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Rice Is Great Staple
For American Diets
AU rice is not created equal
some is long, some is short, some
is flavored, and some is frozen
but all are nutritious, delicious and
can fit into any family’s meal.
Long, medium, and short grain
are the three types or rice that can
be purchased. Long grain rice
remains separate when cooked.
Medium and short grain rice are
more moist, tender, and cling
together more.
Regular milled white rice has
been completely milled. It takes 15
minutes to cook on top of the
range, and because of enrichment,
it is similar in nutritional value to
brown rice.
Brown rice’s tan color comes
from the natural bran layers left on
the grain, which is an important
weapon in the fight against choles
terol. Research has shown rice
bran to be effective in lowering
blood cholesterol levels. This form
of rice has a nutty flavor and a
slightly chewy texture. It takes
about 45 minutes to cook.
Precooked rice takes only 5
For best results, cook rice
according to package directions.
If you are one of those persons,
who has limited time and prefers
brown or regular rice, consider
cooking a larger batch at one time
and storing it in the refrigerator or
freezer until ready to use. Cooked
rice may be stored in the refrigera
tor for up to one week or in the
freezer for six months.
The largest portion of your diet
should come from the rice, bread,
cereal, and pasta group—with 6 to
11 servings recommended daily.
Rice is a good choice for a healthy
diet and it is the most versatile.
Most of these recipes are from
the USA Rice Council. To receive
more information and recipes
using rice, send a self-addressed,
stamped, business-size envelope
to the USA Rice Council, Dept.
FP. P.O. Box 740121. Houston.
TX 77274.
1 cup minute rice
l'/i cups water
1 pound smoked or Polish saus
age, diced
A cup chopped onion
'A cup diced green pepper
'A cup diced celery
16-ounce can tomatoes with
Recipe Topics
If you have recipes for the topics listed below, please share
them with us. We welcome your recipes, but ask that you
include accurate measurements, a complete list of ingre
dients and clear instructions with each recipe you submit.
Send your recipes to Lou Ann Good, Lancaster Farming, P.O.
Box 609, Ephrata, PA 17522. Recipes should reach our office
one week before publishing date.
25- Poultry And Eggs
16- Pork Recipe Contest
Spray sides and bottom of a
10*inch skillet with vegetable oil.
Add sausage, onions, green pep
pers and celery. Saute until veget
ables are tender. Add tomatoes
with liquid and heat throughly.
Fold in cooked rice and mix well.
If too dry, add tomato juice,
tomato sauce or water. If prepared
early in the day and reheated at
mealtime, the flavor is improved.
Maybell M. Marushak
Laurys Station
3 cups cooked brown rice
3 cups blueberries
A cup plus 3 tablespoons firmly
packed brown sugar, divided
Vegetable cooking spray
'A cup whole-wheat flour
'A cup chopped walnuts
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3 tablespoons butter
Combine rice, blueberries and 3
tablespoons sugar. Coat 8 indivi
dual custard cups or 2-quart baking
dish with cooking spray. Place rice
mixture in cups or baking dish; set
Combine flour, walnuts,
remaining 'A cup sugar, and cinna
mon in bowl. Cut in butter with
pastry blender until mixture
resembles coarse meal. Sprinkle
over rice mixture. Bake at 37S
degrees-IS to 20 minutes or until
thoroughly heated. Serve warm.
Makes 8 servings.
3 cups cooked brown rice
2 cups shredded sharp Cheddar
4 eggs, lightly beaten
1 medium onion, chopped
1 cup shredded carrots
A cup Italian-style bread
'A cup chopped walnuts
'A cup chopped sunflower
A cup sesame seeds
'A teaspoon salt
'A teaspoon pepper
16-ourice jar spaghetti sauce,
Combine rice, cheese, eggs,
onion, carrots, breadcrumbs, wal
nuts, sunflower kernels, sesame
seeds, salt and pepper, pack into
greased 9-inch loaf pan. Bake at
3SO degrees for 50 to 60 minutes
until firm. Let cool in pan 10
minutes; unmold and slice. Serve
with heated spaghetti sauce.
National Pork Month
Pizza Time
You’d never 1 guess
I small red onion, sliced thin
1 teaspoon olive oil
3 cups cooked brown rice
14 cup com
14 cup sliced ripe olives,
14 cup barbecue sauce
2 tablespoons lime juice
'A teaspoon ground cumin
'A teaspoon garlic salt
4 whole-wheat pita rounds,
halved and warmed
8 lettuce leaves
1 cup sliced, cooked lean roast
1 large fresh tomato, seeded and
Cook onion in oil in large skillet
over medium-high heat until ten
der. Add rice, com, olives, if
desired, barbecue sauce, lime
juice, cumin, and garlic salt; toss
until thoroughly heated. Line each
pita half with lettuce leaf, Vi cup
hot rice mixture, and roast beef,
sprinkle with tomato. Serve warm.
Makes 8 sandwiches Capita
1 to VA pounds ground turkey
2 cups cooked rice
14 cup grated onion
'A cup chili sauce
1 egg. beaten
1 tablespoon Worcestershire
sauce -
1 garlic clove, crushed
Vx teaspoon salt
'/> teaspoon ground black
Vegetable cooking spray
Combine all ingredients except
cooking spray in large bowl; mix
well. Shape mixture into 10 pat
ties. Cook over medium-high heat
in pan coated with cooking spray
10 to 12 minutes on each side or
grill 12 to 14 minutes on each side.
Makes 10 burgers.
R, but Blueberry Apple Crumb Is made wHh rice.
3 beaten eggs
2 cups milk
'A cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
Vi teaspoon salt
2 cups cooked rice
'A cup .seedless raisins, optional
Nutmeg or cinnamon, optional
Combine the first five ingre
dients, mix thoroughly. Stir in rice
and raisins. Transfer mixture to
10x6x2-inch casserole dish. Bake
at 325 degrees for 30 minutes. Stir
mixture, sprinkle with nutmeg or
cinnamon or both, to taste. Bake
another 30 minutes or until a knife
inserted in center comes out clean.
Serves 6. Tastes good warm or
Featured Recipe
Some parents worry about between-meal eating, but many children
need snacks because they have a smaller stomach than adults and don’t
get enough in three meals to ensure good nutrition.
Good choices in snacking can help children get nutrition and pre
vent overeating.
Some ideas for healthy snacks arc fruit, cheese, yogurt, cereal and
raw vegetables.
Here is a cookie recipe, packed with nutrients, from Kellogg
lineups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
Vx cup butter, softened
'A cup crunchy peanut butter
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
A cup honey
2 egg whites
1 cup finely chopped dried apples
3 cups raisin bran cereal
Vegetable cooking spray
Combine flour, baking soda, and cinnamon. Set
ai? arge mixing bowl * beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
Add honey, egg whites, and apples. Beat well. Stir in flour mixture.
Add cereal, mixing until well combined. Drop by tablespoon onto bak
ing sheets lightly coated with cooking spray.
Bake at 375 degrees about 10 minutes or until lightly browned. Let
cool 3 minutes before removing from baking sheet Cool. Yield: About
4 dozen.
2 eggs
1 cup cooked rice
1 package frozen spinach,
cooked and drained
Salt and pepper, to taste
'A cup milk
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
2 tablespoons butter, melted
1 tablespoon onion, minced
'A teaspoon Worcestershire
Beat eggs and milk until well
blended. Stir in remaining ingre
dients. Pour into a lightly greased
8-inch pie plate. Bake at 350
degrees for 20 minutes. Cut into 6
wedges and serve.
Betty Light
Pat Elligson
Millers, Md.
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