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    Farming, Saturday, June 19, 1993
First Dorchester County Chicken Festival A
Hold it and they will come. That is
exactly what happened the
weekend of June 11 and 12 at Sail
winds Park in Cambridge. Md.,
the home of the 45th Delmarva
Chicken Festival.
This was the first lime the annu
al festival was held in Dorchester
County and the organizers could
not have been more pleased. The
salute to Delmarva’s largest agri
culural enterprise was sponsored
by Delmarva Poultry Industry,
Inc. (DPI), the nonprofit trade
association working for the con
tinued advancement of the more
than $1 billion a year local poultry
industry and was hosted by the
Dorchester County Chamber of
Sailwinds Park, destined to
become a major tourist attraction
for Dorchester County, was con
verted to a giant marketplace for
arts and crafts, a carnival grounds,
a large eating area, and a contes
tant field for youngsters and
adults. The attendance exceeded
40,000 people, far surpassing
Festival chairman Bud Hankins
said, “We were ready for 25,000
people, but knew that Dorchester
County could come through and
40,000 doesn’t surprise me at all.”
Hankins, who is executive
director of the Dorchester County
Chamber of Commerce said, “We
did this to demonstrate that Dor
chester County could put on a
good chicken festival, and I look
forward to this being the first in a
number of great events for the
The festival featured several
first-time events, including boat
rides on the Choptank River and
railroad excursions between Cam
bridge and the town of Hurlock.
Each activity attracted about 700
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The focal point of the festival
was chicken and there were plenty
of ways to enjoy it. The giant fry
pan, filled with Mazola com oil,
was kept busy for two days, with
organizers having to resupply it
Saturday afternoon because of
brisk sales. Barbecued chicken
was available, as were many other
chicken entrees.
In the consumer program,
“Simply Nutritious Chicken,”
there were presentations on how
to prepare chicken in a variety of
ways. Dr. Charles Wabeck with
the University of Maryland
showed how to. cut up a chicken,
while his son, Chef John Wabeck,
presented a program called
“Chicken-So Good, So Good For
You.” Cookbook author Linda
Davis-O’Brien discussed the his
Wolff Commends Poultry
HARRISBURG (Dauphin Co.)
Secretary of Agriculture Boyd
E. Wolff this week commended
the poultry industry and state and
federal regulators for their work to
contain an outbreak of Avian
Influenza (AI) in Pensylvania and
other Northeastern states.
“Aggressive control efforts by
poultry producers and by veterina
rians and technicians from USDA
and from the Department made it
possible to control the spread of
AI,” Wolff* said.
Wolff said the Pennsylvania
Poultry Federation was particular
ly helpful during the AI outbreak.
“Leaders from the Poultry Fed
eration spent many hours meeting
with our veterinarians discussing
the best ways to limit possible
spread of AI without undue bur
den on the thousands of people
who make their living in poultry
“As a result of that control over
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Ryder supply
tory of cooking contests and how
many commonplace food items in
the kitchen today are the result of
contests such things as sesame
seeds, Reuben sandwiches, bundt
cakes, and chicken nuggets. Her
demonstrations, “As Good As
Gold Chicken,” included prepara
tion of the winning entries from
the 1988 and 1992 Delmarva
chicken cooking contests.
DPl's newest recipe brochure
was intorduced at the festival and
copies of “Simply Nutritious
Chicken” are available by sending
a self-addressed, stamped enve
lope to “Simply Nutritious Chick
en,” c/o DPI, R.D. 6. Box 47,
Georgetown, DE 19947-9622.
One popular attraction was the
poultry industry exhibit organized
and staffed by extension special-
the disease, we have been able to
join with Maryland and New York
in rescinding the Interstate Quar
antine Order on movements of
live poultry between Pennsylvania
and other states, and we have been
able to relax our General Quaran
tine through amendments that
were posted on June Ist,” Wolff
Under the amended General
Quarantine Order, the pre
movement test requirement for
transportation of poultry has been
removed. The amendment also
provides additional criteria for the
release of non-infected flocks
from quarantine.
The General Quarantine Order
was adopted by the Department of
Agriculture in January of 1993
after blood testing produced evi
dence that a Pennsylvania turkey
flock had been exposed to Avian
Influenza. HSN2 Avian Influenza
virus was discovered in live bird
ists at the universities of Delaware
and Maryland. The chick-hatching
area and the chick-petting area
proved popular with youngsters,
many of whom b?d never before
seen a live bird. An educational
program entitled “Protecting
Delmarva’s Environment-Water
Quality” showed how the poultry
industry is working with many
individuals, organizations, and
agencies to protect Delmarva’s
In chicken capers, poultry com
panies competed against each
other in relay races, with trophies
going to a processing team from
Perdue Farms, Inc., Georgetown,
Del. and a growout team from Per
due’s Delmarva Broiler Division
in Salisbury, Md. Individual con
tests were held in several catego
ries for different age groups.
Industry, Veterinarians
markets in Philadelphia and New
York City.
Further evidence of Avian
Influenza was found in a poultry
flock exhibited at the Pennsylva
nia Farm Show in January. The
General Quarantine temporarily
suspended poultry exhibitions and
PSU Dairy & Animal Science
Co.) The Purebred Dairy
Cattle Association (PDCA) is
revising their Unified Dairy Cow
Scorecard this year.
The new card is to mirror recen
tly implemented breakdowns used
by the Holstein Association.
Included in the breakdown is a
scoring formula based on IS per
cent for frame, 20 percent for dairy
character, 10 percent for capacity,
• MODEL 4640 - 6 Row Cultivator
• MODEL 6400 - 4 Row Cultivator
Performance In
All High Residue
Minimum Till,
No-Till or
Ridge Till
No other
cultivates like
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• Quick and accurate depth band settings with positive, quick-set, single-wrench
• Unequaled toolbar height allows more crop clearance and residue flow
• Precision-ground on-inch parallel linkage pins and "composite* bushings
provide strength and lasting durability
• Strong heat-treated sweep shanks that have unmatched durability
• Adjustable sweep mounting brackets for fine tuning the pitch of the sweep
for superior soil penetration and flow
• Large 18” Cutting Coulters with 12” depth bands slice through the high-residue
left by today’s minimum till, no-till/ridge till high bushel crops
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knives • Side-dress anhydrous kit • Sweep fertilizer tube attachment • Spring
cushion shanks • The Scout Guidance System
PDCA Score
The winners in the chicken
scratch were Matthew Harris of
Lititz, Pa.; Eric Willey and Chris
Brohawn of Cambridge, Md.; and
Timothy Hill of Salisbury, Md.
Davone Nelson and Elizabeth Sla
cum of Cambridge and Terry
McCabe of Bridgeville, Del. were
winners in the spoon race. The
team of Travis Long of Cam
bridge and Kyle Preston of Wichi
ta Falls, Texas captured one tro
phy for the egg toss while Perry
Minor and Terry Neal, employees
of Townsends, Inc. of Millsboro,
Del., one of Delmarva’s eight
poultry companies, won the other
egg toss trophy. The best imitators
of crowing roosters and cackling
hens were Island Styles of Golds
boro, Md. and Cheryl Grapham of
transportation of live birds to
markets and auctions.
The Interstate Quarantine Order
that has been rescinded was
adopted in February of 1993 due
to evidence that AI was circulat
ing in Mid-Atlantic States.
Card Update
IS percent for legs and feet, and 40
percent of the score for the udder.
The new scorecards are
expected to become available from
PDCA through the Holstein Asso
ciation in late summer or early fall.
But because the revised cards
will not be ready for the first state
4-H contest in July, officials are to
be instructed to use the old score
card as their guideline.
Anyone training judging teams
for summer contests should also
use the old scorecard.