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    Miller Has Supreme Champion In Somerset Junior Dairy Show
Somerset Co. Correspondent
Co.) “You can’t take this cow
apart,” said type judge Steve
Mowry. Bedford Co., about the
four-yr.-old Holstein cow owned
by Kirsten Miller, 14, Boswell,
which he named Supreme Cham
pion of the Junior Dairy Show.
“This cow has everything,”
Quaker Farm Astrojet Sue Al
len, even to the eye of the less ex
perienced, appeared an outstand
ing cow with beautiful smooth
lines in the right places and a
beautiful udder.
The sire/dam arc Bridon Astro
Jet and Quaker Farm Poweipac
Miss Elly. Birthdate is 12-14-88.
Breeder is Mark Clarence Miller
of Boswell.
The young lady belongs to the
Supermilkers 4-H Club and at
tends the Johnstown Christian
School. With an older brother and
two younger sisters, she is the
daughter of Mark and Martha
Rebekah Fox and Brad Fox, ,
Brown Swiss dairy champion at tha Somersat Co. Fair.
Rickl Johnson, left, has the Jersey grand champion at the Somerset Co. Junior Dairy
Show, while her brother, Charles Johnson, has the reserve grand champion. Erica
Walker, Somerset Co. dairy maid stands In center.
breed grand champion.
Scott Ream’s senior two-yr.-old
Double-Ott V Tab Caran, bom
9-13-90 was named the Hol
stein reserve grand champion. She
was described by Mowry as being
very correct, and blending
throughout with a beautiful udder
Ream, from Markelton, belongs
to the Milkshakers 4-H.
Ben Miller, Boswell had the
best bred and owned Holstein ani
Grand champion Jersey in 4-H
was Char-Dale Grand Slam Se
lena, a senior 3-yr.-old owned by
Ricki Johnson, Somerset She also
had the best animal bred and own
Charles Johnson owned the Jer
sey reserve grand champion. In
FFA Eric Lohr had grand cham
pion and Jason Baughman, the re
serve grand champion.
Eric Murray, Salisbury, had the
grand champion Guernsey with
Someday Farms Glenn Sandy, a
5-yr.-old. Reserve grand cham-
pion was owned by Kristin Walk
er, Meyersdale.
Rebekah Fox, 9. Berlin had the
grand champion Brown Swiss
with a winter calf, while her sister
Gretchen Fox, 13, had the reserve
grand champion with a fall calf.
A single entry in the Milking
Shorthorn was named the grand
champion. The spring calf, bom
on 4-19-93 is owned by Orlo St.
Clair of Somerset.
Ben Miller was named the
grand champion showman, fol
lowed by Ricki Johnson and Suzy
Stutzman, Friedens.
Most unusual for the Somerset
Co. Fair was the heat and sunshine
throughout the entire week with
temperatures each day hitting
90-plus degrees, bringing misery
to both animal and human crea
tures. Generally, rain is expected
at the Somerset Co. Fair.
Thus Mowry felt justified to
confess that in neighboring Bed
ford Co. the folks say that Somer
set has two seasons winter, and
the fourth of July. He said he was
getting a different impression that
Judging showmanship during
the dairy show was Bob Bender,
‘Accident, Md.
Presenting the awards and rib
bons were Stephanie Singo and
Erica Walker who are the Somer
set Co. dairy princess and dairy
Following are top winners in
each class:
Spring Call; 1. Julie Miller, 2. Scott Ream,
3 Nick Cite*. _
Winter Call: 1 . Dan Ream, 2. Shawn Foy,
3. William Moiholder.
Fall Call: 1. Zachary Foreman, 2. Matt
MothoMar, 3. Jill Stutzman.
Summer Yearling; 1. Suzy Stutzman. 2.
Suzy Stutzman. 3. Timothy Latuch.
Spring Yaaiting: 1. Bradley Reiman. 2.
Todd Lohr, 3. William Moiholder.
Winter Yaaiting: 1. Kirsten Miller, 2. Dan
Ream, 3. Ryan Coleman.
Fall Yearling: 1. Ben Miller, 2. Valerie St.
Clair, 3. Natalia Welch.
Dry Cow 2-Yr. ft Over: 1. Matt Mos
holder, 2. Jeff Smiley. 3. Dan Ream.
Junior 2-Yr.-Old; 1. Jill Stutzman, 2. Juli
ana Hlllegait, 3. Donna Philipp.
Sanlor 2-Yr.-Old: 1. Scott Ream, 2. Mi
chelle McKinley. 3. Suzy Stutzman.
Sanlor 3-Yr.-Old: 1. Ben Miller.
Four-Yrd-Old: 1. Kirsten Miller, 2. Wes
ley Coleman, 3. Scott Ream.
Flva-Yr.-Old: 1. William Moiholder.
Six Yra. ft Older. 1. Justin Hillegass, 2.
Eric Murray. _ ~ „
Dam ft Daughter: 1. Donna Philipp. Z.
Deslrae Hillegass. 3. Eric Murray.
4-H Junior Champion; 1. Zachary Fore
man, 2. Ben Miller.
FFA Junior Champion: 1. Bill Hersch, 2.
Valerio St Clair.
Spring Cali: 1. Lane* Bittner, 2. Megan
Sharp, 3. Joshua Van tassel.
Winter Calf: 1. Gina Walker, 2. Angelina
Poiigardo, 3. Ricki Johnson.
Summer Yearling: 1. Amy Eckman, 2.
Carrie Eckman, 2. Jaton Baughman.
Spring Yearling: 1. Ricki Johnson, 2.
Matthew Moyer, 3. Jodi Flick.
Winter Yearling: 1. Charles Johnson, 2.
Marty Stutzman, 3. Eric Lohr.
Fall Yearling: 1. Marty Stutzman, 2. Eric
4-H Junior Champion: 1. Ricki Johnson,
2. Gina Walker.
FFA Junior Champion; 1. Jason Baugh
man, 2. Eric Lohr.
Dry Cow 2-Yr. A Over; 1. Angelina Poli
Junior 2-Yr.-OW: 1. Joshua Van Tassel.
Senior 2-Yr.-Old: 1. Earl Thomas, 2. Jodi
Junior 3-Yr.-0ld: 1. Earl Thomas.
Senior 3-Yr.-Old; 1. Ricki Johnson, 2. An
gelina Poligardo, 3. Jodi Flick.
Kirsten Miller, Boswell, stands next to her supreme
champion 4-yr.-old cow following the Somerset Co. Junior
Dairy Show at the fair in Meyersdale. With her Is Somerset
Co. dairy princess Stephanie Singo.
The grand champion Guernsey at the Somerset Co.
Junior Dairy Show Is owned by young Eric Murray of Salis
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, September 4, 1993-Cl5
4- 1. Angelina Poligardo.
5- 1. Charlei Johnson, 2. Jason
t-Yre. A Oden 1. Charles Johnson, 2.
Eric Lohr, 3. Earl Thomas.
Daughter-Dam: 1. Angelina Poligardo, 2.
Angelina Poligardo, 3. Joshua Van Tassel.
Fall Call: 1. Kristin Walker.
Winter Yearling: 1. Kristin Walker, 2. Rob
S-Yr.-Old: 1. Eric Murray.
Winter Cell; 1. Rebakah Fox.
Fall Call: 1. Grelchen Fox.
Spring Yearling: 1. Adam Coleman.
Junior Showmen; v Juliana HUlegass, 2.
Julie Miller, 3. Brad Reiman.
Intermedlata Showman: 1. Kirsten Miller,
2. Jill Stutzman, 3. Ryan Coleman.