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    Huntingdon County
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In the Holstein show. Lory Ann
Baker won grand champion with
junior 3-year-old Globe-Run CB
Top Gun Oslo sired by Globe-Run
Warden Top Gun. Reserve grand
champion went to Mike Kline
with Vem Lee Helium Princess,
sired by Ja Bob Helium Red ET.
Mike Kline also won junior
champion and reserve junior
champion. He showed intermedi
ate calf Jar Am Hills Leadman
Satin for junior champion and
Miss Raider Posy, a summer year
ling, for reserve grand champion.
At the Brown Swiss show,
Monica Goshom’s 5-yearold Old
Mill Dedications Daylilly won
grand champion and Brandy
Horning’s Fall Yearling took
reserve grand champion. Junior
champion went to Brandy Hom
ing’s Fall Calf and Paul Down’s
senior yearling took reserve junior
Results of the shows are as
First Yaar: Champion- Brad Coffman;
Resarva Champion- Dawn Jonaa.
2nd-3rd Yean Champion- Mika Klina;
Rat. Champion- Matt Klina.
4th-Sth Year: Champion- Travla Couch;
Raa. Champion- Ranaa Baker.
Mh-7lh Yaar: Champion- Eleanor Baker;
Raa. Champion- Amanda Zook.
•th A Over: Champion- Monica Goihom;
Rat. Champion- Sam MoGargla.
Spring Call: 1. Mika Brant; 2. Daniel Var
ner; 3. Doug Vanar.
Winter Call: 1. Mika Brant; 2. Daniel
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Fall Call: 1. Mka Brant; 2. Doug Varnar;
3. Mika Brant
Summer Yaartlng: 1. Doug Vamar; 2
Mka Brant; 3. Sara K. Hayden.
Spring Yaartlng: 1. Lawanda Kllng.
Winter Yaartlng: 1. Daniat Vamar; 2. J
Travit Couch.
Fall Yaartlng: 1. Duana Vamar; 2. Daniel
Dry Caw 2 Ym. A Over: 1. Denial Vamar,
2. Mika Brant; 3. Sarah Haydan.
Senior 2 Year CM: 1. Doug Varnar.
Junior 3 Year Old: 1. Daniel Varnar.
Banter 3 Year OM: 1. Mka Brant.
Baal Animal Brad and Owned: 1. Doug
Dam A Daughter 1. Dan Vamar; 2. Sam
Spring Calf: 1. Jaaiica McGargla; 2.
Amber Lamln.
Winter Calf: 1. Matthew Lamln.
Fall Calf: 1. Kan Down* II; 2. Amber
Summer Yaartlng: 1. Sam R. McGargla
II; 2. Amber Lamln; 3. Chris A. Weaver,
Spring Yaartlng: 1. Kan Downs II; 2.
Amber Lamln.
Winter Yearling: 1. Rachel D. McGargla;
2. Amber Lamln.
Pall Yaartlng: 1. Amber Lamln; 2. Jason
F. Heeler; 3. Thomas E. Davis.
Dry Cow 2 Yrs. A Over; 1. Chris A.
Junior 2 Yaar OM: 1. Chrii A. Weaver.
Senior 2 Yaar OM: 1. Sherri Lynn Hoover;
Kan Down* II; 3. Mike E. Hamlih.
Junlar 3 Yaar Old: 1. Amber Lamln; 2.
Amber Lamln; 3. Sam R. MoGargla 11.
Senior 3 Yaar OM: 1. Jattlca McGargla.
Four YaarOM: 1. Jason Heater; 2. Mika
E. Hamlih.
Baal Animal Brad A Owned; 1. Chris
Dam A Daughter: 1. Jattlca MoGargla; 2.
Jetties McGargla.
Produce 01 Dam: 1. Chrit Weaver.
Beet Three Females: 1. Mike Harnlth.
Daily Hard: 1. Mike Hamlih.
Summsr Yearling: t.TorJd A. Partont; 2.
Todd A. Partont.
Dry Cow 2 Yrs. A Over: 1. A pry la D.
2388 Old Leacock Rd„
Gordonville, PA 17529
Senior 2 Year Old: 1. Todd A. Parsons; 2.
Apryle D. Hoover.
Iml Animal Brad And Owned: 1. Todd
Produea Of Dam; 1. Todd Paraont.
Baal 1 Famalaa: 1. Todd Paraont.
Spring Calf: 1. Monica Gotham.
Wintar Calf: 1. Matthew Gotham; 2.
Jatan Heater; 3. Monica Gothom.
Fall Calf: 1. Mark Gotham.
Summer Yearling; 1. Jaton Heater.
Spring Yearling: 1. Monica Gothom.
Fall Yearling: 1. Monica Gothom.
Dry Cow 2 Yra. S Ovar: 1, Monica
Gothom; 2. Matthew Gothom.
Junior 2-Yaar-OM: 1. Mark Gothom; 2.
Mark Gothom: 3. Jaton Healer.
Senior 2-Yoar-OM: 1. Matthew Gotham.
Junior 1-Year-Old: 1. Mark Gothom.
Feur-Yoar-OM: 1. Monica Gothom.
Ftvo-Yaar-Old: 1. Mark Gothom.
Six-YearOM: 1. Matthew Gothom.
Seal Animal Brad And Ownad: 1. Mark
Produea Of Dam: 1. Mark Gothom; 2.
Matt Gothom; 3. Monica Gothom.
Beat Thraa Famalaa: 1. Mark Gothom: 2.
Monica Gothom.
Dairy Hard: 1. Mark Gothom; 2. Matt
Spring Calf: 1. Amber Lemln; 2. Down
Janet; 3. Evie Wallace.
Winter Calf: 1. Matt Kline; 2. Gregory
Schilling; 3. Michelle Jaymet.
Fall Calf: 1. Mika Kline; 2. Andrew Hawn;
3. Denial Thompaon.
Summar Yaarilng: 1. Man Kiln#; 2. Travlt
Couch; 3. Jannifar Thompson.
Spring Yaarilng: 1. Michelle Jaymas; 2.
Nathan Mowrer; 3. Nathan Couch.
Wlnfar Yaarilng: 1. Amanda Zook; 2.
Ranoa Bakar; 3. Danial Thompson.
Fall Yaarilng: 1. Jana Davis; 2. Stephanie
Dry Cow 2 Yra. A Over: 1. Eleanor Bakar.
Junior 2 Yaar Old: 1. Mike Kline; 2. Jamie
Zook; 3. Scott Jonas.
Senior 2 Year Old: 1. Eleanor Baker; 2.
Matt Kline; 3. Ranee Baker.
Junior 3 Year Old: 1. Lory Ann Baker; 2.
Eleanor Bakar.
■ Senior 3 Year OM: 1. Rene* Baker; 2.
Travli Couch.
Four Year OM: 1. Mika Kline; 2. Eleanor
Baker, 3. Gregory Schilling.
Six Year OM S Over: 1. Travl* Couch.
Baal Animal Brad A Owned: 1 . Eleanor
Dam A Daughter: 1. Travl* Couch;
2. Travl* Couch.
V \ t
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finishing and sow units.
For more information call
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Seminar To Help
New Grain Market
ALLENTOWN (Lehigh Co.)
Grain fanners can go into their
fields this fall equipped with a bet
ter marketing plan by attending a
special preharvest seminar organ
ized by Cooperative Extension.
This seminar can also benefit the
dairy, beef, hog, and poultry pro
ducers who are concerned about
higher feed costs during the next
The Grain Marketing Seminar
will take place on Thursday, Sep
tember 9, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at
the Lehigh County Agricultural
Center on Domey Park Road in
west Allentown. Cost is $8 and
includes lunch and breaks.
The speaker will be James Rus
sell, president of Russell Agricul
tural Consulting of Kennedyville,
Md. Russell served for five years
as marketing specialist with the
Maryland Cooperative Extension
Service, with special emphasis on
grain. With his involvement, far
mers have formed 17 grain mark
eting clubs including the Lehigh
Valley Grain Marketing Club
which has met regularly for more
than two years.
Farmers attending the seminar
will be given an overview of
marketing alternatives, an expla
nation of grain basis and put and
call options, and a look at the cur
rent grain market The seminar
ends with Russell’s outlook for
the next six months. A handout
reviewing trends for com, soy-
Northeast Agri Systems, Inc.
Flywoy Bustness Park
139 A West Airport Road
Lifitz; PA 17643
Ph: (717) 569-2702
Uncmw Firming, Saturday, September 4,1993-A4l
Adjust To
beans and wheat for southeast
Pennsylvania will be provided.
Also a satellite-fed market report
ing service, Farm Dayta, will be
Midwest flooding, crop failures
in the mid-Atlantic and further
south and the chance of an early
frost has made this harvest season
one of the liveliest and most
watched in recent years. More
profitable grain marketing,
according to Russell, is not about
predicting price swings in such a
market Rather, the producer can
develop a strategy that moves
grain out with a few alternatives,
based on readily available trend
Animal producers who buy
com and soybean meal also can
benefit by attending this seminar.
They will learn the flip-side of one
of the marketing alternatives,
namely using options to set a ceil
ing on the price they’ll have to pay
in 1994.
Reservations can be made by
sending a check for $8 per atten
dee payable to the Lehigh County
Extension Special Account, to
Lehigh County Cooperative
Extension, 4184 Dorney Park
Road, Allentown. PA
18104-5798. Reservations should
be received by September 7.
Attendance will be limited to SO.
For more information, call the
Lehigh County Extension Office
at (215) 391-9840.
with the
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