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    by Rebecca Escott
Extension Home Economist mm
National Consumers Week
National Consumers Week be
gins tomorrow. For the past 13
years, the last week in October has
been set aside to raise awareness
of the need for consumers to be
active and informed members of
the local and national economy.
This year’s focus is on consum
er fraud. The seven most common
areas of consumer fraud are auto
repairs, home improvements,
credit agreements, investments,
mail-order business, telemarket
ing and health -care.
This past week I had a personal
experience with consumer fraud.
Actually it probably can’t be la
beled “consumer fraud,” but it was
consumer confusion, and I took
the opportunity to express my
concern and get the problem re-
What was the situation? I
bought a tablecloth that had a
sticker price of $9.99. Because it
and five or six other identical ta
blecloths were stacked in a wire
basket with a bright yellow label
of $7.99,1 assumed (incorrectly)
that they must be on sale. I didn’t
notice the price as it was recorded
at the register, but when I got to
the car, I checked the receipt. I had
been charged $9.99 not $7.99. I
didn’t think that was fair, so I
walked back in and spoke to a
manager. (Those of you who shop
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with children may be tempted to
take the $2 loss and go home, but I
encourage you not to. Your chil
dren learn tremendously from
your example.) The manager
agreed that the display was con
fusing and that their stocking staff
had made a mistake. She refunded
my $2.
I felt pleased to get the $2, but I
felt more pleased that this store
was willing to recognize and recti
fy, a deceptive label.
In a second incident, this past
week I observed a family asserting
its right to complain at a local res
taurant. Several times during the
meal, the parents commented to
their waitress about unsatisfactory
items. This establishment posts a
policy that if a customer isn’t
pleased with the meal, they (the
restaurant) will pay the bill. Well,
this family took them up on that
policy and had their entire meal
bill waived. Now I don’t condone
taking advantage of these policies
without reason, but I do encourage
consumers to give appropriate
feedback to businesses and offi
Too often consumer fraud con
tinues because individuals don’t
speak out about their experiences.
It lakes the combined efforts of
many concerned cpnsumers to
stop fraudulent, unsatisfactory
practices. You can be a ’of that
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Food: Your Miracle Medicine?
Here’s an idea you may find
easy to swallow: Scientists say
you can eat your way to good
Researchers at Harvard, the
National Cancer Institute, MIT,
Johns Hopkins and other major
institutions have done hundreds of
thousands of studies tracking
down the connection between diet
and health.
Now, you can read all about it
in a new book. Food Your
Miracle Medicine: How Food
Can Prevent and Cure Over 100
Symptoms and Problems (Har
per Collins, $25.00), by bestsell
ing author Jean Carper, a noted
medical writer.
Diet, she says, can help prevent
and treat numerous diseases, not
only alleviating suffering and
postponing death, but saving mil
process. First, stay infbrmei
Read recognized consumer watch
dog magazines. They often high
light illegal or misleading labels
or advertising claims. Also your
local legislator’s newsletter or the
state attorney general’s pamphlets
also list announcements regarding
fraudulent consumer practices.
Secondly, report any question
able experiences to the consumer
protection agency, your local pol
ice department. Better Business
Bureau or the parent company in
volved. Unless action is taken, un
less fraud is reported, change can
not occur. Fines cannot be issued.
Criminals cannot be stopped.
These efforts take time, but
without consumer input,'disreput
able business tactics will continue.
Do your part to Tight fraud during
National Consumer Week begin
nii tomorrow.
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, October 23, 1993-B3
lions of dollars a year in health
costs. Overwhelming scientific
evidence finds food a remarkably
effective and inexpensive preven
tive medicine and remedy, often
equal to, or superior, to expensive
and hazardous drugs,” she adds.
Here are some hints from the
• Eating a cup of yogurt a day
can cut cold symptoms 25 percent.
• Two daily garlic cloves cut
heart attack risk in half.
• Half an avocado a day
improves cholesterol more than a
low-fat diet.
• Spinach can prevent
Training For
Child-Care Providers
LANCASTER (Lancaster Co.)
—The Lancaster County office of
Penn State Cooperative Extension
is offering a “Better Kid Care”
Training for child care providers
in Lancaster County to be held on
Saturday, November 13 from 8:30
a.m. - 3:30 p.m. at the Farm and
Home Center.
Cost of the training is $2O and
includes lunch. Registered Family
Day Care Home providers,
Licensed Group Day Care Home
providers and Group Day Care
• Celery can dramatically lower
high blood pressure.
• Too much fat
• Eating oats may help you stop
• The fat found in seafood may
incite cells to make chemicals that
break up undesirable blood clots,
fight off joint pain and frustrate
cancer cells.
• While your doctor is your best
advisor about preventing and cur
ing diseases, a healthy diet, which
can be achieved with the aid of
this new book, can be a tremend
ous help. •
Home Assistants are eligible for
full reimbursement of the $2O fee
following their attendance at the
training through the Pennsylvania
Department of Public Welfare,
KURC-HBC Directed Training
Program. Individuals will have the
opportunity to earn .5 Continuing
Educaiton Units for their
To register or for more informa
tion, call the Penn State Coopera
tive Extension office at (717)