Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, September 04, 1993, Image 109

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    Champion showman of tho Franklin County 4-H Beef
Show was Spencer Walk, left. Crystal Meyers, 15, was
champion fitter. Judge Larry High Is In center.
Showing the grand champion steer was Jodi Meyers, a
first-year 4-H member. Spencer Walk, right, showed the re
serve grand champion. At center Is the Judge, Larry High of
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First-Year 4-H’er Is Grand Champ
Franklin Co. Correspondent
Co.) A 9-year-old first-year
4-H member walked off with the
grand champion award at the
Franklin County 4-H Junior Steer
Jodi Meyers, the daughter of
Dean and Nancy Meyers of
Greencasde, led her 1,095-pound
Angus to victory at the Cliambers
burg Rod and Gun Club. The
August 17 show was held in con
junction with the Franklin County
Jodi, who will be a fourth grad
er at Greencastle Elementary
School this fall, also placed first in
her age group in fitting. Her for
mula for success with her steer.
Slick, was simple. “I petted him
and watered him and played with
him a lot,” she said.
CHICAGO, 111. Dave
Reinecker, York Springs, Pa., was
elected chairman of the Pork
Industry Group of its annual meet
ing in Chicago recendy.
Elected vice chairman was Kent
Gansebom, Osmond, Neb. Joining
Reinecker and and Gansebom on
the Pork Industry Group Execu
tive Committee are Wilbur Pau
lus, Lincoln, 111., and Danita Rodi
baugh, Rensselaer, Ind., repre
senting the National Pork
Producers Council.
During its meeting, held during
the National Livestock and Meat
Board Annual Meeting and
Demand Conference ’93, the Pork
Industry Group approved a Fiscal
Year 1993-1994 budget of $4.3
million, including $l.l million for
research/meat science and $2.73
million for information programs.
The major revenue source is from
the pork checkoff administered by
the National Pork Board, and from
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Producer Leadership Approves Budget
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, September 4, 1993-Cl3
The reserve champion steer, a
1,190-pound Angus, was shown
by Spencer Walk of Chambers
burg. Spencer, 17, son of Steven
and Lois Walk, was also named
champion shower.
Champion fitter of the show
was Crystal Meyers, daughter of
Dean and Nancy Meyers.
Judge for the event was Larry
High, a 4-H leader and Angus
breeder from Lidtz. High said he
was impressed with the quality of
the steers. “This county can be
proud of how their cattle look,” he
said after the show. “I haven’t
seen steers this good all the way
through the class.”
Following is a list of show plac
Novice (Ago* a,», a 10): 1. Jodi Meyers,
Greencastle: 2. Tim Mac Key, Waynesboro;
3. Matt Hawbakar, Mercersborg.
Intermediate (Agee 11,12,13): 1. Justin
Conner, Chambersburg; 2. David Grove,
voluntary investments to the Meat
Board from packers and
Retiring directors were honored
for their dedication to the pork
industry as a member of the Pork
Industry Group. These directors
are Jo Ann Btincks, lowa (seated
1986); Gene Fogle, Indiana (sea-
David A. Relnecker
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Waynesboro; 3. Bradley Dlvelblss, Qreen
Junior (Agaa 14 A 15); 1. Crystal Meyers,
Greencasde, 2. Arlane Rile, Greencasde, 3.
Cheryl Hawbaker, Mercers burg.
Senior (Ages 1• A Up): 1. Spencer Walk,
Chambersburg; 2. Daren Stader, Greencas
Champion FMer: Crystal Meyers.
Novice; 1. Matt Hawbaker; 2. Aaron Hart
man, Chambersburg; 3. Tim Mackey.
Intermediate: 1. Justin Conner; 2. Brad
ley Dlvelbiss; 3. Brad Rile, Greencasde.
Junior: 1. Crystal Meyers; 2. Cheryl Haw
baker; 3. Arlane Rile.
Senior 1. Spencer Walk; 2. Daren Stader.
Champion Shower: Spencer Wade.
Lightweight: 1. Aaron Hartman; 2. Chad
Grove, Waynesboro; 3. Cassia Lowans, Mer
cer sburg.
Medium Weight: 1. Bradley Dnrelbiss; 2.
Cheryl Hawbaker; 3. Jimmy Clapsaddle,
Light Heavyweight: 1. Jodi Meyers; 2.
Tim Mackey; 3. Justin Conner.
Medium Heavyweight; 1. Spencer Walk;
2. Crystal Meyers: 3. Matt Hawbaker.
Heavyweight: 1. Arlane Rife; 2. Daren
Stader; 3. Micah Hawbaker, Mercer sburg.
Grand Champion: Jodi Meyers.
Reserve Grand Champion: Spencer
ted 1986); Pat Cooper, at-large
(seated 1989), Stan Kerber, Hor
mel Foods (seated 1986); Larry
Larson, Minnesota (seated 1985);
Margaret Ledger, lowa and
National Pork Producers Council
(seated 1988); and Sharon
Schwartz, Kansas (seated 1986).
Seated as new directors were
Helen Smith, Iowa; Dave Rodi
baugh, Indiana; Duane Pearson,
Minnesota; Danita Rodibaugh,
National Pork Producers Council;
Ken Stiverson, Ohio (replacing
deceased director Carroll Shultz);
Harry Simcox, at-large; and Wayne
Walter, Kansas.
Robert Norris, Meat Board
immediate past chairman from
Michigan, also retired from the
board. He was seated in 1982, and
served as chairman of the Pork
Industry Group. Norris was instru
mental in taking advantage of eco
nomic situations to lower Meat
Board costs. For his contributions
during his 11-year tenure, the
Meat Board directors elected him
a lifetime honorary director.
.lie A,