Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, September 25, 1993, Image 23

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    EPHRATA (Lancaster Co.)
Sarah Boyd, 12, daughter of Kerry
and Deb Boyd, Clay, exhibited the
grand champion hog at the Ephrata
Fair swine championship on Tues
day night
The 262-pound Hampshire/
Duroc cross from the first class of
the heavyweight division was cho
sen champion at the show, which
featured about 25 exhibitors and
more than 70 hogs.
Reserve champion hog was
Miss Magic Fair Wins
(Continued from Pago A2O)
SantarThraa YaarOM: 1. David S. Hill; 2. U Call: 1. Megan Mayor*; 2. Daniall*
Richard 4 Wilber Whaalar; 3. Quentin 4 Ela- Sparling; 3. Anglo Bathora.
nor M. Baiaal. Summer Yearling: 1. Roaring Branch; 2.
Four Year OM: i.CraadinC. Common; 2. Erie North; 3. Jennifer R. Cooper.
Alvin E. Mayers; 3. Dale E. Hoatattar. Spring Yearling: 1. Tray D. Young; 2. Jan-
FlvaYaarOld: 1. Robert Gltt Penn Gala; 2. niter Ethabnan; 3. Malania Bahnar.
Mfehaal 0 4 Cynthia E. Weimar; 3. Chritlina Winter Yearling: 1. Daniaiia Sparling: 2.
Wood Perm Gate. Brymt T. Hoatattar.
Aged Coer: 1. Ty W. Chrfatman; 2. Mark 4 pa Yoaribtg: 1. Matthew R. Paata: 2.
David Campbat; 3. S, C. M Either 4Ed Dixie Lynn Do*; 3. Amanda Caatna.
Showakar. Juniar Cttamplan: 1. Sparling.
100,000 Cow: 1. George W. Chriatman; 2. Rtaarva Juniar Cttamplan; Walton.
Qor-Wood-D Hoiitaina; 3. Gor-Wood-D Dry Cow* 4 Under 1. Dianna S.Qlock: 2.
Holetain*. Sttphanla A. Wagner.
Senior Champion: Barbara Railinger, Dry Caw 4 4 Over 1. Matthew Curtit; 2.
Heidi Milar Chararm Fatter; 3. Jett Wilbur.
Raaorve Sr. Champ; Perm Gait Farm Junior Two Year OM: 1. Elizabeth Wal-
Grand Champion: Barbara Raitktgar and ton; 2. Adam Raney; 3. Maggie Faya Moore.
HaMi Millar Senior 2 Year OM: 1. Rachel Tanlt; 2.
Reserve Grand Champ: Penn Gate>Farm
Beal Three Females: 1. Penn Gala Farm;
2. Gor-Wood-D Holaleine; 3. Globe-Run
Preduoa Of Dam: 1. Penn Gale Farm; 2.
Gor-Wood-D Hdetslns; 3. JsfT I Mary Kay
Dam ft Daughter: I.Gor-Wood-D Hds
iein»; 2. Robert l> Rhodens Ecketina; 3. Gor-
Wood-D Holaleine.
Spring Celt: 2. Amanda Cessna; 3. Joehu
a 0. Huahon.
Winter Calf: 1. Jennifer Kallarman; 2. Amy
E. Trimmer, 3. Brooks S. Rynd.
Freestall Building
64 Cow Froostal
960 HMd Hog Finishing Building
A OMtfcM «( Bus* MNiUaGiuWif Gmmm
Boyd’s Hog Wins Ephrata Ch
shown by Justin Good, who exhi
bited his 260-pound hog from ihe
fourth class of the light heavy
weight division.
Henry Holloway. Darlington.
Md. was show judge. Following is
a list of show platings.
LIGHTWEIGHT (224-240 lb*.): Out 1; 1.
Shannon Horil. 2. Ryan Oonough. 3. Jason
Htnzog. Clan 2:1. Tracy Bollingar. 2. Sarah
Samanttta Foster; 3. Scon Ream.
Junior Three Year Old: 1. Lory Ann Bak
er; 2. Megan C. Soudsr; 3. Eric Troutman.
SanlerThtaa Year Old: 1. Bradley L. Var-
ner; 2. Brad Walker, 3. Andrew McKleaick.
Four Year Old: 1. Randall F. Henry; 2.
Dianna S. Clock; 3. Olivia Courtney.
Five Year Old: 1. Julia Ann Dyarman.
Aged Caw: t.TyW. Christman; 2. Megan
C. Souder; 3. Jennifer D. Toms.
100,000 Cor,: 1 . Stephanie A. Wagner; 2.
Eric L. Stine.
Senior Champion: Ty Christman
Reserve Sr. Champ: Lory Ann Baker
Grand Champion: Ty Christman
, Reserve Grand Champ: Lory Ann Baker
WIC V* 2622 Valley View Rd., Morgantown, PA 19543
Otflea (215) 266-5407 • Homo (215) 4454317
Boyd. 3. Travis Oonough. Class 3:1. Sarah
Boyd. 2. Patrick Good. 3. Ryan Oonough.
Class 4:1. Shannon Horst. 2. Patrick Good. 3.
Lisa Pfautz. Champion: Sarah Boyd.
Rassrva; Tracy Bolllngsr.
MEDIUM WEIGHT (242-252 lbs.); Class S: 1.
Andy Molt. 2. Justin Good. 3. Kavin Ptautz.
Class 8:1. Garakf Boyd. 2. Cory Pfautz. 3.
Andy Molt. Class 7:1. Garald Boyd. 2. Travis
Oonough. 3. Cory Ptautz. Class 3: 1. Lisa
Ptautz. 2. Travis Oonough. 3. Wandall Land
is. Champion: Garakf Boyd. Rasatva; Garakf
Boyd. -•
LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT (254-260 lbs.): 1.
Sarah Boyd. 2. Patrick Good. 3. Wandall
Landis. Class 10:1. Garakf Boyd. 2. Cory
Ptautz. 3. Wandall Landis. Class 11:1. Sarah
Boyd. 2. Tracy Bolllngsr. 3. Wandall Landis.
Class 12:1. Justin Good. 2. Sarah Boyd. 3.
Garald Boyd. Champion: Justin Good.
Rassrva; Garald Boyd.
HEAVYWEIGHT (262-278 lbs.): Class 13:1.
Sarah Boyd. 2. Shannon Horst. 3. Tom Zart
man. Class 14: 1. Garald Boyd. 2. Justin
Good. 3. Amy BoKingar. Class 1S: 1. Amy Bol
lingar. 2. Tracy Bolllngsr. 3. Kavin Ptautz.
Class 16; 1. Garakf Boyd. 2. Dariek Bolljngar.
3. Amy Bollingar. Clan 17; 1. Tracy Bollingar.
2. Ginny Holt 3. Amy Bollingar. Champion;
Sarah Boyd. Rasatva: Garald Boyd.
Sarah Boyd
Justin Good
Seniors (ISand Over); 1. Cory Pfautz. 2. Gin
ny Nolt. 3. Tracy BoMngar. intermediate
(12-14 Years); 1. Um Pfautz. 2. Travis
Oomugh. 3. Amy Bollinger. Junior* (3-11
Years): 1. Kevin Pfautz. 2. Ryan Oonough. 3.
Derick Bollinger.
Justin Good won resorvs market hog champion at the
Ephrata Fair.
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, September 25, 1993-A23
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