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In a cultural exchange, these Austrian students sang songs from their country.
Austria has a rich musical heritage ad the home of Mozart, Schubert, Strauss, and
many other famous composers.
Lancaster Faming Staff
LANCASTER (Lancaster Co.)
“I can’t believe they advertise
milk in America. Everyone in dur
country knows that milk is good
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for you. Wc drink it with every
meal and we like it better than
Coke,” Sabine said.
Sabine is one of the students that
Lancaster Countians hosted re
cently through the E F Educational
Students Talk About America
Homestay Program.
The EF program brings students
from other countries to spend a
month living with local families.
It’s an opportunity for them to
team about American lifestyles
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Lancaster farming, Saturday, August 14. 1993-813
and to improve their English. All
the students were very fluent in
English, and could easily converse
with the host families.
When the month-long visit was
over, here is what some students
had to say about America and its
“I liked the people. Americans
seem friendlier, more open and
quicker to share their feelings than
people in my country,” Sabine
from Austria said.
Adam Kirchknoff from Hun
gary had some surprises when he
came to America. He expected to
see cowboys roaming the streets.
He was disappointed. “I learned
that America has many people
with many different ways.”
Since America is so big, he
expected everyone would live in a
large house.
“But in this country, many peo
ple live in small houses. And I saw
quite a few poor people,” he said.
In Hungary, he said, there are the
rich and the poor classes and no
middleclass. But the classes do not
separate them from establishing
friendships with each other.
On the other hand, Sabine and
many of the other students who
live in the large city of Vienna
&tvith Milk!
were amazed that so many people
in America have a whole house to
live in. In Vienna, only the very
rich can afford to own a whole
Most of the students think that it
would be fun to go to an American
school because so much emphasis
is on sports.
“In our country, we go to school
to study. After school, we have
homework. It would never do to
tell our teacher, we cannot study
tonight because we have to play
football,” a student remarked.
Few students in Austria hold
jobs during the school year.
Americans, they believe, keep so
In Austria, all the stores close at
6 p.m. and on Saturday at noon.
Although businesses are not open
on Sunday, the time is seldom used
to go to church.
“In America it seems like so
many people believe in God. In our
country, not so many people
believe or don't believe, they are
just agnostic,” Sabine said.
“One of the first things that I
learned to do in this country was to
pray before we eat In our country,
we do not pray before we eat, but
privately before bedtime,” she
The studcnis expressed surprise that a per
son must be 21 years old to drink alchoholic
beverages. In their country, children grow up
sipping their parents’ drinks, although few
children or teens drink alcoholic beverages on
a regular basis. Milk is preferable as a bever
age. The water in Austria is some of the purest
and best tasting in the world.
Students preferred Italian food more than
area favorites. They especially expressed a
dislike for American desserts, which they
thought were too sweet
According to Sabine, sugar is used sparing
ly in Austria despite the rich looking desserts
made in their country. During the last week of
their visit, the students made a typical Aus
trian meal for the host families. Then it was
the Americans, turn to exclaim, “This doesn't
taste right.”
Most of the host families thought the Aus
trian apple strudel needed more sugar and that
the goulash was a bit bland.
When the students left, many teary good
byes and hugs were exchanged. Most host
families expect to correspond with the stu
dents and hope to visit them eventually.
“It’s an opportunity for host families to
leant about other countries and cultures, and
to discover how much alike people are regard
less of where they live,” said a host mother.
For more information about the program,
contact GF Educational Homestay Programs,
1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, Massa
chusetts 02142.
Sabine and Adam talk about their
Impressions of life in the U.S.