Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, February 19, 1994, Image 47

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    »i ■. . p. . n Lancaster Farming, Saturday, February 19, 1994-B7
National Dairy Board Approves Programs
selecting four major business
priorities for 1994 at earlier meet
ings. the dairy farmers serving on
the National Dairy Promotion and
Research Board met Jan. 18-20 to
approve one more priority, export
market development, and prog
rams relating to the existing prior
ities milk, cheese, milkfat and
image of dairy products.
Four factors led National Dairy
Board members to make export
market development a 1994 prior
ity. Three factors include the
larger-than-average increases in
dairy- and meat-based Wester
nized diets as well as population
and per capita incomes in coun
tries outside the United States.
Finally, long term structural
changes in world supply and pric
ing via various trade agreements
arc also creating opportunities for
U.S. dairy products.
The National Dairy Board will
work with the industry to create an
integrated export market develop
ment plan, identifying appropriate
roles and strategies for private and
generic programs with the long
term objective of increasing sus
tainable volumes of non
subsidized exports.
Strategies for achieving this
objective are to improve industry
knowledge and participation in
program planning and execution,
increase contacts between impor
ter and exporter to increase impor
ters’ knowledge of U.S. dairy pro
ducts, raise the knowledge and
appreciation of U.S. dairy pro
ducts among foreign consumers,
assist in the resolution of trade
barriers, and obtain and distribute
information on suitable markets
for U.S. dairy product exporters.
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“Many of our (National Dairy
Board’s) current export activities
will continue under the new prior
ity, including trade and consumer
promotions for cheese and ice
cream in Mexico and Japan,” said
Steve Hofman, California dairy
man and chair of the Board’s
Export Market Enhancement
Committee. “We will seek to con
tinue our work with the entire
industry, an absolutely necessary
participant in building export
markets for U.S. dairy products."
Fluid Milk
National Dairy Board members
heard from the newly appointed
fluid milk advertising agency, J.
Walter Thompson. Scheduled to
begin in September, the new fluid
milk campaign will aim to create
more “milk missions” the times
and situations when people go to
the refrigerator with milk in mind.
The campaign will target current
users, encouraging more use by
showing enjoyment and creating
an immediate need for milk.
While the current adult fluid
milk campaign airs during news
and primetime programs, the new
campaign will air during a wider
variety of programs and time per
iods in order to build awareness
and stimulate milk drinking for
different usage occasions through
out the day.
In dairy foods research, the
National Dairy Board approved a
program to develop a dairy-based
novelty sports drink and a dairy
based health beverage. The com
pany conducting the researh has
offered to work with the Board in
a joint venture on the project by
providing 25 percent of the fund
ing for development of the pro
ducts in return for 3 percent
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| this s'
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■ $389.
| OUR C.
I $129
I 989.88 [
Reg. Ret. $399.95
“This agreement will serve as
good enticement to get the pro
ducts developed and commercial
ized quickly for increased sales of
dairy products and return to dairy
farmers, while stretching the dairy
checkoff,” said John Peachey,
Florida dairy farmer and chair of
the Board’s Dairy Foods and
Nutrition Research Committee.
To spread the word among con
sumers that eating cheese actually'
helps prevent tooth decay as has
been proven in several National
Dairy Board-funded research pro
jects, the dairy farmers serving on
National Dairy Board approved a
continuation and expansion of a
current program with the Ameri
can Academy of Pediatric
For the past few years, the den
tists have been telling patients and
interviewers that chocolate milk is
a preferred, nutritious snack.
After reviewing the scientific
data, they have agreed to do the
same for cheese, emphasizing
cheese’s cavity fighting abilities.
The National Dairy Board
approved a program to test four
methods used commercially in
Europe to fractionate milkfat and
vegetable oils which have already
been adapted for U.S. vegetable
oils. Researchers will evaluate the
four methods and find ways to use
those technologies for incorporat
ing milkfat into cosmetics and
baked goods, specifically short
breads and pastries, appealing to
U.S. consumers.
In another project, researchers
will study ways to use milkfat
fractions in cookies, crackers, bis-
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cuits, fried snacks, cakes/icings
and pan frying. The research will
be conducted by the Agricultural
Utilization Research Institute
which will provide one-third of
the funds for the project.
Dairy Image
To help in preventing and dis
arming the likely ‘good food/bad
food’ perception many consumers
might develop when new labeling
regulations go into effect in May,
National Dairy Board members
approved funding a program of
the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention which unites many
food industry groups and state
health officials. The program
complements the Board’s Reset-
Wool Demonstration
ELIZABETHTOWN (Lancas- Zerphy, owners of Sheepbeny
ter Co.) A program on wool Farms, Halifax. This program is
grading and evaluation and a spin- being sponsored by the Spinning
ning demonstration will be pre- and Weaving Committee of the
sented at the Heritage House Museum.
Museum, 43 East High Street, Eli- There is no charge for the prog
zabethtown on Monday, February ram. Call the museum at (717)
28 at 7:00 p.m. by John and Lynn 367-4672 or 367-4908 if you plan
rphey, splays se*v. _ pt ..ig
fleeces from the 1994 Pennsylvania Farm Show. Zerphey
and his wife Lynn, owners of Sheepberry Farms, Halifax,
will teach wool grading and evaluation at the Heritage
House Museum, Elizabethown on February 28.
ting the American Tabic Program
which tells consumers that all
foods, including dairy foods, fit
into a healthy diet.
In other National Dairy Board
business, the dairy farmer board
approved production and use of a
new butter ad aimed at food ser
vice operators (i.e., cafeterias and
restaurants). The ad emphasizes
that using butter in foods provides
the taste customers prefer and will
begin appearing in magazines like
Restaurants & Institutions in
April. The ad also features a reply
card for food service operators to
send in for winning butter recipes
from last year’s food service