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    UDIA Develops Cooperative Promotio
ROSEMONT, 111. The
United Dairy Industry Association
(UDIA) has resolved to leverage
dairy producer promotion dollars
more efficiently and effectively by
strengthening key partnerships in
At UDIA’s annual meeting in
St Louis Sept. 1-6-17, chairman
Herman Brubaker cited several
significant developments in this
area, including:
• A joint business plan deve
loped by UDIA and the National
Dairy Promoticn and Research
Boaid (NDB) fcr implementation
in 1995.
■ A coord : nated fluid milk
advertising plan, characterized by
a national media buy jointly
funded by the two dairy promo
tion organizations and the selec
tion of a single advertising agency
for fluid milk.
These actions help exemplify
the meaning of the annula meeting
theme, “Leadership through Part
nership: The Power of Grassroots
Promotion,” said Brubaker, a
dairyman from West Alexandria,
Both UDIA and NDB are
“making changes - giving up a
little ‘control* in exchange for
doing the right thing for milk,”
Brubaker said. “Who can argue
with the idea of a strategic thrust
guided by a single agency and
directed on behalf of both the
nickel and the dime?” he asied,
referring to the division of dairy
checkoff dollars between NDB
and the UDIA federation of state
and regional promotion groups.
Brubaker reported that UDIA
and NDB are also making prog
ress in jointly planning advertising
and promotion efforts for cheese
and butter.
A joint business plan developed
for 1995 will go even further to
incorporate the principles of part
nership in the areas of nutrition
education and communications,
he explained.
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In the meantime, UDIA and
NDB are working together on pro
jects like building participation in
the federal government’s school
breakfast program, Brubaker
stressed. As a result of that part
nership, nearly 1.4 million more
students are participating in
school breakfast, resulting in as
much as 125 million additional
pounds of milk sold each year.
In addressing the future of part
nership with-NDB, Brubaker said,
“Our limited resources won’t
allow for separate schemes,
redundant programs and similar
strategies... The days of division
are over. They represent past mis
takes, not future change.”
The commitment to partnership
was further emphasized by Tho
mas Gallagher, chief executive
officer of UDIA, who reminded
delegates that between June 1992
and December 1993, NDB will
have provided more than $1.7 mil
M' x ir x iw - t r mu a Mm tmm
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tassr*' mm
iTMrMNMr (■■*■*•)
lion to jointly fund programs
administewred by National Dairy
“NDB brings over $l4 million
to the table to enhance programs
jointly planned with the American
Dairy Association in fluid milk,
cheese, ice cream and butter
promotions, and trade communi
cations,” Gallagher said.
Gallagher cited strong UDIA
partnerships with other important
food industry players, including:
Beef Industry Council. Nabisco.
Hershey, Wonder Bread (Conti
nental Baking), and restaurant
chains like Arby’s and Subway.
In the areas of diet, health and
nutrition, Gallagher pointed to
partnerships with NDB and the
National Milk Producers Federa
tion, as well as with numerous
decision makers in the scientific,
educational, governmental and
health professional areas.
These partnerships are essential
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n Strategies
in working within an environment
marked by “tighter money, more
product attacks and more competi
tion” by competing beverages in
the marketplace, Gallagher said.
Gallagher explained how prom
otion dollars are being used to
combat flat or decreased per capi
ta consumption of dairy products.
He pointed out that dairy promo
tion operates with only $l6B mil
lion (dollars adjusted for inflation)
now, compared to $203 million in
Despite the decline in available
dollars. Gallagher said, producer
demand for services continues to
rise. This can be attributed in part
to the increased activity of advo
cacy groups and high levels of
advertising and competing bever
age companies (nearly $5OO mil
lion spent on soda and almost
$230 million spent on juices each
year), he explained.
In addressing UDIA’s response
to this situation, Gallgaher identi
fied three major UDIA priorities
for 1994 and beyond:
1. Take a “zero-based
approach” to program planning
and funding, meaning the willing
ness to change existing programs
in order to meet agreed-upon
objectives and stategies for suc
cessful promotion.
2, Improve promotion by work
ing better with other groups, such
as NDB.
3. Continue working to public
ize the facts about dairy products
as they relate to diet, health and
‘The organizations that have a
plan to meet the challenges pre
sented by these facts can create
their future from strength. UDIA
will be one of those organiza
tions,” Gallagher said.
United Dairy Industry Associa
tion is a member-driven federation
which conducts a total promotion
program for U.S.-produced milk
and other real dairy foods.