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    Agri-Finance Seminar Addresses Dimensions That Affect Agriculture
(ConliniMd from Pago A 18)
rates results in 12 to 16 percent
decline of income.
“Only 40 to 45 percent of
American farms have the potential
for a positive bottom-line and this
will decline to one-third at the turn
of the century,” Kohl said.
He predicted that 60 percent will
operate the farm for a life-style
rather than a profit, which means
frequently more than one person
will be working off the farm. Eigh
ty percent will need off the farm
income to continue.
While farmers often attempt to
work harder to increase profits,
Kohl said that low profits from
overwork will result in loss of farm
or family.
Kohl said that he has seen some
fantastic profit and balance sheets
by very unhappy individuals.
“Relationship is everything.
Family business wants trust and if
you violate that you negate
On the positive side, a recent
survey showed that 78 percent of
ag-college students want to return
to the family farm compared to
only 12 percent in the ’Bos.
Environmental, energy, and
water issues will increase fanners’
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expenses, but one consolation.
Kohl said, is that the homeowner is
going to be hit for violating enviro
mental laws.
William Perry, director of mem
ber relations and government
affairs for Milk Marketing, Inc.,
lightheartedly remarked on far
mers’ annoyance with govern
ment’s interference in agriculture
by saying, ‘The government ain’t
ever going to get out of your life
because you and me are the
To give the audience perspec
tive on the elements that impact the
complexity of the farm bill, Perry
said that the Constitution was writ
ten on four pages, this year’s
budget took 1,985 pages, and the
last farm bill was compiled of
4,000 pages.
In a firey orator style. Perry
spouted off facts and figures that
explains why and how government
decisions are made and the frustra
tion of trying to educate Congress
men on agricultural issues. He
said, 63 percent of Congressmen
have been in Washington two
years or less. Consequently those
working on the new farm bill that
will be drawn up have no idea “on
what we are talking about.”
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Because Congress reflects us
(society), he said, of the 121 new
House members, 40 are black; 19,
Hispanic; and 54 are women.
Twenty-five percent of the elected
body come from three states: Cali
fornia, Texas, and Florida and
these 25 percent influence the
decisions that face the nation.
“What are people’s hot button? In
California, its environmental
issues, Florida, retirement con
cerns, and in Texas, cowboy
issues, he said.
“Because the world is changing,
we are becoming a nation of haves
and have nots. You are the haves
because you are the element of
society that has resources, indus
try, and wealth,” Perry told the
Poverty-driving attitudes will
change the way the world does
business. Perry said that when
milk price increases are discussed
and Congress finds out it will
increase the price of milk for WIC,
Congress dictates that it can’t be
done because it would prevent
low-income persons from being
able to afford milk.
You may complain about the
increase in the price of a car. Perry
said, but that is a one-time purch
ase and you soon stop complain
ing. Food purchases are constant
and a daily reminder to take care of
the have nots.
“Learn to work in the new
world. Always keep perspective in
mind when reacting to the world,”
Perry said.
The biotechnological dimen
sion was addressed by G. Terry
Sharrer, curator of Agiculture at
Smithsonian Institute. He told of
tremendous breakthroughs in tech
nology that hold the potential to
reinvent agriculture altogether.
“Your sons and daughters will
probably raise animals and plants
that don’t exist now,” he said.
Current research on a chicken
that is resistent to respiratory
infections will result in growing a
S pound broiler within 21 days.
While gene therapy is controv
ersial, it results in saving lives and
has the potential to wipe out cancer
in future generations. Transgenetic
sheep and pigs that produce anti
bodies in milk from an inserted
gene to treat human illnesses is
possible to make human, animal,
and plant life healthier.
Currently scientists are trying to
make a healthier mosquito. While
that sounds ridiculous in actuality
makes the rate easy to
eontiol. too
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New Idea
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, February 26, 1994*A19
it would make a mosquito so
healthy that it could not contract
malaria and transmit it to humans.
“When people see how biotech
nolgy can treat humans, the con
troversary in using it agriculture
will reside,” he said.
Larry Webber, president of a
managment consultant firm,
focused on the human dimension
of agriculture. He concentrated on
seven habits of effective people.
To put first things first, Webber
encouraged the audience to write
down the things they want to be
remembered for in their personal
and work life at their funerals
Each should also decide the one
thing they could do superbly in
their personal and work life that
would produce wonderful results.
This shows where individuals
place values. Then compare where
time and effort is spent compared
to what is important. This simple
exercise can change your habits,
he said.
H. Louis Moore, professor of ag
economics at Penn Slate,
addressed the economic dimen
sion, which has been reported in
several issues of Lancaster Farm
ing recently .
Brown Swiss Sale
FREDERICK, Md. This year’s Mid-Atlantic
Brown Swiss Calf Sale will be held at 10:30 a.m. on
Saturday, April 30, at the Frederick Fairgrounds,
Frederick, Maryland.
This annual sale has gained quite a track record
for calves sold. Many have developed into National
Show quality animals. State and National Bell Rin
gers, All-Americans, and profitable additions to
many herds.
Now is your chance to consign a calf to this sale
—check those calf pens and pedigrees and see what
you can offer. This sale has been a great place to buy
a 4-H project and has also provided some top
pedigreed calves for the merchandisiqg and invest
ment buyer. We are looking for a strong group of
calves that combine a unique blend of production
and sound type.
If you are interested in consigning a calf, or wish
additional information about the sale, please con
tact: Howard Fleming (301) 475-3440; Harold
Long (301) 271-7577; or Cindy Warner (301)
The sale committee would like to have the pedi
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review. Also pedigree information is requested as
early as possible in order to promote and advertise
your consignment properly.
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