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    A3B-L»hctBtcr Farming, Saturday, July 24, 1993
Farming Celebrated In Chester County
SHIP (Chester Co.) Chester
County’s new public-private
farmland preservation partnership
brought its message of support
directly to the farmers on Sunday,
July 18, at Upper Oxford Town
ship’s community park. Hosting a
picnic barbecue in honor of the
county’s 57 registered Century
Farmers, representatives from the
Agricultural Development Coun
cil, the Agricultural Land Preser
vation Board, the Brandywine
Conservancy and Penn State’s Co
operative Extension let the west
ern Chester County farmers know
that they intend to use their com
bined knowledge and energy in
helping to provide another hund
red years and more of active, pro
ductive farming In the county.
This was a day to “celebrate
farming.” In a society where some
families move every three or four
years, there is an incredible sense
of continuity and stability in re
cognizing the presence of the
same family on the same land for
over a hundred years. Eighteen
Century Farm families attended
the barbecue and were easily
identified by the blue and gold rib
bons attached to their nametags.
They included the H. Wheeler
Amans who are nearly two-cen
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tury farmers (1794-Kimberton);
Mrs. Eusebius Baily and her son’s
family (West Chester); David Cle
venstine (Phoenixville); three
generations of Alfred Dallett’s
family (Cheyney); Donald and
Shirley Elliott, a two-century
farming family (1769); and their
neighbors, Vernon and Laßue
Guest (Pottslown); the William
Handys (1743-Coatesville): John
Kirk (Nottingham); Lukens
Hutchison (West Grove): veterin
arian Carol Landefcld and her
husband Robert Witt (Kennett
Square); the David Lights (Coch
ranville); 4 generations of a two
century farm, Rebecca Krueger,
the Frederick McMichaels and
their son’s family (1777-Honey
brook); another two-century fami
ly, Landis and Barbara Reid
(1793-Parkesburg); Mrs. Sylves
ter Scott and Benton and Mary
Woodward (Coatesville): and
Mrs. Helen Young and her family
A shady grove and a picnic pa
vilion draped in red, white and
blue bunting set the stage for dis
plays that illustrated progress in
farmland preservation and the
types of advice and support the
Contracts for new and updated turkey houses
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Call Northeast Agri Systems for a free estimate: 1-800-673-2580
partners can offer the farming
community. Take-home packets
of information were available, and
staff members spent the afternoon
getting to know the farmers. A
chance to sign up for information
from Chester County’s Task Force
on Tax Reform resulted in a bask
et full of requests. The Conservan
cy gave away posters of James
Wyeth’s painting “Hay Bales,"
and country music was supplied
by Chris Ferrier and his Cacklin’
Hens & Roosters Too.
The newly signed cooperative
agreement was good cause for
celebration. The innovative part
nership prepares the way to com
bine the county’s ability to pur
chase development rights from
farmers with the Brandywine
Conservancy’s expertise in help
ing landowners plan for the future
of their property and the Coopera
tive Extension’s work with finan
cial planning. As Ray Pickering,
director of the Agricultural Land
Preservation Board, stressed,
“Rather than competing for the
scarce hours in a farmer’s day, the
partnership will work together in
bringing information to the farm
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The other hosts included Joyce
Hershey for the ADC, Colin John
stoiie who spoke for both the
ALPB and the absent chairman of
the County Commissioners, Karen
Martynick, who was in Chicago
accepting an award for Chester
County’s farmland preservation
program. Bill Sellers of the Bran
dywine Conservancy whose re
cent environmental trip to Hun
gary dramatically increased his
appreciation of the productivity of
Chester County’s soils, rainfall
and farmers, and Laurie Sickow-
Sandow from the Penn State Co
operative Extension.
Farmers have serious personal
concerns about estate planning
and inheritance taxes which they
can plan for to some degree. How
ever, there are also many chal
lenges that are totally beyond their
control. For instance, develop
ment pressures in other sections of
the county have a domino effect
on this area of seemingly endless
com and grain fields. As people
flee higher cost housing and taxes
in central and northern Chester
County, their arrival in the west
ern townships and school districts
places a greater financial burden
on the fanners. One farmer at the
picnic thought he had his 1993
school tax payment pretty well
taken care of • until the bill arriv-
laaa than half the
pnnr uaad by chain.
* **
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rinty: no one else
comas dost.
ed. His land straddles 2 school dis
tricts; the bill is $4,000 higher
than last year. According to Cen
tury Farmers David and Annabclle
Light, they were recently faced
with the choice of selling 64 acres
of their farm or going broke.
The Century Farm picnic’s spe
cial guests were enthusiastic in
their support for the new effort.
They included home district State
Representative Arthur Hershey, a
farmer himself, who is working
hard to establish a new 4-H center
in the county; Congressman Ro
bert Walker who is working to
ward relief from inheritance taxes
for farm families that keep on
farming: Slate Senator Earl Baker,
just home from a trip to China and
renewed awareness of both our
democratic traditions and rich
agricultural resources; County
Commissioners Joe Kenna and
Andy Dinniman; former State
Representative Sam Morris who
still speaks for the farmer as a
member of the State Agricultural
Land Preservation Board; Chester
County Historical Society’s Bob
Thompson; Leroy Bruce, Farm
Manager for the University of
Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Cen
ter and also Barclay Hoopes, pre
sident of the Chester-Delaware
Farm Association. *'
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