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    A36-L«ncaster Fanning, Saturday, July 24, 1993
A new milking parlor, a high
producing herd, and a preview of
agriculture in the former Soviet
state of Moldavia were topics for
discussion at the dairy twilight
meeting sponsored by the Adams
County Holstein Club on Thurs
day,' July 15.
Hosted by the Donlemar Farm
of Leroy, Nona, and Mark Deputy
in East Berlin, the meeting was
presided over by Marvin Brown,
The Deputy family cares for a
milking herd of 112 Holsteins,
which in 1992 produced an aver
age of 22,265 pounds of milk, 842
pounds of fat and 702 pounds of
protein to rank second among
herds on DHIA testing in the
The herd is milked through a
double eight rapid exit parallel
parlor which operates hydraulical
ly and features automatic take-off
milkers and indexing stalls.
Describing her experiences with
the Friendship Force, an interna
tional exchange program started
by former President Jimmy Carter,
Sally Brown Bair of Lancaster told
‘Odor Crisis’ Propels
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• Harlan Keener, Lancaster
County swine producer and owner
of . working digester. Keener
operates a 1,000-sow farrow-to
finish operation. Several years
ago, he constructed a digester. He
said there hasn’t been much inter
est in digesters from the industry.
“The big boys don’t want to touch
it, they say it’s not practical,
because there’s no money in it for
them.’ ’ But for hog operations, it’s
a practical way to get rid of odors
and provide supplemental power
for farm operations, saving far
mers money.
• James Kauffman, Lancaster
County poultry farmer, who man
ages about 73,000 pullets and is
looking for ways to more effec
tively manage manure. He is also
looking for ways to obtain inex
pensive power to contribute to his
farming operation.
• Virgil Gutshall, Perry County
vo-ag teacher. Gutshall also oper
ates a 330-sow farrow-to-finish
operation and is looking for ways
not only to handle manure odors,
but to use the information to set up
informational exhibits at school
and as a special Farm Show
• Dr. Robert E. Graves, profes
sor of ag and bioengineering, Penn
State. Graves said one of the
unique elements of the effort “is
the fact that we have farmers going
over,” he said, who can use the
experience to obtain a model for
their farms.
• Gerald M. Heistand, assistant
administrator, Lancaster Conser
Moldavia Ag, Other Topics At Dairy Meeting
of conditions in the former Soviet
republic of Moldavia. A small
country about the size of Colorado,
Moldavia is located between
Romania and the Ukraine at about
the same latitude as Pennsylvania.
Agriculture accounts for 40 per
cent of the country’s gross national
product and provides jobs to 40
percent of the workforce. Most of
the employment remains on large
collective farms. “After seventy
years of communism, the people
find it difficult to think for them
selves —a very real problem in the
transition to privatization,” said
Bair. She listed the problems con
fronting agriculture as “too many
employees, very expensive fuel, a
lack of cold storage, and drought.
“Unpaved streets and outdoor
toilets are common in the villages
of Moldavia,” said Bair. Families
typically reside in one or two bed
room apartments and spend some
time daily at food shopping, often
standing in line to buy eggs when
they are available. While the
natives view America as the land
of opportunity, Sally Bair feels it
may take generations before they
overcome the effects of oppressive
vation District. Heistand said the
group will examine ways that
small to medium-sized farms may
be able to use the information
obtained to set up their own diges
ters. “We’re seeing if we can’t
bring that technology back here
and fit it into a particular niche in
the United States, particularly with
the small farms here in southeast
ern Pennsylvania.”
Heistand said several areas in
China do not have rural electricity
and depend heavily on. the diges
ters to obtain power.
“I think what we’re looking at
here 'is a question of self
sufficiency,” he said. “I think
those farmers that enjoy being self
sufficient will really tap into this
The group, when they come
back, has a timetable to set up a
“package” of information that
will be released, through the Cen
ter for Rural Pennsylvania, to the
public, according to Heistand. The
times of release are still being
worked out, according to
Lawrence J. Lentz, program mana
ger of the center.
The actual itinerary for the trip
is being set up at this time by the
host country, according to Dr.
Richard Fite, group leader. The
group will leave China and head
back to the U.S. on August 20.
But when the group returns,
they will be putting together the
information they obtained for use
by farmers here.
“People are looking to this area
for advice and for progress as to
what’s happening,” said Heistand.
Adams County Dairy Princess
Lisha Mummert of East Berlin
reported that she has completed
training for her role in milk promo
tion the week of July 6 at Lycom-
4TT4 Tfc Sheep: 1. Lebanon. 2. York. 3. Lancaster. Overall Teams: i
-H 7 PrC PrPmirP Lancaster. Swine: 1. York. 2. Lebanon.2.York 3.Lancaster
■XI CIS X I CliCll V Lebanon. 3. Lancaster. Rea- Over* ll IndividuaJ: t.jon Ham
sons: 1. Lebanon. 2. York. 3. 2- Matt Sellers. 3. Adam
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jp senior team at the regional 4-H livestock judging contest was awarded to Leba
non County, comprised of, from left, Dan Atkins, Jon Harnlsh, and Brian Krelder.
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Type Continuous Row Full Heat or Automatic Batch.
Grain Columns Two 14” galvanized steel grain columns.
Grain is controlled by SCR-driven dual metering rolls.
Fan Heavy ; duty direct-driven axial fan, 1750 RPM, with full
motor overload protection.
Heater High capacity direct-fired heater with “Star Fire”
burner, full electric ignition and two level fuel flow modulation
Augers Heavy-duty auger construction. Automatically
controlled top leveling auger, bottom auger for grain discharge.
Automatic Control Automatic control of all functions:
loading, drying, cooling and grain discharge. Full safety control
system with automatic shutdown.
ing College. She shared the excite
ment of serving ice cream to
10,000 people in Philadelphia on
June 23 in the “Every Day is Sun
dae” promotion. Lisha is available
to speak to local consumer groups
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