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    810-Lancastar Farming, Saturday, August 14, 1993
Grandfather’s Gift Brings Honors For 7 1-Year-
Bedford Co. Correspondent
DONNEGAL (Somerset Co.)
Bobby Howard of Donnegal is
only 11 years old, but that hasn't
stopped him from winning top
honors in the pony pull at the
Pennsylvania State Farm Show or
the Missouri State Pony Pull.
And, he wins against men. As
he puts it, “The other contestants
were all old, you know, 30,40, or
His ponies, a cross-bred Shet
land, and a miniature draft horse
were bred special for Bobby by his
grandfather, William Howard,
who died when Bobby was only
The miniature draft horse had a
father who was a dwarf.
Bobby was six years old and his
grandfather was the announcer at
the Pennsylvania Pony Pull when
he pulled for his first race. That
year, he placed second.
Bobby’s mother, Joyce, says,
"The crowd went wild that year.
Bobby made headlines.”
He placed fourth at the next
Farm Show, then, fifth, and final
ly, last year, he won.
Bobby’s horses pull 4,000 to
5,000-pound weights while they
weigh only 1,350 pounds together.
That means they are pulling much
more than twice their own weight
The horses seem to enjoy work
ing together. They get a lot of love
and attention, from the entire How
ard family. In the winter. Bobby
and his friends slide down the
front yard hill. The ponies are
waiting to puU them back up.
During the suipmer months,
Bobby keeps the horses in shape
while helping his dad rake hay.
For several hours each day, the
horses pull a hay rake through the
fields sweeping it into piles with
Bobby at the reins.
“It takes a lot of time to have a
winning team,” Bobby admits. He
works with them two to three
hours a day.
In addition, Bobby helps with
the feeding although he gets some
aid from his mom, and, dad. Bill.
The diet includes oats, corh, mo
lasses, and salt.
Bobby Howard drives his team of prize-winning horses while Linda Williams goes along for the ride.
Bobby also helps with the clip
ping and gives them their bath. He
admits, the baths are bard work,
but necessary for show ponies.
Ponies, in pulling contests wear
special shoes that dig into the
Ice Cream
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Who’s there?
Topping who?
Topping difficult.
Knock, knock
Who’s there?
Pecan who?
Pecan the freezer and see
if there’s any ice cream,
Knock, knock
Who’s there?
Malt who?
Malt the butter and
mix with sugar.
Knock, knock
Who’s there?
Milkshake who?
Milkshake hands with Mary.
Knock, knock
Who’s there?
Parfait who?
Parfait, she didn’t get any
ice cream.
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ground and allow them to pull
with more strength. They get their
shoes from a friend of the How
ards who is a blacksmith. He tra
vels with them to many of the
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In addition to the Pennsylvania
and Missouri awards, Bobby has
won awards at New York for hav
ing the best dressed (nicest har
nesses) team, and at Butler, Penn
sylvania for handling his team the
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