Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, June 05, 1993, Image 61

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    I Ljnca^jarmjng, Saturday, June 5. 1993-821
Jp ■■ i-. - --j -dairy- I
4. Thanks • !
Make I
alia’i rtatron gives you the ■
in efk ive, economical herd 31 H
jernu This OHIA and USDA 5r ‘ ■
vedt fside milk meter provides JBmM H
rietetl on an individual cow milking for in-parlor evaluation. - ■
nfon lon of milk produced, maximum milk flow, average milk flow H
illklq me Is also available at cowside. Aids you to better manage H
ndhf si cow. ■
. ' , .... MANAGEMENT BY E, I
etaW Milk Meter Is transparent for visible operation and designed to ■
ears use. The unrestricted, full 1” milk outlet takes Into account all H
uv an illk flow requirements for high producing dairy cows of today H
imon f. It’s convenient too, and can be on line mounted, or remotely Sophisticated technology that's simpu H
ted o of the operator’s way. can be connected to the Westfalia PC . H
with Dairy Plan for an integrated manager H
. ____________________________________________ — The system will automatically notify the opei. H
is off milk after cluster removal. Once a cow II H
an be tied to a Westfalia PC System and ID System for eb - the , cow si ? e co " tro ' bo * automatically signal. ■
th«»r mananaman* mntmi 7 7 observations of cow for heat, do not milk, or health v ■
! ed iinht aaeiiu uieiKialmm needs. This provides early and economical detection o. I
•nm ®® s V *® ® * rom P°* n * * n P a|, lor to possible health problems, allowing the operator to con- I
ommunlcate needed Information to the dairyman centrate on individual cows. I
a SS control, arms, chain, and hardware for maximum life I
0 unter balanced arm keeps milker supported under cow . _ H
less fall-offs. In case of a fall-off It keeps the milker H
ilof the manure I
0 xlmum strength SS arms and rubber shock absorber take o ... v H
«punishment "RTO-IVITT KFR I A I
0111 work with Westfalia Stimulator pulsator or backflush iVIIL/IVL/IV ■
1 items j ■
01 iclse electronic milk flow monitoring for accurate and Th© BiO-Milk©f MultipliOS Your Profits ■ Hi j a* 1| I
Jendabie take off It’s The Best Way To Better Milking! d* j I
OiHt In Milk Meter displays milk produced Specially designed to regulate your milking jtyJ m a I
operation, this positive pulsed air bleed milker m M ■ ■ IIA H
assures harmony between m A I II I I
Milks lower vacuum ■ | I 111 H
barns a A A B B M H
Ish3 THOMPSON, INC. INTERSTATE DAIRY I Waatlalia Sanlor Healthier Udders ■
lortM Service Center EQUIP. CO. INC. t Salat Enginaar Reduced Milking Times ■
27 j n*. ' tj.)„ Superior Milking Out H
Hairy Division SOO-562-6SS9 I it S „. . Mi ,. Y : p |h I
Valnulf m & Dairy) 301-271-7344 I Pennsylvania, High Milk Yield ■
rRO4 » (■ 1 Maryland, oOme- Reduced Cell Count H
ND SALES* SERVICE J SPECIAL WESTFALIA | thing Longer Productive Life f |«|Ff VPA II A 1 ■
rom» I DEALER FOR THE waMvffi Of The Cow I lilffcVTMi IMM 1 ■
'i** '* I AMISH DAIRYMEN | Else! Increased Profitability \WW I Mi ■
Y« PARADISE PA I 717-677.9301 In The Shed I
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