay on a shelf in the bam office,
right where I’d left it nearly a year
ago while planning to do more
windows later. So much for being
carefully prepared for winter driv
making this product 53% fat. The
new dietary guidelines suggest we
aim for 35% fat making (he above
sandwich a poor choice. The same
hamburger minus the ounce of
cheese and without the 1 table
spoon of mayonnaise has 310 cal
ories and about 10 grams of fat
providing 29% fat. (Keeping it
within the 35% guideline.) To
keep the fat and calories down
* pizza with vegetable toppings
such as mushrooms and green
peppers instead of pizza with pep
peroni, sausage, or extra cheese
* broiled burgers or chicken on
a whole-wheat bun instead of su
persized double burgers, fried
chicken, or fried fish
* lettuce and tomatoes instead
of tartar sauce, mayonnaise, or
specialty sauces
* lowfat or skim milk instead of
shakes and soft drinks
* lightly buttered English muf
fins instead of Danish pastries or
* plain baked potato with small
amount of margarine instead of
But why? On the very afternoon
that 1 most needed to discover that
my ice scraper was not in the car,
why was I moved to undertake the
disliked, messy cleaning job
done at best once a year that
would direct me to where it really
1 know what I believe. And it
gives me goose bumps every time
I think about it.
“twice-baked” or topped witn
cheese, sour cream, or bacon bits
* vegetable salad with low-fat
dressing instead of vegetables
mixed with croutons, cheese, nuts,
and bacon bits topped with full-fat
Checking the nutritional infor
mation charts or pamphlets now
available at many fast-food restau
rants can be a real eye-opener. Use
the fat, calorie, and sodium tables
to make sure you’re getting what
you think you are, especially if
you eat at fast-food restaurants
Often people pick chicken and
fish sandwiches thinking they’re
more healthy than a hamburger,
but if they’re deep fried and serv
ed with tartar sauce or mayon
naise, they can have significandy
more calories and fat than a plain
ground beef patty. But what if you
just can’t resist the taste of all that
fast food? Go ahead and order a
double cheeseburger with fries,
but split one order between two
people. If you’re still hungry, fill
up on a low-fat frozen yogurt for
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