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    FFA Show Starts Martinsburg Event
Bedford Co. Correspondent
- Sunny skies and pleasant temp
eratures opened the first day of
judging at the 1993 Morrison
Cove Dairy Show.
In FFA competition held on
Tuesday* Matthew Black of
Blackcrest Farms, Altoona, took
the supreme champion award,
with an aged cow named Black
crest Hance Codee-Rcd-ET.
Other top awards wait to the
showmen including Bedford. Ali
cia McDonald; Blair, Tom Green
leaf; Huntingdon, Mike Kline; and
Somerset, William Hersch.
Overall grand champion show
man was Tom Greenleaf with Joe
Stitt taking reserve champion.
Other FFA Master Showmen
included Matt Kline. Clint Black,
Monica Goshom, Matt Black,
William Hersch, Jonathan Smiley,
Christiana Booth, Matt Goshom,
Aaron Gable, Jan Snider, and Eric
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Cot and dried.
Grand champion junior herd
award went to Dale Pheasant.
Matt Black took both the senior
and grand champion Holstein
awards while Clinton Black took
home the reserve ribbons.
Matt Kline had the Holstein
junior champion with an interme
diate calf and Matt Kline was
reserve junior champion with a
summer yearling.
Other top three awards in each
category were as follows:
Holstein Intermediate Calves:
Matt Kline. William Hersch, and
Nicole Over.
Senior Calvoo: Mike Kline and Robert
Summer Yearlings; Matt Kline and Joe
Junior Yaarllnge; Robert Stultz and Joe
Intermediate Yeertlnge: Eric Sollenber
ger, Christiana Booth, and Joe Stitt.
Senior Yearlings: Valerie St. Clair,
Robert Stultz, and Tom Sollenbarger.
Junior Two Year Olds, and Senior Two
Year OMa: both Matt Kline.
Junto Thraa Yaar OMa; Traoay Stock.
Santo Thraa Yaar OMa: Jonathan Smi-
E. 6th Street
ley, Joe Stitt and Roger Slock. ,
Four Vnt OMo: MHee Kiln* and Jo# Stitt.
Aged Cewa: Molt Black and Clinton
Dry Cewa: Joe Stitt and Roger Slock.
Tha Gable* of Snider 1 * Qoldan Quamaay
Farm* in Naw Enterprise pickad up tha
tanlor and grand champion Quarnaay
award* with M*H**a McDonald eloia behind
lor tha ratarva titla*.
Jan Snldar had tha Guarmay Junior
champion whlla hi* coutin, Aaron Gable had
raaarva Junior champion.
Other top three Guarniay award* were
Junior Calvai: Jan Snldar, Galen McDonald
and Alida McDonald.
Intermadlata Calvaa: Alida McDonald. *'
Senior Calvaa: Aaron Gable and Galen
Summer Yaaiilnga: Galen McDonald,
Todd Ramon*, and Alida McDonald.
Junior Yaarllnga: Todd Paraon, Galon
McDonald, and Alida McDonald.
Intermediate Yearling*; Alicia
Senior Yaarllnga: Galen McDonald.
Junior Two Yoar Ode: Jan Snider.
Senior Two Yoar Olde: Bobby Jo
Junior Throe Year Old*: Galen
Senior Three Year Old*; Alicia
Four Year Old*: Aaron Gable and Galen
Five Year OMa: Meli*ia McDonald.
Aged Cow*: MeWwa McDonald.
Matt Black and the Blair County Dairy Princess, Susan
Willey, display the supreme champion cow and the banner
at the FFA Morrison Cove Dairy Show held on Tuesday,
Aug. 3.
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, August 14, 1993-Al9
Dry Cow*: Galen McDonald and Alicia McDonald
Junior Hard: Alien McDonald. Galon McDonald and
Mellua McDonald.
Dale Pheasant of Williamsburg took homo all top award*
in iho Jersey division of tho FFA show.
Junipr and reserve Junior champions were taken by Tho
mas Green leaf of Manlnsburg.
Other Jersey awards were awarded to the following:
Intermediate Calves; Erie Lohr.
Senior Calvaa: Thomas Greenleal, Dal* Pheasant, and
Mike Harnish.
Summer Yearlings: Sam MoQargle, Dale Pheasant,
and Jason Baughman.
Junior Yearling*; Dale Pheasant, Martin Stutzman,
Ken Downs.
Intermediate Yearling*: Eric Lohr and Martin
Senior Yearling*: Thomas Greenleat, Dale Pheasant,
and Eric Lohr.
Junior Two Year Olda; Dale Pheasant.
Senior Two Year Old*: Thomas Qreenleaf, Dale
Pheasant, and Ken Downs.
Jr. Thr** Year Olds: Dale Pheasant, and Mike Hamish.
Sr. Three Year Old*; Eric lohr.
Four Year Old*: Dale Pheasant and Mike Hamish.
Aged Cow: Eric Lohr.
Dry Cow*: Thomas Greenleaf, Christiana Booth, and
Dale Pheasant.
Junior Herd: Dale Pheasant, Thomas Greenleaf, and
Mike Hamish.
Ayrshire top awards went to Dan and Doug Varner. Dan
with a dry cow was grand and reserve went to Doug with a
Junior champion, both grand and reserve, was Mike
Brant with an intermediate calf and a senior call.
In other Ayrshire awards it was;
Junior Calves: Mike Brant.
Intermediate Calves: Mike Brant and Dan Varner.
Senior Calves: Mike Biant, Doug Varner, and Mike
Summer Yearlings; Doug Varner, Mike Brant, and Bob
by Jo Schilling.
Intermediate Yearlings: Dan Varner.
Senior Ysarlinge; Duane Varner and Dan Varner.
Senior Two-Year-Olds: Doug Varner.
Threa-Yaar-Olds: Dan Varner.
Senior Thras-Yaar-Olds: Mike Brant, and Bobby Jo
Dry Cowa: Dan Varner, and Mike Brant.
Junior Hard: Dan Varner, Mike Brant, and Bobby Jo
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