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SATURDAY. JULY 17. 1993. 9:30 A.M.
Notice; After 34 years, The George R. Lynn, Co. has decided to cease ops and
sell all its assets at unreserved absolute auction. Everything sells to highest
bidder regardless of price.
Location: George R. Lynn Yard and Shop Facility in Port Carbon, PA -1/2 mile
fm Rt. 62 in Pottsville.
Hydraulic Excavators
Cat 238 LC Hyd Bxc, s/n 51V05634, pwd by Cat 3208 d>l eng. E/w
28 M xl4' crawlen (3,1 IS hours)
Gfadall 0880 Hyd Ezc, s/n NP 120702, pwd by Detroit 471 dsl eng
nutted on W.S 6x4 carrier, pwd by rebuilt Detroit 6V71 dsl. eng. E/w
main/4 spd aux, remote control, and 11.00x20 tires.
Oradallo6Bo Hyd Eic, sin NP-300546, pwd by Detroit 471 dsl eng
milted on W.S 6x4 earner, pwd by rebuilt Detroit 6V71 dsl eng and 5 (pd
main with 4 ipd aux. E/w remote control and 11.00x20 tires.
Qndlll 0860 Hyd Ezc, i/n NP-165290, pwd by Detroit 8453 dsl
eng mnted on 6x4 carrier pwd by 8 cyl gas eng.
Rubber Tired & Crawler Loaders
Cnt 080 RTL, s/n 81J7802, pwd by Cat dsl eng and pis inns. E/w gp
bucket, Erops, and 20.5x25 tires.
Cnt 086ARTL, s/n 33a55 pwd by Cat dsl eng and p/s inns. E/w buck
et, enclosed cab and 16.00x24 tires.
Cnt 9668 RTL, s/n 75A3389, pwd by Cat dsl eng and pis trans. E/w
bucket, enclosed cab and 18.00x24 tires' (blown eng).
Cnt 977 L Crawler Lender, pwd by Cat D 333 dsl eng and shuttle
trans. E/w gp bucket, single barrel 5 tooth ripper, Erops (missing glass).
Rollers & Compactors
Dynnpno CC42A Art Vlb Roller, s/n 362025, pwd by Cat 3208 dsl
eng and hydrostatic trans. E/w 66” smoofhdnim and wet system.
ER DA-90 Art Vlb Roller, s/n 59953, pwd by peutz dsl eng and
hydrostatic trans. E/w 40” drums (488 hours)
Buffalo Springfield KTI9 Tandem Roller, s/n 25868, pwd by 6
cyl gas eng and trans. E/w water system and drums.
Buffalo Springfield VM29 3-Whl Roller, i/n 18815, pwd by 6
cyl gas eng and trans.
Buffalo Springfield VM3ID 3-Whl Roller, s/n 31716, pwd by 6
cyl gas eng and Inns. ‘
Buffalo Springfield VM22 3-Whl Roller, sAt 17804, pwd by 6
cyl gas eng and trans.
Buffalo Springfield VM4S 3-Whl Roller, s/n 15752, pwd by Cat
330 dsl eng and vans. E/w hyd steer.
Buffalo Springfield FBRCX4 O-WhIRT Roller, s/n 14177, pwd
by 6 cyl gas eng and shuttle trans. E/w Wet system.
Buffalo-Bomeg ATSMB Tow Behind Vlb Sheepefoot Com
pactor, s/n 58970, pwd by Doulz dsl eng. E/w 72” drum.
Bomog BWOOB Double Wolk-Behind Vib Roller, s/n 48866,
pwd fay dd en|.
Hat* E67ILHKI6IA Double Drum Walk Behind Vib Roll
er, pwd by dil eng.
Road Wldener & Asphalt Pavers
Blew Knox PFI3O RT Asphalt Parer. >M 0532-017, pwd by
Detroit 453 dil eng. E/w 10’ heated icieed.
BlawKoox PPBS RT Asphalt Power, tM 452002, pwd by 4 cyl gas
eng. Equipped with 8* heated bed.
Blaw Knox 1198RW Rood Widcoer. »/n 0549-009, pwd by
Detroit 453 dil eng. E/W hyd wing and extensions.
Jersey Spreader Model 90 Aggregate Spreader, s/n 423.
Aeroil K 88330 8/A Tor KetUe. E/w applicator and propane
AeroU XBBIBS 8/A Tor KetUe.
Motor Graders
Cot 148 Motor Grader, s/h 72G471, pwd by Cat D 333 dsl eng and
p/s trans. E/w rear multi-shank ripper, 14’ moldboard, and 17.5x25 tires.
Cot 13 Motor Grader, s/n 99E731, pwd by Cat 0333 dsl eng and
direct drv trans. E/w 12’ moldboard, fit scarifier, and 13.00x24 tires.
Leßoi Model 125 T Tractalr Comp/Troctor, s/n 227/1781,pwd
by 4 cyl gas eng and 4 spd trots. E/w 125 cfm air comp, hose reel,
12.2x24 rear and 6.00x16 front tires.
Chicago Pneumotic CPSISO, ISO cfm Port Air Comp, s/n
CE10876, pwd by Isuzu dsl eng (1421 hours)
Jaeger 4 PT 4” Centrifugal Pumps, s/n PI 96689, pwd by Com 4
cyl gas eng.
Trafoon TC-1 Arrow Board, sAt 0485PC25147, pwd by Lombardi
dsl eng. Til mnted.
IR Oyro-flo 210 Oaa pwd Air Comp (mining parti).
Dump Tracks
1078 1ntT72874, T/ADump Trk, i/n CF2S7HHAI4B23, pwd by
Cummim dil eng and 5+2 ipd Irani. E/w alum, dump body, bed vibrator
and heated boa (new steering boa).
1970 fiat’l7Bo7o T/ADump Trk. iAi D3117FG821015, pwd by
Cummim 400 dil eng and Road ranger 13 ipd tram. E/w Somerset 13-15
yard alum dump body, bed vibratory and 11.00x22 tirea.
1878IH F2050A T/A Dump Trk. tin 75795EG814774, pwd by
Cat 639 dsl eng and Roadranger 13 spd tram. E/w steel bed.
1074 1H72070A T/ADump Trk, sM 75797DG818680, pwd by
dsl eng and Roadranger 13 spd tram. E/w 13 yard aluminum
1971 m F2OIQA T/A Dump Trk, s/n 7472210446136, pwd by
Cat 3208 dsl eng and 5 spd tram. E/w aluminum dump body.
1968 IH T/ADump Trk. s/h 377101G187942,pwd by IH dsl eng
and S spd tram. E/w steel dump body.
1978 1 H 2010 A T/ADump Trk, s/n 74722CG811880, pwd by Cat
3208 dsl eng and 5 spd Inns wMt 4 spd aux. E/w 13 yard alum body. 1973
IH 1800 S/A Dump Trk, s/n DOS 12EHA40583, pwd by 8 cyl gas eng and
5+2 spd tram. E/w 5 yard steel body o>eru).
1981 VS. 17545/A Dump Trk. i/n AA1758H810511, pwd by IH
dsl eng (bad tram).
Braekwajr 260-LO Dump Trk, sAi 61461 (pans)
fiotT M628C88 Damp Trk, s/n 377101G225270 (pans)
lnt'lll62BCßß Dump Trk. s/h 277101G220516 (parts)
1087 m MCB2BCBB T/A Dusup, sM 377101G220519, pwd by.
Cat dsl eng and 5 spd tram. E/w alum dump.
Truck Tractors & Trailers
1978 White Western Star T/A Trk Tractor, i/n
JTPCPOIO3IO32, pwd by Detroit BV92T cUI eng and 13 ipd Roadnnger
Irani. E/w wet line, URx24.S tirei.
19741 H F2070A T/A Trk Tractor, i/h 75797DG818675. pwd by
Detroit 671 dll eng and 13 ipd Road ranger tram. E/w wet line and
10.00x20 tirei.
1978 IH F 4370 T/A Trk Tractor, iM 02127HG814585, pwd by
Detroit 6V71 dll eng and 13 ipd Roadnnger tram. E/w iliding sth wheel,
wet line and 10.00x20 tirei (bad eng., no wheeli).
1973 Rogers THPG3S-DSF-26-94-15 DeUch T/A Lowboy
Trl, «/n 15962. E/w wetline, 20’ level deck, outriggers, and 10.00x15
Aeroll KBBSSO S/A Tar Kettle, E/w applicator and propane
Aeroll 588165 8/A Tu Kettle.
1972 Rogers THPO3B-DSF-36-04-15 DeUch T/A Lowboy
Til, iM 15962, E/W wetline, 20’ level deck, Oulriggen, and 10.00x15
1072 Rogers THPO3S-D6P-38-04-15 DeUch T/A Lowboy
TrL sAt 46091. E/w wetline, 20' level deck, oulriggen, and 10.00x15
1973 HUI ADT26S6 28' T/A Alum Dump Trl, i/n 2461, E/w
11.00x20 tires.
1878 6 Ton T/Axle Tagalong Trl, >/n TR2793PA. E/w 10' bid.
1072 Homemade 8/A Tegalong Tilt Trl.
Fruehauf 8000 gallon 8/A Fuel Trk.
B*x2o' Alum. Storage Box.
Water, Fuel & Compressor Trucks
1975 IH COI9SOB 8/A Water Trk. s/h D1045ECA24162.
1077 IB 1600 8/A Water Trk, i/h DOISI2GHBI32TS.
1068 IH 2110 8/A Fuel Trk, s/h 717221G305673.
1977 EH 1600 8/A Fuel Tank, iM 416060H687278.
1870 IH 1600 8/A Tool Trk. a/n 4160600040327.
1078 IH 1600 8/A Comp Trk. s/h 10662EHA10132.
1083 Ford 8980 Ahun Step Van, a/h IFCJE3OY7DHA9B3O4.
1092 Ford 8350 Alum Step Van.
1082 Ford £350 Alum Step Van. a/n IFCJE3OG6CHBI63OO.
1082 Ford 8380 Alum Step Van. s/n IFCJE3OGBCHBI63OI.
1982 Ford ESSO Alum Step Van. a/h IFCIE3OG9CHA2S9S7.
Cars & Pickups
1988 Olda Ninety Bight Regency Brougham, $/n
1980 Buick Limited Elect™, s/n 4X69XAH412260.
1978 Cedlllee Sedan DeViUe. s/n 6D6958E634184.
1977 Cadillac Sedan DeVUle, s/n 6D6957E624666.
1978 Olda Delta 88 Cuatom Cruiser Station Wagon, s/n
1979 Olda Delta 88 Cuatom Crulacr Station Wagon, s/n
1983 Ford Ranger, sM IFTCRIOAIDUC4B676.
1981 Chewy CSO Vtli Body P/U Trk, s/n
IH 1800 S/A Flatbed Trk. s/h 4160800273201.
1977 IH 1600 8/A Flatbed Trk, s/n D0512GH813277.
1976 IR 1600 8/A Flatbed Trk. s/n D0512FHA13356.
Atlantic ADIBO T/A Office Trl, SO', s/n 3771.
Little Ford Tar Sprayer, mmed on IH Ll9O Chassis.
Contractor Tools And Equipment
(2) Wicker 1200-G gas pwd Core drills; HoUy 5600,3000 PSI Kerosene
Steam Cleaner/Prei»ure Washer; Dayton 2 Stage Gas Pwd Port Air Com
pressor, (4) Honda 3500 Watt Gas Pwd Generators; (3) Wacker VRISIY
Fool Compactors; Wacker BY6O Foot Compactor, Wacker VPG 1608
Plate Compactor, Wacker VPG 160 K Plate Compactor, New Eng.; ABS
2” Elec. Submersible Pump; Gorman Rupp S3IA 3" Submersible Pump,
shp 230v01t; 2” Elec. Submersible Pump;-Hydro Test 250 PSI Hydrosta
tic Test Pump; Wacker BTSIO Multi Purpose Saw; Pneumatic Cutoff
Saw; (3) IR 116 & 117 Pneumatic Hammers; (3) IR Paving Breakers; (2)
Hammer Drills; (3) Clay Diggers; 3 hp Line Painter; Core drill Bits; (2)
Allied Trench-Shore Pumps; Wooden A Steel Road Signs; Wooden
Extension A Step Ladders; Air Hoses; Water Hoses; 2” Suction Hose;
Moil Points; Wheelbarrow; Brooms, Picks, Shovels, Rakes; Hard Hats;
Hand Tools; Shackles; Sledge Hammers; Water Coolers; Fire Exting
uisher, Milwaukee Hammer Drill; Large Quantity Chains A Binders;
Homelite Gas Pwd Weed Wacker; Gas Pwd Lawn Mower, Homelile 18”
Chain Saw; International Cadet 328 Gas Pwd Snow Blower, Weed Eater
Blower; Safety Cones; Skil Elec Chain Saw.
Laser And Levels
Spectra Physics 10SS Pipe Later with Blower ft Target; David While
8114 Level; Topcon DT3O Digital Transit; Pen tax CT4B Trantit; Bergen
320 A Levd; Site Ban ft Tripodi.
Forms, Scaffolding And Concrete
(50) IB’‘xlo’ Concrete Forms; (40) Adjustable Bridge Overhang Brack
ets; Large Quantity Pint ft Hardware; Clipper C-655-KD 55 HP Walk
Behind Concrete Saw; Anderson 8612-64 Sandblasting Pot; Allen 12SX
Razor Back Vibratory (air) Screed; Comaoo Air Pwd Concrete Screed;
Wyco Concrete Vibrator, (2)-Stow Concrete Vibrators; (2) Concrete
Screed Vibrators; Bull Floats; (8) Pieces 4* Ladder Scaffolding; Muller
3-1/2 CP Mortar Miser (missing motor); (4) Georgia Buggies; Gar-Bro
413-G Concrete Bucket; Car-Bro 423-G Concrete Bucket; Foote Elec
Concrete Miser, Concrete Blankets; (35) 12” Whole Concrete Road
HoPac 8500 Vibrator Compactor, Allied Hydra Hoe Ram (fiu 660 or 880
Gradall); 36” Gradall Bucket; 72” Gradall Bucket; (2) 40” Gndall Buck
et; 16", 52”, and 48” Gradall Bucket; 48” Digging Bucket (fiu Cat 225);
(4) Gradall BuckeU; Vaulk RV9OI-60 10' Plow Blade with controls;
M-B 6' hyd Broom Attachment; Fleco 10' Root Rake; (2) Moore HD 9
cub yrd Steel Dump Body; Merrill-Chinbro Model C 6,6" Pipe Grab; 8"
Pipe Grab.
Atlas Lathe; Conat Machinery 5 hp 230/460 Volt 12” Table Saw; Lempco
200 A Honing Machine, a/h D62SB, 115 volt; Lenaon BGCH 12*1/2 10
Pneumatic Driver, IR 25305 Elec Shopair Compreaior 220/440,3 phaae;
Load Lifter 2-Ton Elec Table Hoiata; 230 volt, 3 phaae; Rong Fu 4 1/2“
Horizontal Bandaaw; Manley SOT hyd Preaa; Sibley 3 Phaae Drill Preii;
Lev-L Lite B 4 Headlight Align Inatrumenu; Sun VPT-1 Vacuum Prei
aure Tetter; Sun VAT 6-3 Volta Amperetetter, Sun 8948 Condenaer Tet
ter, Sun AS2 Coil Tetter; OTC #525 Puller Set; Sunett 4407-3RL Micro
meter Depth Cage; Snap-on FMFI36 Dial Teat Set; KD 3029 Cyl Hone
Set; Sntp-On TO-lSOtorgometer. BAD Valve Seat Driver; Brake Align
ment Machine; Jenny 110,000 BTU Waite Oil Heater, Parta Waaher A
Dcgreaser; Deka Battery Analyzer; Solar 660 Battery Charger; PAH 1/2
Ton Elec. Chain Hoiata with trolly A beam.
Welders & Shop Tools
Hobart 400 Amp Elec Welder, Hobart 250 Amp Gaa Pwd Welder, Airco
250 Amp 3 Phase DC Welder; Torch Seu; Welding Rod; Gasoline Cut
ting Torch; Welding Hoods; Steel Welding Tables; Milwaukee Angle
Grinder, AEG 9" Grinder, (2) Bench Grinder; Bench Vises; Enerpac
JHAISO, 150 Ton hyd Jack; OTC 4143, 30 Ton Hyd Ram; Blackhawk
Air hyd Jack; 10 Ton hyd Jack; Lincoln 2 Ton hyd Jack; hyd Bumper
Jacks; Trans Jack; (2) Weaver 5* Jack Stands; (6) Jack Stands; (2) Eng
Sunds; Trans Stand; (2) Hyd Bottle Jacks; Blue Point ATBSO Pneumatic
Drill; AEG Elec Drill; Elec Drill; BAD 5/8” Elec Drill; BAD 3104 Saber
Saw; (2) AEG PCBO-1 A PC7O-1 Circular Saws; Mikita Circular Saw;
BAD 7VI ” Circular Saw; BAD Drill Bit Sharpener; Milwaukee 9" San
der, Flex Sander/Polithen CP Pneumatic Impact Wrench; Blue Point
AT7508 Impact Wrench; SIR 223 Impact Wrench; Kent V. ” Pneumatic
Impact Wrench; 1” Pneumatic Impact Wrench; Impact Sockets; Wheel
Sockets; 'A " Socket Set; Sockets A Ratchets; Pipe Wmnchet; Bolt Cut
lers; Bench Vise; Hammers;, Vise Grips; Combination Wrenches;
Pneumatic Punch; Lugall 2 Ton Cable Comealong; Chain Comealong;
Large Quantity Meul Shelving; Air Hoae; Ridgid 2'A ” to 4" Pipe Cutter;
48” Pipe Wrench; Extension Cords; Steel Shop Tables; Craftsman 16
Gallon Wet A Dry Vacuum; (2) Alemite Pneumatic Lubers; Hand Tries;
Jumper Cables; Turner 303 Scale; Shaipe 880 A Spray System; National
Pneumatic Palm Sander, Grinder Wheels; Grease Guns; Taps A Dies;
Reddy 50,000 BTU Kero Torpedo Heater; Dayton 350,000 BTU Kero
Toipedo-Heater, C Clamps.
Mobile Radios And Office Equipment
(5) GE MLSLI6O Rev A Mobile Radios, 2 channel, 31.32 freq.; Micro
wave Ovens, Icc Making Machine A Refrig; King Efficiency Unit con
tains Refrig. A Sink; (2) Water Coolers; Youk Safe A Locke Company
3'x4' Fireproof Combo Safe; Yale Lock Mfg. Co. 3‘x4' Fireproof Com
bo Safe Casters; 4 Drawer A 2 Drawer Fire Proof Cabinets; (14) 5,4 A 3
Drawer File Cabineu; (7) 5 Drawer File Cabinets; 4 Drawer Horizontal
File Cabinet: (8) Swivel Office Chairs; (10) Chair, 13 Steel A Wooden
Desks; 6’ Laminated Desk; (2) Secretary Desks; Adler Royal 2152 Plain
Paper Copier A Stand, reduction A color, (2) Monroe 1330 Calculator;
Pictures: (4) NCR Monitor A Keyboard; (2) Office Trash Cans; IBM
Sdectric II Correcling-Eiec Typewriter; Murata Ml2oo Fax Machine;
NCR CPU Diskdrive; IBM Selectric Typewriter; Arbon 1121 PD Calcu
lator, Royal Manual Typewriter; Arbon 82IOPO Calculator; Art Metal
Storage Cabinet; Computer Table, Wooden; Kenwood KR-5010 Stereo
Receiver; RC Allen Manual 'typewriter; Bogen CHS-60A Amplifier,
NCR Printer; 3M 526 Plain Paper Copier A Cabinet; Anco Bill Wooden
Drafting Table; Wooden Blue Print Rack; (4) Bar stools; Toshiba TF2SI
facismile; Monroe A Royal Calculators; (11) Texas Instruments TI -5142
111 Calculator.
Stone, Pipe, Steel And Hardware
Stone Curbing; Belgian Block; Guard Rail; Concrete Barriers; Concrete
Pipe; Terracotta Pipe; Large Quantity of Machine ft Trie Parts (new);
Equipment Manuals; PVC Fittings; Boundry Materials; Large Quantity
of Nails; 60 pcs 12" to 48" Concrete Pipe (new ft cut); 100 pcs Omona
6”s4' Terracotta Pipe; 100 Els, Tees ft Reducers Terracotta Pipe; Misc. •
Cast Iron Fittings; (12) Concrete Sewer Basing and Top Plates; (4)
B"x2o’ SBT Ductile Iron Pipe; (2) 4'x9'x3/4” Road Plate; Steel Round
Stock; Steel Pipe, Angle ft Channel; Large Quantity Scrap; Small Quan
tity C/S Piling (cut); (30 pcs) 4'xB’ Wooden Picket Fencing (new); Ero
sion Control Fencing; New ft Used Starters; Brake Shoes; (30) New ft
Recapped 11.00x20 ft 10.00x20 Tires; Large Quantity Gradall Parts;
Bearings; Scale; Pipe Fitting; C/U Tube Fittings; Steel Nut ft Bolt Bins
full of Nuts, Bolts ft Washers; Used Bucket w/leeth ft Cutting Edges;
Steel Riel Tank, self contained with elec metered pumps; 8’ Salt
Auction Company
496 North Kings Hwy., Suite 123
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
(609) 482-1414 • Fax: (609) 482-1171*
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, July 3, 1993*829
Buckets And Attachments
Machine Shop Equipment