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Pa. DHIA Manager
Membership Development
Co.) PRIME is the bask no-
Mils testing program that provides
accurate, timely, and essential
management information along
with production records that carry
the “DHIA NAME" and at a cost
that gives you die most return for
your dollar!
A DHIA technician helps you
get started, he or she can explain
how to report the information on
the easy-to-use bamsheet and how
to weigh and sample each cow’s
production on your test day. The
technician is then available as a
resource person to help in any way
We Have A Washer Designed
For Yea* *
* * -f
Model #ll HAY 4230-C
3000 PSI
4.2 GPM
[SI Seller Hydraulics
252 North sunk Road Box 56, RR 1,
New Holland, PA 17557 Atglon, PA 19310
717-354-6066 215-593-2981
Mon. thiv Frl. 7 AM - 5 PM
RRI Box 287
Nowmanatown, PA 17071
■•Dtr Repair
Wataontown, PA 17777
Zlnuaaman Farm Mm
ISO Sohaolßd. .
7174M41U '
PRIME Program allows the
member to collect and record the
data, eliminating the labor of the
technician. You would be a direct
member of the State association
and not subject to county associa
tion assessment.
The PRIME program has nine
different options. You may choose
to decide how often you want to
test your herd. You can test every
month of the year, every other
month or quarterly; you decide
when. You can choose to weigh
and sample each cow’s milk each
month; one milking or both, or
you may choose to just weigh the
milk and not take samples every
month, or you may choose certain
cow’s to test
As a member enrolled in
Vtmi MmMm Mom
17M N. ChuroMown Rd.
Eld Earl, PA 17818
Holt Cnxina BorrUa
•hippo naburg, PA 17287
„ RR I Box M4*
' Ptno Drava, PAtT4*S
r*T t jr r
washes i^ranzhg
Gentle Unloader will not set you
back when you pull the trigger.
You will not have to worry about the
Pump burning up by Running Dry or
Running Idle Because of Special
You can Suck Water out of an open
vessel, will operate on 0 Water
If the pump happens to freeze up
, on you next winter it probably will
not hurt it.
Above model including 5.5
Blast Nozzle* $-,395 qq
Saaaaalf Dioool o*7 BU Form Mop C.«. Supply
Box I*7 RD M RR 1 Box 42* RO «1 Box 498-A-1
Solfnogrovo, PA 17870 Lykono, PA 17044-1744 Mill Hall, PA 17751
Aaron Graff
103 Claarvlow Dr.
Ephrata, PA 17022
717-884-4 MI
Ta4or Air A.RpSiaaUss
PRIME we will have your indivi
dual cow and herd production
record! on file in our computer at
Die PA proceising center. One
advantage is that your record! are
in our computer and can be trans
ferred at no cost if you would
choose to change tyhpe test As a
PRIME member “moving up the
ladder” into a more complex, or
“official” program is an opportun
ity to use the young sire semen
form the A.I. studs.
PRIME designed in the first
place for the producers who want
management records with a mini
mum of effort and cost. It alsp
appeals to those producers who
find die foil range of information
services in DHI, AMIPM, and
DHIR either too complicated or
too expensive.
PRIME is available across the
state of Pennsylvania at a variety
of cost, considering equipment
needs, technician involvement,
and the wide range of options
within the program. If you are
interested in what this low cost
service program has to offer, or if
you know of a dairy producer who
could use PRIME, (or any of our
other programs, please contact a
DHIA technician or Region Man
ager for details. Please feel free to
also call the DHIA office in State
College at 1-800-344-8378 and
ask for assistance.
High Pressure Pumps
* effectively doubles Impact pressure
other models available
Alton Hoorar Its pair
RD #1 Box 226
MlHllnloam, PA 17044
JIT Repair Mack Rock Repair
HO OMa Lyan Hd. (91 Pumping Station Rd.-
Mppkanleaania. *D 2000 f Kirkwood, PA 17SM
Dealer Inquirtaa Welcome
If you’re not using Pennsylva
nia Dairy Herd Association to
keep track of your cows, this prog
ram is for you. Unlike the Official
DHI prograni, where the supervi
sor stays ont he form and collects
all the data and samples, this prog
the client can do the work and eli
minate the labor cost of the
For accurate production records
and complete processing, it is
necessary to report fiesh dates, dry
dates, purchased and removed
dates. Sick cows, breeding records
and feeding data are optional and
can also be entered if you choose
The computer generated reports
produced from this data are identi
cal to those produced for the “offi
cal” type programs, but OWNER
SAMPLER records are “unoffi
cial”-by USDA, NAAB and Breed
Association, but every bit as valu
able to you the member for man
agement purposes.
the privilege of making on the
spot adjustments to milk weights
for sick cows, odd milking hours
and for the rare occasion of a
Pina Glen Tarm Sendee
RR 2 Bax 1M
Lewletawn, PA 17044
meter malfuctkm. You can also set
up the “test day” in advance and
are spared the need to comply with
the policies and procedures gov
erning “official" programs.
PA DHIA offers die following
different management OWNER
SAMPLER records;
40 DHI-OS—Owner-Sampler
All milkings in a 24-hour per
iod and weighed and sampled.
41 DHI-OS-AP Owner-
Sampler AM/PM where only
one milking is weighed and
sampled monthly on an alternating
is for 2 x herds. For 3x herds, 2
milkings are weighed and one
sampled on an alternating basis.
42 DHI-OS-APCS Owner-
Sampler AM/PM Component
Sample All milkings in a
24-hour period are weighed and
one milking sampled monthly on
an alternating basis.
43 DHIA-OS-MO Owner-
Sampler Milk Only All milk
ings in a 24-hour period are
weighed, but not sampled.
Owner-Sampler Milk Only AM/
PM Only one milking is
weighed on an alternating basis
each mouth, but not sampled.
45 DHI-OS-AC Owner-
Sampler Average Components
with average breed or plant com
ponents used - Only AH milking in
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Specializing In Buildings,
Feed Mills - Roofs - Tanks -
Etc., Aerial Ladder Equip.
Stone - Brick - Restoration
574 Gibbon’s Rd.,
Bird-In-Hand, Pa.
Answering Service (717) 354-5561