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    AlB-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, February 26, 1994
Agri-Finance Seminar Addresses Dimensions That Affect Agriculture
LANCASTER (Lancaster Co.)
Participants at the Core States
Hamilton Bank Agri-Education
Seminar on Thursday examined
ideas for wrestling with profit and
lifestyle in the ever-changing
world of agriculture.
The seminar focused on the dif
ferent dimensions of agriculture.
The Washington dimension was
addressed by John Blanchfield,
associate director for the American
Bankers Association Agricultural
Bankers Division, who told about
changes in government farm poli
cy that will affect agriculture soon.
There will be a reorganization of
USDA with a consolidation of
Farm and Home Administration
and the ASCS.
There is a proposal to enable
every farmer to purchase crop
During breaks, the seminar offers an opportunity for
speakers and agriculture industry representatives to
exchange ideas and ask questions. From left are John
Henkel, Lou Moore, and John Hess.
and get higher production with lower cost and less maintenance.
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nipples bins and
insurance for $5O. This is to coun
teract the present tendancy for
some farmers not to purchase crop
insurance because federal disaster
programs kick in when areas suffer
natural disasters. If the crop insur
ance proposal passes, Congress
will no longer approve disaster
Blanchfield said that while far
mers do not like that the majority
of USDA budget has little to do
with actual agriculture and every
thing to do with housing, WIC, and
welfare programs, this enables far
mers to have enough mass to be a
major player in the government
There are too few politicians
with agricultural ties to enable
them to understand the unique cir
cumstances of the farmer, he said.
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Speakers at the 13th Core States Hamilton Bank Agri-Education Seminar include,
seated from left, Lou Moore, Pennsylvania Dairy Princess Jennifer Grimes, and
Joseph Del Tito. Standing from left, David Kohl, G. Terry Sharrer, John Blanchfield,
William Perry, Darvin Boyd, and Larry Webber.
Most of the agriculture policy mat- Although farming exports are
ters are being handled by people down now, Blanchfield predicts
without ag background who are that the first decade of the next
legislating billions of dollars. century will be the golden age of
While farmers are inclined to exports for farmers. Much of the
become disgusted with govern- exports will be what is called
ment’s agricultural decisions, value-added enterprise. An exam-
Blanchfield warned that the last pie of this is exporting cornflakes
thing the farming community but not more com.
needs is to be on the other side of Blanchfield said that although
the fence of the consumer. farmers often complain of govern-
“You need to avoid that going
alone attitude because your pro
duct must go to consumers,” he
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ment interference in farm policies,
there are the positive aspects with
cost-sharing projects, land-grant
colleges, and extension services.
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David Kohl, professor of agri
cultural finance at Virginia Tech,
spoke about the changing financial
and management dimensions. Far
mers to be successul in the 21st
century will need to become more
interdependent on each other and
with environmental consultants
and biotechnology.
While interest rates have been
low, they are rising and farmers
should keep in mind that even a
one percent increase in interest
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