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Vd. 30 NO. 1
Carl A. Farm: The Second Generation
Lancaster Fanning Staff
PITMAN (Schuylkill
Co.) Bucolic.
Ira and Cats Boyer were honored by members of the
York County Holstein Association with his Induction Into
the club’s Hall of Fame.
Boyer Named To York
Holstein Hall Of Fame
York Co. Correspondent
Ira Boyer is the newest member of
the York County Holstein Hall of
Boyer was named county Hall
of Fame recipient during the York
Holstein Club’s annual meeting
November 4 at the Shrewsbury
Survey Indicates Biosecurity
In Question When Fighting Pseudorabies
First Of
A Scries
Lancaster Farming Staff
KINZERS (Lancaster Co.)
Abe Fisher remembers when it got
It was June 1980. Thirteen
swine herds were identified as
pseudorabies-positive in the reg
ion after the disease spread into
southeastern Pennsylvania in mid-
April. A moratorium had been
issued by the Pennsylvania
Department of Agriculture later
that month to prevent a possible
“shotgun” spread of the virus as a
result of breed events at the state
farm show. Six herds, by June 21,
had been depopulated. Producers
had lost hundreds of thousands of
Information about how swine
herds could have gotten the dis
ease, and how it was transmitted,
was nonexistent A survey was
released by the department of agri
culture a year later, when it was
becoming more difficult to control
the disease, and when many more
60* Per Copy
Like a faded picture of a tum-of
thc centuiy'homestead, the Carl A.
Snyder farm in the northeastern
comer of Schuylkill County
Fire Hall. He and his wife Cass
accepted an engraved tray mark
ing his induction to the prestigious
group and his name was added to
the Hall of Fame plaque displayed
at the county extension offices.
An Adams County native, Boy
er grew up on a dairy and general
farm near East Berlin. The family
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herds were infected.
Now, in 1993,120 herds remain
under quarantine for the pseudora
bies vims (PRV), according to
Fisher, chair of the PRV Eradica
tion Program and president of the
Pennsylvania Pork Producers
Another survey, this one con
ducted by Penn State’s Veterinary
Science Department and sent to
759 swine producers in Lancaster
and Lebanon counties in mid-
August this year, has been
assembled. Its mission: find the
answers to how PRV is spread.
The survey results have been
assimilated, according to Dr. Wil
liam M. Sischo, assistant professor
in the department. Of the 759
surveys sent out, 580 were
returned by mid-October. There
was a 76.4 percent response rale.
Many procedures regarding
biosecurity remain in question,
and attempts to keep the spread of
PRV may be in jeopardy, on some
farms. The answers to some of the
questions, in many ways, are
alarming and shocking:
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, November 13, 1993
appears to be part of the earth on
which it sits.
Excepting utility lines and
paved roads, the farm seems to rise
naturally from the southern lace of
a hump of land that separates two
small valleys, each with its own
meandering stream.
The farmstead is in synch with
the mix of woods and hilly, sloping
The place is the headwaters area
for the 30-some mile Mahantango
Creek, which runs west, widening
as it travels to the Susquehanna
It is its own world: A mix of
mountain and meadow, swampy
humidity and crip cool air.
There are wild raspberry patch
es, old stone piles, and game
holding thickets, old fence lines
and waterways which were never
channelized, or tiled ex’ plowed
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Change For
The Lancaster Fanning office
will be closed Thursday, Novem
ber 25 in observance of Thanks
giving. Deadlines for the week of
Thanksgiving are as follows:
• Mailbox Market Ads 5 P.M.,
Fri., 11/19
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• On question 29, what is cur
rently required of personnel
(including visitors, employees,
and family) who enter swine facili-
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Poultry Science Capital Region Veterinary Science
Agricultural & Biological Engineering Agricultural Economics
Egg Quality Assurance Program
John H. Schwartz, Ph,D.
Lancaster County
Extension Director
The Pennsylvania Egg Industry
took a gigantic step forward last
month when it approved the Pen
nsylvania Egg Quality Assurance
Penn State
The Carl A. Farm topped production in Schuylkill County
with changes in milking and feeding procedures. Brothers
Steve and Tracy Snyder are in partnership. In the photo,
Tracy works haylage into a silo.
FDA Approves Use
Of Monsanto’s BST
Lancaster Farming Staff
federal Food and Drug Admi
nistration on Nov. gave its
approval to a form of commercial!
bovine somatotropin (BST) manu
factured by Monsanto Co.’s agri
cultural group, but it won’t be
Program (PEQAP).
The program is the result of
almost one year’s discussions on
how egg producers may reduce the
risk of producing eggs contami
nated with Salmonella enteritidis
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FOur Sections
available to dairy producers until
next year, pending a 90-day mora
torium imposed by the U.S. Legis
lature this year.
Approval of the protein hor
mone used to stimulate a lactating
cow to produce additional milk
had been expected for months. It is
the first biotechnological product
approved for use in creating a food
The BST used by Monsanto is
produced by genetically altered
bacteria, similar to the production
of insulin used to treat diabetics.
In addition other versions of
injectable BST, there are a number
of other biotechnological products
awaiting FDA approval, such as a
longer lasting Flavr-Savr Tomato,
produced by Calgene Inc.
It is far too early to speculate on
the impact of the drug on the dairy
industry, according a vanety of
sources contacted this week.
S 5
The approval of BST by the
FDA follows more than a decade
of research into the effects of BST,
and at least eight years work by
Monsanto and other biotechnolog
ical companies to show that a form
of the protein hormone BST pro
duced by genetically altered bac-
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$19.75 Per Year