Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, November 13, 1993, Image 27

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    Mifflin County Holds Ag Banquet "r* «—»
Soil Conservation Ssrvioo Coopsrator of the Yoar Award want to an ownar/tanant
team, in tha front row Is Matthew Yoder, Nathan Yoder, Luka Yoder, Crystal Yoder
holding the sign, Joe Yoder, and Brian Yoder. Back row, Includes Bradley Yoder,
farm operator lee Yoder holding Cathy, wffe JoAnn Yoder with Timothy, farm Owners
Betty Bonson and Howard Bonson, and Cindy Yoder.
'Left to Right: Tom, JoAnne, John, Peg,
Bob and Charlotte Clouny
This Will Be A Great
Opportunity lb See A
Conversion Of An
Erinting Stanchion
Barn Into ADouble 6
Parlor With Holding
• Surge Eclipse Milker Units
• Surge Omni Automatic
• Kipe Steel Crowd Gate
601 Ovsrly Grow Rd.. Now Holland, PA 17557
717-354-4740 mi Van Uau Horn*: 717-250-0077
Authorized Dealer For rQjiri
Keystone Wqffle Slats Mjfj,
TSrmcredffo AGWAY® »
WSt Nobody knows the field better. AGWAY-GETTYSBURG
CS3T Fax 717-267-1580 YORK FARM CREDIT
Custom Fencing • Crowd Gates (717)792-2641 • (880)122-1218 i-717-33*1-nOB
Herringbone Milking Parlors
Lagging Stream
Tuesday, November 23rd
All new Surge Double 6 Herringbone Parlor with Indexing
S Rail manufactured by Klpe Steel.
General Contractor: King Construction
DIRECTIONS: From Route IS At Gettysburg take Taneytown Road (Route 134)
Exit South. Approximately 1 mile, at stone bridge, make a right turn onto Barlow
Road. Go 3/4 mile. Ist farm on right. Look for farm signs.
Jb7jSef§ Surge Double Six
Herringbone Parlor
Featuring Eclipse Milker Units &
Omni Automatic Detachers
Paradise Farm & Hama Caller
Thomasviile. PA (717) 225-1064
Mifflin Co. Correspondent
BELLEVILLE (Mifflin Co.)
Metnben and guests of the Mifflin
County Agricultural Stabilization
and Conservation Service (ASCS)
and the Soil Conservation Service
(SCS) met recently for their annu
al Joint Ag Banquet held at the
Belleville Community Hall.
Highlights for the evening
included awards and speaker Dr.
Gary Alt research biologist for
the Pennsylvania Game
One of the highest awards given
by Washington, die ASCS Admi
nistrators Award, went to D’Ann
L. Smith for her work on the Dis
aster Reserve Team. Smith was
recommended for and accepted
the challenge to go to Washington
to help with the 1991 Disaster
Assistance Program, a program
connected with crop disasters due
to the 1991 weather. Smith has
been a program assistant in Mif
flin County's ASCS office for six
Stanley McKeen, Fred Myers,
and Earl Vaughn accepted Certifi
cate of County Service awards for
10 years of ASCS service as com
munity committeemen.
Mifflin County ASCS Execu
tive Director Donna Snook
At Their
Gettysburg; PA
1225 Industrial Highway
jTr \southampton, FA 18966
I fadC 11-800-645-MILK
Atlantic Dally Cooperative
76 Years Of Service To Dairy Farmers
received a certificate for 30 yean
of service.
Commissioner Murry Laite pre
sented the Soil Conservation Ser
vice’s Cooperator of the Year
Award to an owner/kenant team
for their conservation practices.
Owners Howard and Betty Bon
son accepted the award along with
farm operators Lee D. and JoAnn
Yoder who manage the 70 acre
farm close to the Juniata River.
James Laughlin and son Joe
Laughlin received the Goodyear
Award, given to the previous
year’s Cooperator of the Year
Award recipient
ASCS member Don Baker pre
sented a $25 check to die local
FFA Chapter. John L. King pre
sented the same amount to both
the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.
The money is to be used for
After the awards program. Mas
ter of Ceremonies Kenneth Loht
introduced Dr. Gary Ait, Research
Biologist for the Pennsylvania
Game Commission. Alt’s enter
taining slide show and narrative
revealed some interesting black
bear facts and habits man of
which kept the audience smiling
through the whole program.
• Black bear milk fat
content is 24 percent
compared to 4 percent
for cow’s milk.
• Black bears relo
cated within 100 miles
will go straight home
• Pennsylvania black
bears are the largest in
the world. Overall, adult
males average 20S
pounds compared to an
average 486 pounds in
Pennsylvania. The
abundance of food is the
• For this same rea
son, black bear new
borns double their
weight in two weeks and
triple it again in four
weeks. Black bear cubs
weigh an avenge of
12.8 ounces at birth
making black bears, in
relation to all mammals,
the smallest in propor
tion to their mothers.
• Female black bears
cover an average range
of 3 to 5 miles compared
to 10 to IS miles for
• Alt said if con
fronted by a black bear
it’s useless to climb a
tree (bean love to climb
a tree any size), forget
about entering water
(bean love water), and
don’t even think about
outrunning black bears
(they can run more than
30 miles per hour). The
key to escaping a bear
attack, Alt says, is to
take a Mend along who
runs slower than you!
' • Seriously, Alt said,
never stare directly at a
bear. Alt said bears give
warning signs before
charging. Their ears
fold back, their lips roll
up, they clash their jaws,
then they lunge forward
and slam the ground
with their paws. After
this, they will charge.
Alt said he has been the
target of numerous bear
charges each bear
broke off its charge
between 3 to 10 feet