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Ag Progress Days For
The Future Of Agriculture
No matter what your interest, Ag Progress Days is for you.
According to Robert Oberheim, Ag Progress Days manager, a
visit to the event is like visiting a major university, a museum, a
petting zoo, a horse show, a farm equipment show and more, all
in one spot.
For fanners, the major attraction is the tractors and forage and
tillage machines of various brands woricing side be side in the
Helds. There is no better way to determine the merits of each
piece of equipment
And with environmental issues now a very real part of the
fanning enteiprise, the educational exhibits and demonstrations
that fit into the theme of “Conserving Our Resources Through
Science” are of practical importance too.
Many of the products and ideas that will take fanning into the
21st centary will be featured at this annual event. If you have any
interest in the future of agriculture, you will want to spend a day
or two next week in Centre County Pennsylvania at Ag Progress
Farm Calendar
\ii“uM 14 J
South Central Pa. Holstein
Championship Show, Fair
grounds, Shippensburg. 9:30
Tioga Co. Holstein Show, Fair-
thru Aug. 21.
Huntingdon Co. Fair, Huntingdon,
' thru Aug. 21.
Franklin Co. Fair. Chambersburg,
thru Aug. 21.
Dayton Fair, Dayton, thru Aug. 21.
McKean Co. Fair, Smethport, thru
Aug. 22.
Washington Co. Fair, Washington,
thru Auk. 22.
thru August 21.
Sewickley Township Community
Fair, West Newton, thru August
Lawrence County Farm Show,
New Castle, thru August 21.
Builskin Township Fair, Mount
Pleasant, thru Aug. 21.
Ag Progress Days. Rockspring,
thru August 19.
Huntingdon County Holstein
Show, Fairgrounds, Hunting
don, 9 a.m.
Berks County-4-H Fair, 4-H Com
munity Center, Leesport, 10
a.m.-4 p.m.
Blue Valley Farm Show, Bangor,
thru August 21.
Harford Fair, Harford, thru August
Perry County Fair, Newport, thru
August 21.
Per vlv**' Hi
Harvest Drive Restaurant, 7:30
a.m., Ephrata High School.
7:35 a.m.; Route 283 Manheim/
Ml Joy Exit 7:50 a.m.
Rough and Tumble Reunion. Kin
zers, August 18-21.
Lehigh Co. 4-H Market Swine
Roundup, Livestock Market,
Leesport, show 8:30 a.m., sale 6
Northeast FFA Dairy Show. Tioga
County Fairgrounds,
Franklin County Holstein Show,
Chambersburg Fairgrounds,
5:30 p.m.
Mifflin County Holstein Sale,
Reedsville Fairgrounds. 7:30
Middletown Grange Fair, Middled
town Grange Fairgrounds,
Wrightstown, thorugh August
Ml Nebo Fair, Ml Nebo, thru
August 21.
Findlay Township Fair, Clinton,
thru August 21.
Wye Field Day, Wye Reserach and
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Farm Forum
Almost a week has gone by
since I was crowned the 1993 Leb
anon Area Fair Queen. And while
recuperating from surgery of my
wisdom teeth. I have had time to
sit back and reflect on last week’s
fair activities.
I am so proud to have been
chosen for this honor. I tried all
fair week to be present for every
activity, and it was not easy to be
at more than one place at a time,
but I tried my best What really,
made me feel that I was doing the
job that I was supposed to do was
when a little 4-H member, after re
ceiving her ribbon, said “Thanks
for being our fair queen and I am
glad you are our queen" That
really felt great! It brought back
memories of when I was younger
To Drink
If you ever become tired of hear
ing that we need to drink more
water, keep in mind the following
• Every living cell in the body
depends on water to perform its
essential functions. The brain is 74
percent water. Muscle is 75 per
cent water. Bone is even 22 per
cent water.
• The average adult body con
tains 40 to SO quarts of water.
• The average sitting adult loses
90 to 100 ounces of water per day.
Hiat is three quarts of water that
need to be replaced, without con
sidering any extra water lost doing
work or situations where the body
perspires mote than usual.
• The sensation of thirst will
only cause you to replace about
two-thirds of the fluid you lose.
• Caffeine and alcohol are
diuretics which stimulate water
loss. Therefore, such beverages do
not count toward needed fluid
Drinking water is the best sour
ce of water for your body. Before
reaching for a cup of coffee, carbo
nated beverage, or beer to quench
your thirst, drink a couple of glas
ses of water.
And drink-water even when you
are not thirsty. Staying hydrated is
one of the best health habits we
may develop.
To Maintain
Milk Base
Dairy farmers who ship milk to
Federal Order 4 markets in the Phi
ladelphia area receive different
prices for base and excess milk.
The amount of milk a producer
ships in the months of August
through December determines
what die farmer’s daily milk base
is for the following year. Milk
shipped in excess of the estab
lished base is priced SO.SO to $2
and how 1 admired the past fair
queens and their positions and 1
vowed to myself that someday I
too would be representing the fair
in that capacity.
My responsibilities are not
over. They will continue through
out this year. If your group, or
ganization, club, or school class
would be interested in hearing
about the fair, 4-H, or any related
subject and would like a visit by
the 1993 Lebanon Area Fair
Queen, please contact the Leb
anon Area Fair Office at
717-273-3795. Ask for Mrs. Lor
raine Royer, so she can work with
you on a date and time. During my
reign as fair queen I will promote
the fair and all it represents to the
best of my ability.
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less per hundredweight.
The demand for milk increases
when schools dpert in the fill and
holds fairly steady until schools
close the following summer. Good
farmers strive to build and main
tain their milk bases by maintain
ing cow numbers and milk output
per cow during the August to
December period.
Fall freshening cows help far
mers build a good milk base. How
ever. Glenn Shirk, extension dairy
agent, cautions these fall freshen
ers may become winter and spring
fresheners if the herd has breeding
Suddenly, you have lost a lot of
base and you are producing more
excess milk. If their offspring
calve at two years of age, they will
be out of cycle too.
Shirk suggests to help prevent
this costly void in fall milk produc
tion from occurring, many good
dairy farmers prefer to have uni
form calving and production
throughout the year. That way. as
calving dates for one group of
cows move out of the base building
period due to longer calving inter
vals, another group slides into that
August IS, 1993
Background Scripture:
Ephesians: 5:1-20
Devotional Reading:
Ephesians 4:15-32
The most important question is
not whether you are Lutheran or
Methodist, Baptist or Episcopa
lian, Adventist or Pentacostal,
Protestant or Orthodox or Roman
Catholic but whether you ate
“darkness” or “light.” With that
exception, all of the rest may be
simply labels what Paul calls
"empty words” (5:6) and have
little to do with bow we respond to
the God we parochially confess.
If we are true followers of
Christ, Ephesians says “...once
you were darkness, but now you
are light in the Lord.” Being
“darkness” is something that we
are to leave behind when we seek
to follow Christ If we are faithful
to Cod in Christ we are to “walk
as children of the light” (5:8).
“Darkness,” “light” and “child
ren of the light” of courseware
metaphors. But the meaning
behind these metaphors is not dif
ficult to perceive. To put it very
pragmatically, when you walk
into a room, do you bring it and
those within “light” or “dark
ness”? I believe it was Virgil
Howard who put it even mere
simply and pragmatically: “When
people see you coming, are they
Sometimes, when I have
expressed admiration fpr some
Hindus, Buddhists or Moslems I
have met, my Christian friends
have been somewhat shocked and
dismayed. On the level of ideas, I
certainly find Christianity super
ior. But on the more pragmatic
level of “light” and “darkness,” I
discern that God has not failed to
provide witnesses to the Christ
within all human religions. There
is nothing all that esoteric about
the metaphors of “light" and
“darkness.” Ephesians says: “for
the fruit of light is found in all that
is good and right and true” (5:9). I
slot Thus, you are maintaining
your base building potential.
To Be Aware
Of Silo Gases
Silo gases may cause uncon
sciousness, injury and even death,
especially in the first 48 to 60
hours after filling.
If you must enter the silo during
this time, wear a self-contained
breathing apparatus. If you do not
have one, stay out of the silo.
Dangerous levels of silo gas
may persist for two to three weeks
after filling. Before entering with
out a self-contained breathing
apparatus, use the blower to venti
late the silo. Open all doors, run the
blower fan for 20 minutes, and
leave it running while you are in
the silo. Enter only after you have
put on a respirator for toxic dust
and have a second person standing
by to assist in an emergency.
Silo filling is a dangerous job on
the farm. Be aware of the hazards,
respect them, and do not take risks.
The life you save is yours!
Feather Profs Footnote: “We
do not know who we are until we
see what we can do."
have known professed Christians
who do not represent “all that is
good and right and true” and
spread “darkness” instead of
When Ephesians says, ‘Take no
part in die unfruitful works of
darkness, but instead expose
them,” I used to think the writer
was speaking primarily of the
“sins of the flesh.” No doubt about
it drunkenness, violence, sexual
license, self-abuse are “works of
darkness.” But sometimes the
things that take place in our chur
ches are “works of darkness” too
slander, hostility, prejudice,
divisiveness and so forth. I read in
our denominational newspaper
this week of a minister of another
denomination who was ostracized
by his congregation and aban
doned by his ministerial col
leagues because his son contracted
Ai&. Is that not also a work of
The validity of our Christian
discipleship is to be found, not in
how we talk, but in how we walk.
We frequently put too high a pre
mium on the way that we talk,
being too exacting in determining
whether others verbalize their
faith as we do. using the same
words, the same thoughtforms.
But, the devil is not deficient in
theology, but in love!
Look carefully then how you
walk,” says Ephesians, "not as
unwise men but as wise..." “Wise"
not in knowing the answers to all
the theological questions, but in
knowing that the essence of the
Christian life is to be found in
becoming “imitators of God, as
beloved children.” Yes, we arc to
become imitators of God. fashion
ing our lives after the example he
gave us in Jesus Christ. And, if we
boil that all down to just one word
it is die word “love.” “And walk in
love,” says Ephesians, “as Christ
loved us and gave himself up for
us, a fragrant offering and sacri
fice to God” (5:1).
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