Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, September 25, 1993, Image 113

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£i&S!f- P "“ li “ i 7171 ™-’” 7 - STilif'iJSS'XfS V»FE. 91 | (JXXXXIXXXXXXXXi
1 “ HighOual'ty Alfalfa Hay sale. STUMP ACRES WANTED: Round bales of MHAY& STRAW H
50 Acres of Corn for silage tested and delivered; also (717)792-3216, York Co good quality Timothy or fi Kal KA ” K W ante Cl ■ Idaho Alfalfa ■
h amount. B, East of'Nix- Will buy moldy grain. &rass Hay. 717-626-5023. j Harvey E. Heller g Mulch Hay I ToP I
man Wood Bridge on 372. Sl7/543-1642. 301-833-1847. Wheat, excellent quality [I 717-393-4683 M 215-869-2078 I »2t??Sle I
717/284-3562. Need free nitrogen sow rye
Srn a Tagftt 5 ST *SUS&SSSt hwrmmM
Millheim, Center Co. Co. 717/733-2764. tilled seed. 717-367-9298. tt-"1 |
814/349-5281. Rotor Btraw for Ba je. ideal * EAR CORN WANTED v TRIPLE-M-FARMS
pany D dS quality°ai- WANTED I Picked up or delivered. Prompt Pay. | 1525 King Str., Lebanon, PA 17042
falfa, small squares. David 717-872-4058. Good quality Ear Kreider & Paus.Farms | I s "' > e «, k I
K !r™L n - Pa ' d at I Mervin M. Kreider i *MUStoZJffI" 8
noowwwi. ..IT sSTutuTclr l cale - , K 717-933-8943 I Wfc&Hßw CaH G,enn ®
Approx. 600 bushel ear 717/345-2656. ; | Eugene German |£ oamei 717.933-8473 £ 1717-272-3225 |
wt pu tey Rye cleaned and Bagged. R.D. #3 i I r; —-— —— * Roasted Groins
717-225-6045. 717/653-4123 Lancaster Sch> Hav K I No Sunday Calls | CUSTOMER FORMULA FEED MFC.
Aroostok Rve seed. 8 a
$3.25/per bushel, combine Rye Seed, Cleaned and 717-739-4469 6c > 9* <:sl WC3*k.>WO*OflWOi9»f >aW<>a»og*K*
run, bulk. Myers town, PA. Bagged, $5. Combine Run MILK .tk
717-866-6287. $4. Very Little Dirt, Nice. qi ■■ | g
Ear corn, clean, sound. {£ MIS ms? Fa "" O „ , |
dry, reasonable, easy load- I ■ (410)452 56 . HIGH Q . S
ing from cribs. Rye Seed, Large Grain O Ar *A* O
(717)432-4865. Combine Run. $4.00 Bu. MOISTURE i \\ £
Feed by-products, sweet ?^M4.0233 H lv^i^ B y I SHELLED CORN ] I MWBIMMWi iiilßil Ig I // f ‘ V\ “I
com silage sis/ton. Also E^g?in 9 s - Delivery Available O if >!.■■■ u 3
silage mixture 10% protein Rye Seed, Uncleaned and inhn T uiikar W iic,n nPATWQ INC 1 >
$22/ton. Clyde H. Kreider, Cleaned. Lancaster T M&K IjKAIIMO, JJNL,. g
Lancaster, PA County. (717)786-3435 322 River Hill Rd. t!
717-898-8927. call After 6PM. Conestoga, PA jg ROASTED SOYBEANS W
FOR SALE: Hay and Rye seed, cleaned, $4.25, 717/872-4209 O DEALERS IN BARLEY, CORN & SOYBEANS &
Straw. 215-488-7027. bulk or bag exchange. De- QI IQ
sarawa a agstear I I
Bagged. Lancaster Co. Seed Barley and Wheat for mmeirirv
(717)733-4516. sale. Cleaned and treated. OIiAUIS f
Giorgi Mushroom Co.: 717.7923216 York Co 8 nnwiTMe™ Si
Year around buyers of
717^2-3216.Y0rk Co. WHEAT STRAW 7 WANTED TO BUT: A I IBMPR A 1 M I
quality mulch hay, Timothy Sorghum sudan grass sil- FOR SALE . \ nmumU r« M 7 ——)L A I—*sL_
and grasses. No clover or age available late Septem- Deliverv Available v vrganic vOm, BoyDCans A v^B^RopHHwesei
Alfalfa. Please call ber, $lB/per ton. Delivered st - n „ t A Barley Or Wheat A 1225 Mni»n. pa
ia^s 39ext - 634 ,0r - (??7?572-9?S } Must Be All Chemical and £ Colebrook Rd. 17847
h -: . 717-872-4058. (717) 872-4058 ? Commercial Fertilizer Free For A Xr
mS". 0 Un O T7M2!' Spate SmJ. Champ v.ri- « At Uast Last 3 Yem I BOYTOG EAR CORN.
Also, Haylage in bulk, At ety. Cleaned, Bagged. Can ■———— Affadavlt Required A SHELLED CORN ft WHEAT
falfa round bales, corn sil- Deliver. Berks County.' A Paying Premium Prices A (717) 653-2510
I^OOK I*"* 1 *"* f“*hms El!! 6 ®- 7065 ■ ■' CORNERSTONE GRAIN } t (800) 654-2510
8 218-693-5027 { "ES SSSS SS S 3?
-K2 L_22ii22222^2J2£-^SSl—
horses and dairy. Over 35
years of business. Refer
ence in your area upon re
quest. We deliver. No or
ders too large. L. J. Hay,
Inc 1-800-622-9902.
Hay for Sale $2.00 Bale
This Years.
Hay, mixed hay, 2nd cut
ting alfalfa, all good quality.
Several thousand bales.
Hay for Sale!
Hay, straw, baled shav
ings, baled shredded
paper- Storage Problems?
Use our vans, 30 day free
use. Shredded paoer,
$2O/ton and up. SUNRISE
FARMS, York Springs, PA.
High Moisture Shelled
Corn, 28-30%.
717/665-6914 evenings.
High Moisture Shelled
Corn. Can deliver.
814/669-4536 evenings.
High moisture ear corn out
of Harvestore silo. Truck
mg available.
High moisture shelled com
out of Harvester silo, filled
in 1992. Trucking available
Round Balm, Square Balea
We Need Much More Hay!
Bodman Farms
Gerald Bodman ft Sons
717-437-2076 Weekend
Twain certified seed wheat,
last years, very good crop
this year, 58% test weight,
cleaned, bagged, ready to
seed. Berks Co.
WANTED: Damaged or
moldy corn, grain or soy
beans. 717/733-4516.
Ronald S. Keener Grain
Buying and Selling Ear and
Shelled Com and Soybeans
60’ Trailer Scales
Elizabethtown, Pa.
717-367-6309 Home
717-653-5254 Elevator
Round Bales
For Mulch
New or Old Hay
Call Evenings
(717) 738-1312
4 Cu. Ft. Bale - Dust Free
Delivered FREE
40 balea slBo** ISO bales s4Bo**
Bagged Dry Shavings For Dairy
Baas (4 cu. It.) -k 40 lor $120“
Delivered Jl2O for. s33o**
Saw Dust and Shavings for Horses
Bags (4 cu. ft.) . 40 for sioo°°
Delivered ft2o tor s27o**
Rheems, PA 17570
buyTng&Yelung - J
Shelled Corn
#3 Barley
48% Soybean Meal
Feed Ingredients
[Call 1-800-692-6001
Kiln Drie
Shavings &
Delivered In Bi
★ 4 Cu. Ft. Bale.'
★ Clean Shaving:
For Horses
★ Mushroom Mul
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