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Vol. 38 NO. 52
Advisory Board Wrangles With Certification Goals
Lancaster Fanning Staff
Co.) —The Nutrient Manage
ment Advisory Board to the State
Conservation Commission on
Wednesday approved its own
bylaws, but failed to define the role
and purview of a state-certified
nutrient management planner.
While the group did not stall in
its efforts to deal with the task of
reviewing proposals from the State
Survey Of 1,200
Dairy Fanners Reported
Co.) A recent survey of more
than 1,200 Pennsylvania dairy far
mers casts doubt on the idea that
producers want changes in federal
dairy policy, according to an
expert in Penn State’s College of
Agricultural Sciences.
“Recent news reports have
claimed that dairy farmers are
united about the need for supply
management and other alternative
dairy policies,” said Dr. Robert
Yonkers, assistant professor of
agricultural economics. “But the
majority of Pennsylvania dairy
farmers support current U.S. dairy
programs and oppose any type of
supply management”
The survey investigated atti
tudes toward existing and alterna
tive government dairy policies.
Farmers were asked to choose
whether current dairy programs
Tillage Event To Address
Local, National Issues
and national issues affecting
farmers will be addressed by mos>*
of the speakers at this year’s six
state Mid-Atlantic Conservation
Tillage Conference. The twentieth
annual event is set December 16 at
the Ramada Inn and Convention
Center in Hagerstown, MD. More
than 400 persons are expected to
The 1993 All-Maryland Holstein wlnnsrs wars annou need
this wssk by ths Maryland Holatain Association. Coidspr
ingsParkar Shads in this photo was thaAgad Cow for Mar*
lin Hoff, Now Windsor, MD. Photos of othsr winnsrs can ba
found on Pagaa C4-C5.
608 Par Copy
Conservation Commission, which
is to oversee the administration of
the state’s Nutrient Management
Act, the board soot back for red
rafting a proposal for "Interim Cer
tification for Nutrient Manage
ment Specialists," and a proposal
for “Interim Criteria for Nutrient
Management Planning.”
The redrafted proposals are to
reflect the concerns and requests
made during the board’s second
full meeting since being formed by
should be eliminated immediately,
phased out over five to 10 years,
maintained as is, or modified.
They also could respond with “no
opinion” or “uncertain.”
“Most farmers wanted either to
maintain or modify both the feder
al price support program and the
federal milk marketing order sys
tem as opposed to eliminating or
phasing diem out,” Yonkers said.
“A 2-to-l majority wanted to keep
thtf 'piWfe»yipport program. An
even larger 3-to-l majority sup
ported the federal milk marketing
order system.”
Respondents also were asked to
indicate their support for various
alternative dairy programs. They
could respond to statements about
these policies with “agree strong
ly,” “agree somewhat,” “disagree
somewhat,” “disagree strongly”
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Activities on December 16 will
get under way at 8 a.m. with free
coffee and doughnuts, plus oppor
tunity to visit industry exhibits.
The educational program will run
from 9 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., with an
hour and 45 minutes off for lunch
and another chance to chat with
Tickets for the noon lunch will
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, November 6, 1993
legislation this summer.
The meetings are open to the
public, because of laws which lim
it secrecy by public officials con
ducting official buisness, but they
are not public hearings.
Ths Frederick Farms family stands in front of thslr farm sign. In tha front row, from
tha iaft, ara Mark Jr., Missy, Paul, Aaron, Carol, and Carla Fredarick, Joe Imler-Knisley,
and Adam Fradariek. in tha back raw, from thafaft, ara Bavarly, Gerald, Dave, Kim, and
Mark Fradariek. Photo by Undo WHKomo
Blair County Dairy Farm Takes
Three Top Pennsylvania DHIA Awards
Bedford Co. Correspondent
Staff Writer
Co.) Frederick Farms of Mar
tinsburg, a dairy farm with 85
registered and grade milking Hols
teins, has set a precedent in herd
production achievement that prob
ably won’t be equalled for some
Not only did the farm receive
Pennsylvania Dairy Herd
The format for a public meeting
is such that the public may sit in
audience, as space allows, but
comment or disturbances are not
Public hearings are specifically
Improvement Association's top
award for herd management, but
individual cows on the farm
topped the state’s on-test Holstein
Tha SoeMy of Farm Woman of Lancaatar County will
inatall Joyca Slaymakar as prasidant during tha annual con
vantion hold today at tha Farm and Homa Cantor. Saa paga
A 34 for atory.
Four Sactiona
held to gather general public
The advisory board consists of
IS state residents who are either
directly involved in production
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production of protein and
Another cow took second place
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$19.75 Per Year