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    Cake Decoration Seminar Set
caster Co.) “Flowers so real,
you can’t distinguish it from a
fresh flower" is the way some peo
ple describe gum paste flowers.
Gum paste flowers are used in
upscale cake decorating. Gum
paste is a medium of vegetable
gums which, when exposed to air,
becomes very hard and resembles
porcelain. Each petal is hand
Therapeutic Riding
More Than A Pony Ride
University Park (Centre Co.)
Some of the newest 4-H animal
programs involve more than rais
ing farm animals for show. Thera
peutic riding programs use horses
to help people with disabilities
gain muscle strength and coordi
nation. independence and self
“Therapeutic riding is more
than just a pony ride," says Ben
Nolt coordinator of 4-H therapeu
tic riding at Penn State. “Horses
can help people who are physical
ly and emotionally impaired
achieve their personal best. As
people walk, their bodies move
back and forth, side to side and up
and down. The horse’s gait almost
exactly simulates that motion,
recreating the sensation of walk
ing in the rider who is physically
This helps riders become more
aware of how their body muscles
operate, and the warmth of the
horse helps stiff muscles relax.
Learning to stay in the saddle and
control the horse helps riders
develop arm and leg control. The
riders learn to breathe deeply and
steadily, improving cardiovascu
lar functions.
Riding has psychological bene
fits too. Picture a child who may
ig Hors* Barn - Riding Arana
WIC * * , 2622 Valley View Rd., Morgantown, PA 19543
Office (215) 286-5407 • Home (215) 445-8317
formed and constructed petal by
petal and then accented with color.
Gloria Griffin from Toronto,
Ontario, Cananada is .coming to
the Cake and Kandy Emporium
(CAKE) in East Petersburg to
teach a class on gum paste flowers.
The two-day class will be held
Saturday and Sunday. June 12 and
13,9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuition is $ 135.
Register by calling CAKE at (717)
get belittled at school or around
the neighborhood for looking or
acting “funny," or an adult who
always has to look up from a
wheelchair to catch other people’s
“But people astride horses and
suddenly they’re taller than every
one else," says Nolt. “What a
boost! For once in their lives,
they’re in the driver’s seat. Their
range of vision increases. They’re
no longer passive spectators, but
active participants.
After riders get medical consent
to participate, a physical therapist
evaluates their abilities and
designs a course of exercises. Rid
ers may perform exercises that
help improve their balance and
coordination, such as riding then
horses while balancing bean bags
on their heads.
Some participants do not actu
ally ride moving horses,' but per
form stretching exercises on sta
tionary animals. The youngest
participant in Pennsylvania, a
nine-month-old baby diagnosed
with developmental problems,
simply lies prone on the horse,
rocking back and forth to experi
ence movement
Putting an infant on a
1,000-pound horse may seem
Gum paste flowers are dif
ficult to distinguish from
fresh flowers.
risky. But safety, a key concern in
any riding program, is paramount
in therapeutic riding. “Horses are
carefully selected for docile tcmp
erarncnt,” says Robert Kessler, an
extension agent who facilitates the
program in Franklin County.
Pennsylvania is a leader in the
therapeutic riding movement, with
nearly 70 programs in place
more than in any other state. Prog
rams are monitored by the Pen
nsylvania Council on Horseback
Riding for the Handicapped,
which is supported by Pennsylva
nia 4-H and the Pennsylvania Eas
ter Seal Society. For more infor
mation on therapeutic riding in
Pennsylvania, contact Ben Nolt at
(814) 863-3824.
Gum paste flowers are formed petal-by-petal and
accented with color.
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