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    Dfriwcwtw Faming, Saturday, Novambar 13,1993
Self-Contained Hydraulics
RACINE, Wis. J I Case has
introduced a new Category 111 for
age harvester, the Case Interna
tional 8750. -
“People in the industry know
that forage harvesters haven’t
changed much in the last decade,”
said Dave Hess, Case product
manager-hay and forage. “But the
8750 features several innovations
that increase productivity and con
venience. The most important is
the self-contained hydraulic
The hydraulic system supplies
power to drive the feedrolls and
attachments. The tongue of the
machine serves as the hydraulic
reservoir for the self-contained
system, and the system pump is
belt-driven from the tractor PTO.
“Because of this setup, theoreti
cal cut length can be infinitely
adjusted between 3/16 and 5/8 of
an inch,” said Hess. “All a farmer
needs to do is move an indicator to
the desired position. This varies
the pump output flow and changes
the speed of the feedroll drive
motor faster for long cuts,
slower for shorter cuts. There are
no sprockets to change. No
machine with mechanical drive is
as easy to adjust.”
Conference To Explore
Use Of Conservation
Reserve Acres
ANKENY, lowa What use
farmers will make of the 36.5 mil
lion acres of cropland enrolled in
the Conservation Reserve Prog
ram (CRP) once their contracts
expire and what options federal
policymakers may exercise to
keep at least some CRP acres out
of crop production over the longer
term will be discussed at a nation
al conference on February 10-11,
1994, in Arlington, Va.
The conference, “When Con
servation Reserve Program Con
tracts Expire... The Policy
Options,” is being sponsored by
the Soil and Water Conservation
Society (SWCS) in cooperation
with several government agencies
and many of the nation’s leading
conservation and agricultural
organizations. Participants will
include federal and state policy
makers, government program
managers, and representatives of
environmental and agricultural
The conference program will
examine how well the CRP has
achieved its multiple purposes;
how farmers say they plan to use
their CRP acres once their con
tracts expire; and given federal
budget limitations, what options
might be available to policymak
ers for perpetuating the environ
mental and other benefits
achieved with the CRP over the
past eight years.
The CRP was created in 1985.
Under the program, farmers are
paid an annual rental fee for retir
ing highly erodible and other
environmentally fragile land from
crop production for a period of 10
Harvester Has
According to Hess, the ability
to accurately control cut-length
uniformity results in better silo
loading, packing and unloading.
“It also helps provide consistent,
optimum feed quality to promote
milk production and improve
livestock health.”
Another advantage of the self
contained hydraulic system is that
it provides built-in overload pro
tection, with no need to adjust slip
clutches or stop and change shear
bolts. The feedrolls stop when the
hydraulic system exceeds relief
pressure. Hess npted that the cut
terhead, auger, and blower are
mechanically driven for maxi
mum utilization of available pow
er from today’s high-horsepower
The 8750 has three-row capaci
ty and is available with a 150 or
200 PTO horsepower driveline.
For many operations, the surface
area of the tongue on the 8750
provides adequate heat dissipation
so supplemental hydraulic cooling
is not required. But in high
capacity, long-duration opera
tions, an oil cooler, which is stan
dard equipment on machines with
the 200-horsepower driveline,
keeps operating temperatures
years. In return, they must estab
lish and maintain a permanent
soil-conserving cover of grass or
trees on the retired acres for the
life of the contract
No decisions have been made
yet on whether farmers now parti
cipating in the CRP will be offered
contract extensions or other incen
tives to keep their land out of crop
production beyond the 10 years
covered by the existing contracts.
Contracts on about 24 million
CRP acres are due to expire
between 1995 and 1997.
Many environmental groups are
concerned about the loss of natur
al resource benefits in the form of
soil erosion control, wildlife habi
tat enhancement, and water qual
ity protection if the CRP acres
revert to crop production follow
ing contract expiration. Farm
groups, on the other hand, worry
about what impact bringing mil
lions of CRP acres back into crop
production may have on agricul
tural commodity supplies and
The conference which will be
held at the Arlington Renaissance
Hotel, will provide a forum to dis
cuss what policies are needed to
achieve, on a longer term basis,
many of the CRP’s original envir
onmental protection and commod
ity supply control objectives.
A preliminary conference prog
ram will be circulated in
For more information about the
conference, write or call SWCS,
7515 Northeast Ankeny Road,
Ankeny, lowa 50021-9764, (515)
289-2331 or (800) The Soil.
down. A field-installed cooler
option is available for units with
the 150-horsepower driveline.
The cutterhead is 18 inches in
diameter and 22 inches wide, with
10 spiral knives that make 10,000
cuts per minute. The shear bar has
a 1.25 x 2-inch cross-section
larger than competitive models,
according to Hess. “This means
less deflection under heavy loads,
a cleans' cut, longer knife wear
and reduced power requirements.
The shear bar is reversible and
easy to adjust, and that means the
farmer will get longer use out of
it,” he said.
The optional metal detector
available for the 8750 detects ferr
ous metals and stops the feedrolls
before foreign objects can enter
the cutteihead. This reduces the
possibility of downtime and costly
repairs, and helps protect
If the feedrolls stop, either
because of metal detection or
overload, the operator simply flips
a toggle switch to hydraulically
reverse the direction of the feed
rolls and attachment head and
back the crop out ‘The hydraulic
feedroll drive design eliminates
the need for electric clutches or
gear boxes which are mechanical
ly shifted,” said Hess.
“We designed this forage
harvester with an ear to our cus
tomers,” he said. “More than any
thing, they want productivity,
dependability and ease of use. The
8750 reflects that input”
Among other features, it has a
central lubrication bank for 16
10,000 Gallon Steel Tank,
Good Condition. $3OO
(16) Deere self propelled
choppers, 741 hrs up.
Deere Financing. Larry
Staller "The Chopper Man*
1855 rebuilt engine, new
liras, hyd. pump, $4,250.
1855 with cab, runs,
$3,800. (717)286-0650.
1939 JD A, *482749, good
tin, rubber, dean tractor,
$lBOO. 771-746-3224 after
1948 JD model D tractor,
model 48 loader. Call after
Spm, (304)289-3440.
1971 International, 19'
steel bed, power tail gale,
5-speed, double wheels,
very good rubber, wt.
32,000, 86,760 k, $l2OO
080. 410-502-6322.
1977 Royer Dirt Shredder,
Ford Diesel Power, Good
Condition. (215)932-2767.
1080 MF 860,1,850 hours,
gray cab, V-8 hydro, 30’
tires, 1163 corn head,
through our shop. $14,050.
Finance & Trade. Larry
S(alter 'The Chopper Men*
1988 283MF, 67 HP.
OOOHours; 1968 Rousseau
470 SE Hydraulic Arm
Mower, ISOHours, 3Pt.
Hitch, 16' Reach;
454 Chev. HP Motor Re
built, Rectangular Port
Heads, Solid Cam Head
ers; Dana 70Rears, Front
and Back Posi Track.
The self-contained hydraulic system on the Case Inter
national 8750 forage harvester supplies power to the feed
rolls, making it possible to provide uniform, clean cuts
through an infinitely variable range of lengths.
difficult-to-access feedroll bear*
ing and pivot points. And it has a
simple, effective knife-sharpening
system that requires no tools.
Knives are shaipened when cutter
head direction is reversed.
Hydraulic tongue swing is stan
dard, and a convenient, remotely
positioned grip-type handle with
fingertip switches provides
electro-hydraulic control of
attachment head height, spout
rotation, and of the spout
The 8750 comes with a choice
of optional two- and three-row
heads for 30- and 38-inch row
spacing, as well as a 7-foot-wide
PHONE: 717-626-1164 or 717-394-3047
FAX 717-733-6058
Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri. 8 AM to 5 PM; Thurs. 7 AM to 5 PM
1934 10-20 McCormick
iron wheel tractor w/
matching plow, original
condition, $2BOO.
1989 Kubota 4WD L22SO,
500 Hours, S' Bucket
BFOOG, 7V Backhoa
45308, 60’ Mower Deck, T
Rake, Poet Hole Digger 6*
and 12*. $22,500.
1 JD 2100 Backhoe
Loader. 717-573-2215.
1R Ml com picker, like new;
NH 770 chopper, P/U
head. 215-249-3132.
20 bu. bulk bins
42*x42*x36'h, $7 each
(2) 2MH Com Pickers, (1)
in Good Condition and (1)
for Parts. Best Offer.
(2) 3300 gas combines, 13'
head, $4,950. and $5,950.
Larry Staller 'The Combine
Man’ 1-800-248-2151
2350 JO tractor w/146
loader bucket, chains, 400
hrs., like new, $18,000; 15‘
flex Rhino mower, good
condition, $4OOO.
271 NH Baler w/N0.50
Kicker, Good Condition
$1650; Ml 325 2Row/N
Corn Picker w/12 Roll
Husking Bed. $2800;
Franklin County.
283 MF, 2 years old, with 4
bottom Oliver trip-back
plow, 3pth. Must sell I
r 5) 42* conveyor rollers,
cans, practically new.
Any reasonable offer.
windrow pickup head. To comple
ment,these heads, the forage
harvester features four-point
mounting with two quick-latches,
electro-hydraulic raising and low
ering of the head, and convenient
adjustment of. header height and
header drop rate.
Because the attachment head
and cutterbox pivots around the
centerline of the cutterhead shaft,
the relationship between the
attachment and feedrolls stays
The Case International 8750
forage harvester is in limited pro
duction this year, with full availa
bility for the 1994 season.
3 axel trailer, heavy duty,
with ramps, no tide, $675.
(3) JO gas engines, 2
180CI0, 1 202C1D, excel
lent condition, fit 2020,
2520, 45 combine. Bob
908/362-8822 days,
908/362-9192 evenings.
400 AMP Hobart welder
w/271 Detroit, good oondi
tion, $l,BOO.
40' PTO 6* transport Au
ger. Adams County.
4400 D, low hrs., $6,950.;
4400 gas, $3,950. Larry
Stetter The Combine Man*
4400 spin shield, diesel,
needs engine, good,
$3,675.; JD 3300, very
good, 1 head, $5,950.
Larry Staller The Combine
Man* 1-800-248-2151
4420 combine, 1,50$ hr*..
$16,500. Trade & Finance.
Larry Stalter The Combine
Man' 1-800-248-2151
4430 JD Fender Tractor,
Excellent Condition, All
Good Rubber, 9 Tooth
Athens Chisel, 32' Little
Giant Elevator; 2 Ton
Dump Cart; Unverferlh Bin
Wagon 10 Ton JD Running
Gear. (717)664-2105.
4500 watt generator w/Bhp
Briggs & Stratton engine.
GONS. 3 beaters w/roofs,
shed kept, field ready, ex
cellent condition.
302/684-3464 day,
302/6844)125 night
SOKW generator, Win
power, automatic transfer
console, $5OOO 080.
6600 Deere, spin shield,
very good, $7,860. Larry
Staller The Combine Man'
7720, 4x4, shedded, Held
ready, owner died, trade &
finance, $28,400. Larry
Stalter, ‘The Combine
Man' 1-800-248-2151
844 N Ml 4R com head, ex
celent condition. All new
chains, sprockets, knives.
Would like $3BOO.
874 JD spreader, like new,
$7,500. 1486 Int tractor,
real nice, $12,500.825 Be
larus tractor, cab, air and
duals. (301)334-8060
[301)334-8058 evenings.
Schrock Farm Equipment
8' Meyer snow plow w/
brackets for M Farmall or
similiar Farmalls, $750;
46'8‘ Cardinal transport
auger w/7Mhp, 1-phase
motor, all new parts and
paint, $2500; 513 NH
spreader w/endgate and
new web, $l6OO.
9N Ford w/Sauder feeder,
very good condition, runs
great good rubber, $2OOO
080. 717-786-9787.
AC 333 4-row no-till com
planter with monitor, dry
fertilizer, $lOOO.
410/836-7371 after 6pm.
AC 60701985,70 hp, dean
fecal tractor, tow hours,
asking $ll,OOO.
Allis Chalmers Dl7, series
3, tractor, mounted 2 row
New Idea 306 com picker,
2 grain wagons, 309 Ford 2
row planter, 3 point fetch.
All excellent condition.
Chester Co.