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    ClMancuter Farming, Saturday, Novambar 13,1993
MOLINE, 111. The perfor
mance and convenience of a
60-foot, self-leveling front
folding boom is available as an
option for the John Deere 6500
self-propelled sprayer.
The boom features complete
hydraulic folding and unfolding
from the cab, slip-clutch
protected, “break away” end sec
MOLINE, 111. The John
Deere 730 air disk drill combines
residue handling performance of a
five-bar field cultivator with the
accurate seed placement of
double-disk openers, for one-pass
tilling and seeding in minimum
till conditions.
When teamed with the speed
and capacity of the John Deere
787 air seeding system, the 730 air
disk drill’s 28-, 36-, and 44-foot
working widths provide produc
tive and efficient seeding of small
grains and soybeans.
The 730 uses the first four bars
of the John Deere 980 field culti
vator frame as the mounting
points for new 5/8 x 1-3/4-inch
standards with 135 pounds of trip
force. The 24-inch underframe
clearance and 123-inch fore-aft
clearance promote residue flow
through the machine. The 9-inch
spacing of the standards and a
choice of 10-inch sweeps or
11-inch Tru-Width™ sweeps pro
vide thorough tillage and com
plete undercutting of weeds.
Depending on site require
ments, the 730 can be equipped
with either a double row of harrow
tines to level the seedbed or one
rank of harrow tines and a rolling
basket to break clods and firm the
soil behind the sweeps.
The fifth bar of the 730 is the
mounting point for the double disk
opener rockshaft. The
1/4-inch-offsct double-disk open
ers are set on either 6-inch or
7-1/2-inch row spacing. The open
ers are positioned in a long/short
stagger for increased residue flow.
Exclusive depth-gauging press
wheels are closely coupled for
consistent seed depth, and they
provide depth settings from 0 to
3-1/2 inches in 1/4-inch incre-
5 PM
Front-Folding Boom Available For Deere Sprayer
dons, adjustable tension on the
self-leveling suspension, poly
propylene tubing, and Snap-Fit
nozzle bodies with eight-psi check
The 6500 sprayer can also be
equipped with the standard
47-foot or optional 60-foot rear
folding boom.
The new boom’s double-
Seeds In
The John Deere 730 air disk drill tills and seeds In one
pass. Available In 28-. 36-, and 44-foot models, the machine
features a five-rank design with four ranks for tillage and
the fifth rank for mounting the double-disk opener
ments. Changing depth settings is
fast and convenient, and does not
require tools.
An active, hydraulic down
pressure system provides consis
tent opener penetration over
uneven terrain by maintaining a
uniform pressure on the openers.
Down-pressure for all the openers
is set with a convenient knob and
pressure gauge from a single
Single-point hydraulic depth
control sets the operating depth
for the tillage components.
V —i News
folding design increases produc
tivity and convenience when turn
ing on narrow turn rows or man
euvering close to tree lines,
fences, utility poles, and other
obstacles. Each boom section is
controlled independently by an
electric switch on the hydrostatic
drive control handle. If either end
of the boom accidentally contacts
Tandem Walk-Over™ wheels
smooth out bumps and help main
tain a consistent tillage depth. A
castering stabilizer wheel on each
wing features a ratchet to make
leveling quick and easy.
The wings fold 110 degrees
over center for fold-and-go conve
nience and a narrow transport
width of 19 feet for the 44-foot
model and 16 feet for the two
smaller sizes. Transport height
ranges from 11 feet 3 inches for
the 28-foot model to 17 feet 6
inches for the largest size.
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. ♦ •* ♦♦****& vXVii * * *
The 60-foot, front-folding, self-leveling boom Is available
as an option for the John Deere 6500 self-propelled spray
er. The boom features In-cab hydraulic control of the fold
ing and unfolding functions, and adjustable tension on the
self-leveling suspension system to'match varying field
an obstacle, the slip clutch on the
8-foot end section permits the sec-:
don to “break away,” so damage
to the boom is prevented or
The trapezoidal-type self
leveling system helps keep the
boom level for consistent spray
coverage. To match varying Held
conditions, the suspension systeta
is adjustable. The operator can
raise or lower the left and right
boom wings on-the-go, hydrauli
cally, to fine tune boom-dp height
To handle a wide variety of spray
ing requirements, boom-height
adjustment ranges from 24 to 96
Three-quarter-inch poly
propylene tubing and Snap-Fit
nozzle bodies with eight-psi check
valves distribute solution along
the boom. Nozzles are set on
20-inch spacing at the factory and
are recessed behind the boom
frames for protection. A field
installed tubing kit permits cus
tomizing nozzle spacing to meet
specific tow requirements. Nozzle
drops are available as a field-
STORE HOURS' Morvfit. 7.30 to 430 ISO
Sot. 300 to Noon
24 Hr 7 Dev Ropok Soivlco
1-800-673-2580 H
installed option. They can be posi
tioned virtually anywhere the
operator desires.
Long-wearing, Syntal plastic,
white (number 3) Color-Tips™
spray nozzles and 50-mesh
nozzle-tip strainers are standard
equipment Syntal tips normally
provide longer life than stainless
steel tips and cost less. The Syntal
tips are color coded for easy size
identification. Number 40- and
80-mesh boom strainers are also
A new, retractable ladder on the
6500 self-propelled sprayer com
plements the new boom with
easier access to the cab and
improved crop clearance. A
switch mounted on the steering
column enables the operator to
raise or lower the ladder in 10 sec
onds or less. A ground-level
switch permits retracting the lad
der for storage, or for increased
accessibility to the engine com
partment. A convenient handrail
prevents the operator from
attempting to exit from the
machine with the ladder retracted.
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