Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, October 30, 1993, Image 94

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According to Curt Martel, vice
president of sales and marketing at
White-New Idea, “The change to
red helps reinforce our focus on
hay tools. With this change, we’re
also placing more emphasis on the
management side of hay produc
tion. We feel it is important to dis
cuss how our equipment can help
dairy and cattle operations retain
as much relative feed value (RFV)
as possible for feeding.’’
The new color scheme will be
used on the entire New Idea hay
tool line, including their 3200
Disc Mower Conditioners, 3400
Disc Mowers, 520 Sickle Mowers,
4100 Rakes, 4111 Dual Rake
Hitch, and new 4800 Round
In addition to the new color,
White-New Idea is introducing a
new line of round balers. The new
4800 Series round balers feature
significant design improvements
in the pickup, belt rollers, and
many other areas. The two larger
models are now available with or
without net wrap.
Other changes in the New Idea
1993/94 hay tool models include
the 5200 Series disc mower condi
tioners. These will feature an
Stainless Steel Drinker
able new stainless steel drinker
has recently been introduced by
Ziggity Systems, Inc.
According to company presi
dent Eldon Hosteller, the Big Ace
Stainless Drinker System ensures
uninterrupted, consistent water
flow to birds of all sizes, while
providing faster, easier cleaning
and lower maintenance costs for
the poultry producer.
Ziggity’s stainless steel drinker
is designed with exclusive fea
tures that appeal to the producer.
Owsiany Is
Pennfield Salesman
LANCASTER (Lancaster
County) Pennfleld Corpora
tion, 711 Rohrerstown Road, has
announced the newest member of
the feed marketing sales force,
Frank R. Owsiany.
Owsiany came to Pennfleld in
August 1993 with a degree from
Penn State in horticulture. He was
previously employed by Imperial
Nursery in an agricultural-related
field, specializing in sales and
marketing of nursery supplies in
Pennsylvania, New York, and
New Jersey.
Owsiany will be a dairy and
livestock feed sales and service
man for parts of Lancaster
Hay Tools To Red
tools. Models affected Include the 5200 Series Disc Mower
Conditioners, 5400 Series Disc Mowers, 521 and 522 Sickle
Mowers, 4100 Series Rakes, 4111 Dual Rake Hitch, and the
new 4800 Series Round Balers.
improved cutterbar design that
provides additional durability and
easier maintenance. Conditioning
roll tension improvements will
also be incorporated.
The new production of 5400
Series disc mowers also feature
numerous durability improve
ments including a “ball joint”
Introduces Durable
The key pans of the drinker arc
the stainless steel seal, the two
stage metering pin, the stainless
steel ball, and the cap. These parts
arc enclosed into the cap as an as
sembly. This assembly can be re
moved from the drinker body for
inspection. The components arc
firmly enclosed in the drinker
body, eliminating the possibility
of parts getting lost in litter during
inspection, saving lime and mon
All the metal parts arc 300
senes stainless steel to minimize
Frank R. Owsiany '
breakaway system and an
upgraded disc cutterbar. And the
new production of 4100 Series
rakes will use new, stronger teeth
for longer life.
For more information, contact
your local White-New Idea dealer
or call (800) 767-3221.
the damaging effects of medica
tion, minerals, chlorine, or other
harsh impurities in the water. The
drinker’s two-stage metering pin
automatically releases a small
amount of water for chicks, and up
to twice the water for older birds.
Birds drink more and gain weight
faster because the drinker always
provides the right amount of wa
The Big Ace stainless drinker
system is available at the same
price as other Ziggily assemblies,
and can be used wherever the Zig
gity single-lock, two-Stage EZ Sip
drinker, or the twin-lock, two-
Stage drinker have been used in
the past.
For more information, call
(800) 328-0016, ext. 620.
Loans Available
HARRISBURG (Dauphin Co.)
State Agriculture Secretary
Boyd E. Wolff this week announc
ed that farmers can apply for low
interest loans through a program
that promotes the use of new tech
nology in Pennsylvania.
Applications to the Agricultural
Technology Loan Program
(ATLP) will be accepted from
Oct. 15 through Dec. 31.
“This program is designed to
help our farmers increase their
bottom line,” Wolff said. “We
want them to be able to use the
best equipment available to help
them do the job.”
Farmers demonstrating the
greatest need and proposing the
most innovative use of technology
Low Interest
To Silverdale Office
LANCASTER (Lancaster Co.)
Dean L. Shollenberger has
been rehired by the Silverdale
branch of Keystone Farm Credit,
ACA. The announcement was
made by Branch Manager Charles
Shollenberger rejoined the
Silverdale staff as executive loan
officer effective September 1 after
spending 14 months serving Key
stone’s members in the Tatamy
Branch territory.
A native of Berks County, Shol
lenberger earned a bachelor’s in
agricultural economics from Penn
State University. He joined Farm
Credit in October of 1978 and has
held various positions with the
Held lending staff.
Secretary and charter member
of the Montgomery County Farm,
Home & 4-H Foundation, Shol
lenberger also serves on the
finance committee of the Advent
Lutheran Church in Harleysville.
Two new variable chamber round baler models,
designed to produce high-quality bales In sizes to fit most
large hay operations and make efficient use of crop trans
port time, have recently been added to the broad line of
Ageo Hesston hay and forage equipment.
High-Density Bales
ATLANTA, Ga. Two new
variable chamber round baler
models, designed to produce high
quality bales in sizes to fit most
large hay operations and make
efficient use of crop transport
time, have recently been added to
the broad line of Ageo Hesston
hay and forage equipment.
Available in two versions, the
555 S and the 555 T, the 555 Series
produces bales sized to meet the
specifications of many livestock
and custom baler applications.
The 5SS’s variable chamber can
produce a bale up to 75 inches tall
and 46.5 inches wide, weighing up
to 5,650 pounds. With the ability
to produce, a variety of bale sizes,
loading and transportation costs
are minimized as trailer space is
optimized. The end result is more
productivity and less time in the
Innovation and modernization
have made Hesston a 18-year'
leader in the manufacturing of
large balers, and the S5Ss lack
will be awarded the low-cost loans
for projects that will increase pro
ductivity or provide entry into
new product areas.
Farmers can apply for the loans
by contacting Christian Herr in the
Bureau of Agricultural Develop
ment at (717) 783-8460.
neither quality. With dual twine
arms, powered clean out reinks
and shortened lower drive roll as
standard equipment on the SSSS
and SSST. bales sustain high den
sity without substantial leaf loss
and are secured quickly.
The dual twine arms combined
with a twine arm joggle feature
offer the operator fast and effi
cient bale tie-off. Twine spacing is
adjustable for differing hay types,
while twine arm speed is easily set
with a knob. Each twine arm also
contains an adjustable leaf spring
to tension each sisal or plastic
twine individually.
The twine arm joggle keeps the
amount of twine equal on the right
'and left sides of the bale by
momentarily moving to the left as
the twine arm approaches the
cutoff. This puts an extra wrap of
twine on the right end of the bale,
making handling and storage
Powered clean-out reinks effi
ciently remove loose crop from
the dead space between the front
belts, and return it to the pickup
area. This features reduces the
possibility of crop buildup without
staggering or twisting die belts.
Meanwhile, crop flaking from the
ends of the belts is drastically
reduced with a shortened lower
drive roll.