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    Revenue Department Clarifies
Sales Tax On Manure Tanks
HARRISBURG (Dauphin J The exemption, however,
Co.) The Pennsylvania U f l ) P" ient ’, and suppliesused does not apply to an entire
Department of Revenue has oTCradon'of^i^i^ 1 Y poultry house or the entire
clarified the state sales tax rh* building housing a hog feeder
exemption so that farmers who ha® ? f Revenue operation. Farmers who have
construct manure holding facil- l-.h;® 1 ® 1 ™ 1 " 6 ,; that a ? ianurc questions concerning the sales
ities beneath high-rise poultry q . uallfies as tax should consult the Pennsyl
houses do not hSe to pay sali Sales and Use Tax Reg
lax on that ponton of their new ‘ h '„ “■“'on 226 or they should con
building, aecordlng to Agricul- f VIoTZZ*TT« ~c‘ ,he De P a » m '" l
lure Secretaty Boyd E. Wolff. Jsl°, g dor at Revenue. Sales Tax Division
Wolff, who has asked for a ' v (717) 783-9360.
clarification, commended offi- __ . . i so
cials at the state Department of EPA ApprOVCS LJUIK MIX
Revenue for their decision
which will benefit poultry tConMnu** from Pag* 02)
producers cane, see dhng johnsongrass, crab
“ln the past, manure facill- «'.*“■ r f, d ri “.
ties in the basements of hog T 1 woo ">’ C“P
-o , , .. _ . e 6 grass, and volunteer com.
feeder operations qualified for “ jhe Galaxy tank mix is general
the exemption while similar iy better suited for northern beans,
units under poultry houses did Miller said, while the Storm tank
not qualify,” Wolff said. mix is better suited for southern
“These manure facilities can beans,
accurately be called ‘manure “A tank mix with Galaxy will
tanks’ and as such they are control velvetleaf, cocklebur, and
equipment directly used in the pigweed very well because of the
operation of a farm.” higher concentration of Basagran
The Tax Reform Code of herbicide in Galaxy.” Millersaid.
1971 exempts from sales .tax ‘' A , UI± m . ix with Storm win con
any purchase of machinery, f™. m o m,n gg lo |y and ragweed
r J belter because of the higher con-
PHONE: 717-626-1164 or 717-394-3047
FAX 717-733-6058
Mon., Tubs., Wed.. Fri. 8 AM to 5 PM; Thurs, 7 AM to 5 PM
ih 5100 grain drill 24x6,
00 opener*, firming
wheels, grass seeder, ex
cellent condition, soybean
special, $4,200.
IH 510 grain drill, 18x7,
double rib tires, OD open
ers, firming wheels, grass
seeder, excellent condi
tion, $2650. Can deliver.
IH 51 silage wagon w/
chute. $4OO.
IH 656, gas, tri-cycle, new
motor, outlets, TA, excel
lent rubber, $3,850.
Deere 5460 4x4 chopper,
3,334 hrs., 23* tires,
$26,900. Delivered.
WOODS B-320, demo,
new, $B,OOO.
2250 Gal. Calumet Slinger
Spreader, 4Year Old,
21.5X16.1 Tires, Excellent.
$4200 Or Best Offer. Ju
mata Co. (717)589-3320.
2-Case SC's (1) w/Loader,
All Original Paint, Runs
Great, $BOO and $lBOO.
(908)946-8876 Evening.
2 Generators, Willy's En
gine, Both Run Great,
Large Capacity Power
Sources. $750/Each.
$l2OO/Pair. (908)946-8876
2 MF #44 Corn Heads,
$5OO for both; Dynavent 11
HP bedding chopper, ex
cellent condition, $lOOO.
2R mounted #237 JD corn
husker, shed stored, $BOO
Or Best Offer.
2R Ml Corn Picker, good
condition. 215/273-3692.
2 used 13.6x16 turf tires,
$125 080. 10 ton floor
jack, $l4O 080. Bandsaw
for metal, $l4O 080.
Fusion is added to the tank mix
at 8 to 10 ounces per acre. The
10-ounce rate may be necessary
with conditions such as low soil
moistuie and low relative humidi
ty, and should be used when weed
foliage is dense or when weeds
have reached the maximum
recommended growth stage.
An approved crop oil concen
trate at 0.5 to 1.0 quart per 25 gal
lons (0.5 to 1 percent by volume)
of water should always be added
to the tank mix of Fusion with
Galaxy or Storm.
pvh i d
100 C IH crawler loader, ex
cellent, $7lOO.
315-536-2141 Yates Co.
IH 1460 Combine w/20‘
820 Flexhead, 863 Corn
head, Will Separate.
IH 1486, CAH, 540 & 1000,
TA, 20.8 rubber, $8,750.
IH 1586, CAH. 4,400 hrs.,
540 & 1000, 2 valves,
working air, axle duals, full
weights, sharp Western
tractor, $12,500.
IH IPR corn picker, white
elevator. (717)653-4848.
IH 3 Bottom Semi-Mount
Reset Plow w/Coulters.
$700; Oliver 4 Bottom
Semi-Mount Plow, Like
New Bottoms. $700; JD 5
Bottom Semi-Mount Plow.
$500; Ford 4 Bottom 18’
Plow $650.
FORD 9700 fender, 8 spd.,
runs excellent, new paint,
$6,350. 410-833-9091
FORD 9700. CAH. fresh
engine, $B,OOO.
FORKLIFT Koehring 710,
gas, 4,000 lbs., 30', rebuilt
engine, $4,000.
*323 Ml 1R corn picker,
picked less than 100 acres.
3300 Deere Combine &
Header, very good. $4,950.
Larry Stalter ‘The Combine
Man" 1-800-248-2151
13 ton steel feed bin
DISC, ready to work, good
heavy disc, $3900.
1936-37 (5) JD unstyled
B's, brass tag- round
spokes- flat spokes, long
and short frames, good
runners, 1 restored, per
fect. Starting at $3,495.
(908)946-8876 evenings.
centration of Blazer herbicide in
10* Miller OffsetOisc Level
ing Cylinder, Disc Blades
80%. Real Good Condition.
$3300. 301-349-5432.
Hi Crop, excellect condi
tion, low hrs., $4995 080.
(908)946-8876 evenings.
Collectors JD 620's, 720's,
820‘s, SON, 60N, BN, AN,
Etc. (908)946-8876
Combine; NHTR-85
4Wh.Dr. 3208 CAT
30.5X32, 2700 Hrs, 6RN,
4RW, 13'Qrain, V.G.Cond.
Extra Parts.
Cultipacker, Brillion 10', 4*
axle, $5OO. (301)898-7426.
Cutditioner, New Idea. 7'
flail, good condition and
one for parts, $1200; 5
wheel hay rake, pull type,
$3OO. 703-837-1063.
Deere 4x4 kit for self pro
pelled choppers, $6,000.;
4x4 kit for 20 series
combines, $6,000. Larry
Stalter ‘The Chopper &
Combine Man*
Deere adapter plate for
chopper, to snap ears.
Larry Stalter The Chopper
Man' 1-800-248-2151
Dismantling for Parts: Hun
dreds of (arm tractors new
and old several JD 2 cylin
ders also dozers and track
loaders. Call for any part
you might need. Atkins
Tractor Salvage. Union WV
24983. Phone
Dri-all Dryers: 1 is A-20 oil
PTO, 400 Bu/hr continuous
flow; other is PCII6 gas
30hp electric, 250 bu/hr,
continuous flow.
$lOOO/ b o I h .
F3L912 Deutz Diesel,
50hp, good condition; 10%
off on double heat treated
guards; also other specials
on (arm supplies. Smuck
ers Repair, 94 Summit Hill
Drive, Strasburg, PA
IH 830 plus hay pickup &
2R crop head, 1000 RPM;
BU 940 & 920 unloading
wagons, 3 beaters; Int. 56
blower. 609/298-5024.
IHC 234 picker mounted on
560 gas tractor, field ready,
$3OOO 080. Baltimore Co.
410-357-4073 after 7PM
IH sub-soiler 5 tooth auto
reset, $3,500. Ml 279 flail
mower, 9', $l,BOO. Hes
ston baler 4600 w/thrower,
late model. IH field cultiva
tor 18' flat fold, $2,500.
International FarmaH Cub,
single point hitch w/plow,
48' flailer mower, blade,
wheel weights, chains,
$3200. 717-966-3996.
International 56 Corn
Planter w/lnsecticide
Sprayer. $600; JD 3 Bot
tom Plow Pull Behind.
$300; Ford 3 Bottom Plow
$4OO. (717)938-4017.
Int. Offset 6‘ Disc, almost
new, 22* blades in front,
has transport wheels,
ready to use.
JD 13' Rigid Combine
Head, Very Good Condi
tfon, Shed Kept.
(717)944-1346 Days or
(717)533-5127 Evenings.
JD 1R snapper com head.
Will deliver. 717-665-4743
JD 334,3 RN cornhead, fits
55 combine $900; JD #350
hayrake, 3pt, drawn, PTO
driven, $350; Brady 7' flail
mover, delivery available.
York. 717-456-7783.
JD 336 baler w/#3O ejector,
real nice, $4500; Brillion
10' packer w/4* axle, $725;
Favorite gravity bin wagon,
like new, $875; 30' elevator
w/corn chute & motor,
$625. 215/562-4464.
JD 343 Cornhead w/
Adapter Plate for Forage
Harvester; NH 38 Crop
Chopper. (302)653-6055.
JD 8300 grain drill, 18x7,
dd openei*. like new condi
tion, $3850.717-653-5359.
JD AR propane, $2800;
530 $2900; 730 d-atd.
$4400; 28’ thresher $800;
IH com binder $600; NH
#22 silo blower w/pipe
$3OO (both new condition);
1800 bu. wire com crib,
$5OO. 717-597-3364 day;
717-597-4296 evenings.
JO B, does not run, $750
080. Call after SPM
JD-D 3020, side console,
dual outlets, original tach,
ex.cond. tricycle, $9000;
2bin wagons.
JD D's 1936 Unstyled, Like
New, Show Quality; 1
Styled D, Very Good Con
dition. (908)946-8876
JD GM tractor #22100; JD
G tractor #23547, both
good running condition,
JD grain drill, 7b, 15 hoe,
double disc opens, good
condition, $250.
215-249-3913 Bucks Co.
JD High Quality Flex
Heads: 220, 216, 213.
Shinabery Equipment,
JD High Quality Corn
Heads: 843,643,443,444,
343. Shinabery Equip
ment. 517/523-2883.
JD High Quality Combines:
7720, 6620, 7700, 6600,
4400, Shinabery Equip
ment, 517/523-2883.
JD Model 2800 5 bottom on
land plow, variable width,
spring reset, buster bar,
$4,000; JD Model 1418
Rotary Mower, pull type,
guards, cuts 14 feet,
$4,500; Rhino model 950
rear blade, Oft. cut, 3-way
hyd. wriaii wheel, $1,500.
All units are mechanidy ex
'ellent 'nd 'to sell.
Lmostw Fwimng, Saturday, September 25,1993-03
Farmall 350 utility w/P8 8
last hitch, .$2876; Farmall
Cub w/nww plow' 8 Ipt.
hitch, $1450; Nl 5 bar hay
rake, $525; Ford Jubilee
3pt., good tires, $2900;
Brillion 16' wing harrow,
$875. 215/862-4464.
Farmall 460 w/WFE and
3-bottom plow, $3OOO
OBO; 1H206 combine w/13‘
grain head, $2200 080.
Good condition.
814/652-6866 Bedford Co.
Farmall H, 12 VoK, 40HP,
Hyd. outlet, belt pully, runs
excellent, $l,OOO.
Farmall M tractor, restored,
live PTO, 2-way hyd.,
power crater engine,
$3500. (218)287-8934.
Farmall Super A Cultivator
Engine, Rebuilt, New
Paint, Battery, Good Hy
draulics, Manuals Extra
F/R Rims, Tires. $1750;
CAT D-2 Dozer Engine,
Rebuilt Hydraulics, Fair
Steering, dutches Frozen,
Complete Manuals Extra
Parts. $l5OO.
(215)865-4563 Bucks
Farmers = Dealers - Your
advertising pays for itself
when you advertise your
equipment in the farm
equipment section.
717-394-3047 or
Fixer Upper Special; JD
4840 Tractor w/Cab, Fire
Damage, Cab Burned Out,
Tractor Can be Fixed. Seri
ous Inquiries Only. $8950.
Daytime (304)772-3741.
JD 750 no-til drill, 15', used
450 acres, dolley wheel,
seed box, $19,500.
JD 780 Hydo-push
spreader; 2 NH crop carrier
8 forage wagons; Stoltzfus
feeder trailer, 30' w/locking
head gates. 410/893-5724.
JD 830, 730, 630, 1952 G;
1938 Q, on spokes. Call
evenings. 717-222-4432.
Cleaner F 2, 1,000 separa
tor hrs., SN 39610, very
good, $9,500. Larry Staller
‘The Combine Man*
Gleaner F gas, 13* & black
4 row wide header, good,
$7,950. Larry Stalter The
Combine Man‘
Gleaner M Combine, side
hill blower, 15' floating
head; Ford 5000 WF. Far
mall M. All excellent condi
tion. Columbia County.
Glenco 16' vibra shank
harrow; Brillion 11T chisel
plow w/gauge wheels; Alu
minum elevator w/motor;
15' Krause transport disc
w/new disc blades; 10* Bril
lion cultimulcher; Interna
tional 16-disc grain drill;
15.5x38 tractor chains; JD
2020 dime), 30% rubber,
remote cylinder valve; 3pt
JO tool bar w/twisted teeth;
JD 80A, 3pt blade.
Grain bin, 10,500 bushel,
$4,500 (717)759-1308.
Gravity wagon, good
shape, 111 tires; Hesston
stacker and stack mover;
JD silage wagon, 12 ton
running gears, needs floor.
Baltimore Co.
G.T. tomatoe side dump,
good condition, $4000;
1992 Pik-Rite tomatoe
harvester, used 150 acres.
Hesston 4800 big square
baler, field ready, $15,500.
STARTERS with. 3 yr.
warranty for most domestic
tractors and select imports.
With 6 month no risk
money back guarantee.
Call Gary D. Sneath at
IH 1066, CAH, outlets, TA,
shafts, recent overhaul,
vary nice, $6,500.