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Vol. 39 No. 3
Forage And Grasslands Awards Given At Conference
Co.) At the annual forage con
ference here Tuesday, the Pennsyl
vania Forage and Grassland Coun
cil (PFGC) presented awards fra
Pasture Producer, Conservation.
Forage Conservation Farmer,
Research and Extension, and the
PFGC Special Award.
PFGC special Award
Thomas W. Calvert is the 1993
recipient ofPFGC’s special award
for his numerous contributions to
Mowry Farm Known
For High Production i
Managing Editor
Co.) —When you think of produc
tion, one of the farms over the last
SO years that comes to mind is
Mowry Farms at Roaring Springs.
Of course, many of their famous
cows are excellent or very good in
type, too.
Steve Mowry’s grandfather
Clarence purchased the farm in the
19205, and his dad Ken started a
registered herd in the early 1940’s
with FFA projects. From this basic
nucleus of original cows, many
slate and national production lead
ers have emerged. In the ’sos the
Mowrys had the first
30.000- cow in Pennsylva
nia. In 1986 they had the first
40.000- cow in die nation,
and in 1974 the world renowned
Producers Should Make Community-Wide Effort To Vaccinate Against Pseudorabies
Last of a series
Editor’s note: Swine herds
under quarantine because of
pseudorabies can sign up under
a new cost-share program avail
able to help study the effects of
using vaccine on grower
Lancaster Farming Staff
ST. LOUIS Monsanto Co.
Georg* Dclp, left, gives the award named In his honor to
Paul Whipple. The award is given annually for the lest five
years to the Individual who has made significant contribu
tions to the agricultural community of Lancaster County.
609 Pst Copy
Pennsylvania’s forage and lives
tock industry and to the Pennsylva
nia Forage and Grassland Council.
Calvert has served on the PFGC
board of directors fra six years.
During that time he served as pres
ident, vice president, and chairper
son of several committees. In addi
tion to these responsibilities, he is
always available to “pitch in” on
other PFGC projects such as field
days, conferences, workshops, and
He has also been very active and
cow, Mowry Prince Corinne,
became the first 50,000-pound
cow. Corinne’s sire, Mowry Ivan
hoe Prince, was also homebred
from the Osbomdale Ivanhoc/
Lauxmont Lucifer cross that was
so successful for many dairymen at
that time.
In June of 1984, the scenic cover
on the Holstein World had the
Mowry farms in the background
and four homebred sisters in the
foregrountL cach a national pro
duciHtflllMK'This was their sec-
lpver, as f° ur earlier
Mowry cows, also production
leaders, were featured on the
February 1968 cover.
The Corinne cow was classified
EX92 and became quite a boost to
the Mowry merchandising prog
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finishing herds. This may have a
huge impact on eliminating the
disease in Pennsylvania, which is
critical for the state in order to
move to Stage Ed of the cleanup
effort. The last of the series on
controlling r pseudorabies exa
Price For BST Known At Last
has announced the price of its
injectable bovine somatotropin
(BST) synthetic, Posilac, which
Lancniar Fanrtng, Situnfcy, Novambur 27. 1993
a strong supporter of forages and
grasslands fra the livestock indus
try. He has served as president,
vice president, and secretary of the
Pennsylvania Livestock Associa
tion; president, vice president, and
director of the Pennsylvania Sheep
Ken, Ron, and Steve Mowry with their record holding 2-year-old that was sixth on
the national January 1993 Total Cow Performance Index (TCPI), with 42,000 pounds of
milk. New-Life Melwood Halo is also classified VGB7.
mines the new program (a sign
up form is included, here) and
producer experience in stopping
Lancaster Farming Staff
EPHRATA (Lancaster Co.)
was approved for commercial use
by the U.S. Food and Drug Admi
nistration early this month.
According to Thomas J. McDer
mott, director of public affairs for
Monsanto Co.’s Animal Sciences
Division, the price per injection is
to be $6.60, once the company can
Ag-Industry Banquet Salutes
Century Farms, Paul Whipple
Lancaster Farming Staff
LANCASTER (Lancaster Co.)
—Lancaster County is a bit richer
because of the heritage of four
farm families and the significant
contribution that Paul Whipple has
given to the agricultural
That was themessageatthe 17th
annual Agriculture-Industry Ban
quet on Tuesday night at the Lan
caster Host Resort where the
George C. Delp and the Century
Farm Awards were handed out.
and Wool Growers Association;
president, vice president, and
director of the Pennsylvania
Hampshire Sheep Association;
and president, vice president, and
director of the Penn State Stock
man’s Club. For his involvement
To finally solve the pseudorabies
problem in Pennsylvania, all swine
producers need to work together
now in a community effort involv
ing vaccination and stringent
biosecurity measures, according to
veterinarians and swine health
begin selling the product on Feb. 3.
Currently, Monsanto is barred
from selling the product for 90
days, a result of political actions
taken earlier this summer.
However, as of Nov. 15, a
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Paul Whipple, recipient of the
Delp Award that is given to the
individual who makes an outstand
ing contribution to the county ag
industry, was honored for his work
with the poultry industry. He was
the first area lender to see the
potential of investing in poultry
farms and has worked tirelessly on
behalf of agricultural concerns.
A native of Bradford County,
Whipple moved to Lancaster
County when he was transferred
through his career with Farm Cre
dit Later, he worked for Miller and
Four Sectoral
in the Pennsylvania Livestock
Industry, Calvert was awarded the
Penn State University Department
of Dairy and Animal Science’s
Distinguished Alumnus Award in
1989 and the Degree of Honorary
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experts at a meeting here Tuesday
The best way to combat pseudo
rabies, now in Stage II at the state
level, according to Dr. Bill Sischo,
Penn State Extension veterinarian,
is for producers to start believing
.that the disease is not “my prob
lem or their problem,’’ he said,
“but all of our problem. It really
has to be a community activity.”
Sischo spoke about how PRV is
spread in the hog population-dense
area of northeastern Lancaster
County. To deal with it, producers
were reminded that they must
maintain stringent biosecurity, as a
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Bushong, Agri General, and now
as a private consultant. Married for
50 years, and the father of four
children and grandfather of six,
Whipple is also active in church
and community affairs.
George Delp, for whom the
award is named) was on hand to
bestow the award. Delp said.
“Even though I did not have a part
in the selection, I could not have
found a better recipient.”
Each year the Lancaster Cham
ber of Commerce and Industry, in
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$19.75 Per Year