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    BH-Lanettfer Firming, Saturday. Novambar 27.1993
Facts About Fascinating
(NAPS) Here’s some “ber
ry” interesting information about
that all-American, native fruit: the
• For one thing, did you know
that cranberries are grown in only
five states Massachusetts, New
Jersey, Oregon, Washington and
Wisconsin plus British Colum
bia in Canada?
• Did you know, roughly
30,000 acres of cranberry bogs
supply the whole world?
• Despite what many people
believe, cranberries do not grow in
water. A common method of
harvesting them nowadays, how
ever, is to flood the cranberry bed
so workers can gently loosen the
berries from the vine using water
reels. These look like a cross
The Country Cooks 4-H Club
met on October 24 at the Mar
cine’s home in Remington. The
group made a casserole and elec
tion of officers was held. The
officers for the new year are: pres
ident, Heather MacGilluray of
Remington; vice president, Vicki
Marcine of Whitehouse Station;
secretary, Jessica Snyder of Re
mington; reporter, Sara Walpole
of Remington; photographer,
Andrea Ford of Milford, and
scrapbook Organizer, Kara
Llewellyn of Remington.
The P.A.W.S. Dog Obedience
4-H Club met on October 6 at the
Extension Center and held their
election of officers. Officers for
the new year are: president,
Andrea Prosics of Lebanon; vice
president, Stacey Susca of
Amnandale; secretary. Matt
Savarino of Flemington; treasurer,
Jeff Bowlby of Flemington; cor
responding secretary, Peter Sta
ples of Flemington; historian.
Call: Frank Fillippo -
Residence - 215-666*0725
Steven Fillippo 215-666-7976
(717) 665-6775
1242 Breneman Road \
MANHEIM, PA 17545 k
PH: (717) 665-4372 k
between floating tractors and giant
egg beaters. The floating berries
can then be gathered up easily.
• The United States Department
of Agriculture projects a healthy
harvest of some 415 million
pounds of cranberries for 1993.
• The hearty cranberry vine
thrives in conditions that would
not support most other crops: acid
soil, few nutrients and low temp
eratures, even in summer.
• Cranberry wetlands provide
an ideal refuge for many kinds of
wildlife; animals, plants, water
fowl. songbirds, reptiles and fish
all breed, feed and winter in cran
berry wetlands. -
• Cranberries are harvested in
the fall, generally September and
Chris Savarino of Remington;
photographer, Rebecca Palumbo
of Lebanon and the awards mas
ter, Heather Wilson of
The Clover Bunch 4-H Prep
Club met on October 1 at the
Extension Center. The topic for
the evening wks “Making and
Baking With Apples.” The group
made apple crisp and carmel can
dy apples. Brian Tobia, reporter.
*. \ Xj*%,^
Invest in Quality -
it wiH last a lifetime.
• Eight out of ten cranberries
sold in the world today come from
the cranberry growers cooperative
known as Ocean Spray, which was
started in 1930.
• Cranberries were particularly
popular among seafarers in the
middle years of the 19Ui century
because of their good keeping
quality and high vitamin C con
tent, which helped the sailors
stave off scurvy.
• Cranberry blossoms look like
the heads of cranes, thus the name:
LAKELAND, Fla. Movie
theater operators discovered a few
years ago a not-so-subtle way of
boosting popcorn sales they
made popcorn right in the lobby.
Customers saw the com popping,
smelled the wonderful aroma and
theaters bagged more sales.
Now many grocers are employ
ing the same strategy, only they
are using juicing machines in the
produce department for the same
Flory Receives Highest
(Tcrcsc) Flory, Hunterdon County
4-H Agent has received the high
est honor given by the National
Assocation of Extension of 4-H
Flory received the Distin
guished Service Award at the
association’s annual convention
recently in Winston-Salem, NC.
She was cited for her innovative
work in outdoor education includ
ing the development of a state
camp counselor training program,
a state teen challenge camp and a
camp counselor manual that is
being utilized in fourteen states.
Since 1972.,. The Original And The Largest
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■. ~ »*Jl|» fc '*^
Far Laft: 1 -Million Gallon Circular
Manure Storage Tank
Far Right: 2 SHaga Pita
In-Bam Manure Receiving PK
1 ' 1
300* Long Manure PH For Hog
All sizes
avsilsble •
round or
icing Machines Attract
Grocery Shoppers
Produce managers are finding machines to grocers and restaur
fresh juice is a great way to ants, said major grocery chaim
squeeze more profit out of their m * e V n 3 ted . S . tetes ** P ,annm B
departments, so they’re installing t 0 In . c l u j® J uicers in new or
juicing machines for consumers remodeled stores,
who want to create their own . juice is a very profitable
healthy beverages. While once I. 1 ®" 1 ’ ex P|ained Rapetti. “It’s
there was only orange juice, today been particularly strong in
consumers may find any number u P* al ®‘ n J arkets ”
of fresh fruit and vegetable juices . ***** said fre , shl y S( » ueezed
to choose from. J*»cea 1,376 two advantages over
Armand Rapetti, general mana- s * frozen jj“ C6S “ be j ter
ger of Florida-based Frcsh’n |?ste and greater health benefits.
Squeeze, which supplies juice Fresh juices have higher fiber con
tent, retain more nutrients and
contain no preservatives, he said,
adding that most bottled juices are
cheaper, but heat pasteurized
altering the natural flavor of fruit
Along with greater freshness,
consumers also are seeking varie
ty beyond orange juice. Rapetti
noted that the sale of fresh apple
juice is growing faster than any
other juice, and blended juices
also are becoming more popular.
Rapetti says some grocers are
using fresh juicing machines as a
marketing tool within their stores,
Produce departments are being
designed around the machines so
consumers can watch juice being
Extension Award
Manure Storage For Hog Confinement
Take the questions out of your new construction.
Call Balmer Bros, for quality engineered walls.
The past and present of cranberry harvesting: In the old
days, dozens of pickers would gather up the berries with
special comb-llke cranberry scoops. Today, the cranberry
fields are flooded and the fruit loosened by mechanical
Flory serves as chair of the state
Outdoor Education/Camp com
mittee and provided leadership to
the National Camping Task Force
of the National Association of
Extension 4-H Agents.
The New Jersey Assocation of
4-H Agents nominated Flory for
the award last spring. She has
been the Hunterdon County 4-H
Agenty since April 1984.
Flory was among 1,200 profes
sional youth workers from all SO
states and Puerto Rico attending
the five-day association confer
ence. It was hosted by the North
Carolina Association of Extension
4-H Agents.
92‘ Boom Placing Concrete
‘The juicing machines are fin
to watch. They have a great aro
ma, and they create an image of
freshness,” said Rapetti. “It’s the
ater, If you will, and consumed
enjoy it.”
- m .' "" • *
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