Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, May 29, 1993, Image 41

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butter. Add onion, green peppers,
mushrooms and garlic. Cook until
tender. Add tomatoes and thyme.
Cook 5 minutes. Cut 14-inch
lengths of heavy-duty aluminum
foil. Sprinkle salt and pepper on
each fish fillet Place one piece of
fish on greased center of each
piece of foil. Spoon equal amounts
of sauce over each fillet Fold
edges of foil up over center and
make a secure double fold. Fold
ends over in a double fold. Place
on the grill and cook for 30
NJ. Dept of Ag.
• Agricultural • Commercial • Residential
Beef Operation Featuring 8’ Deep Manure Storage System With Waffle Slats
• Retaining Walls • Bunker Silos
• Manure Storage, Etc.
4 broiler-fryer chicken quarters
Vi cup white wine vinegar
2 /i cup water
3 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons Worchestershire
2 tablespoons garlic salt
1 tablespoon coarsely ground
In small saucepan, place vine
gar. water, butter, Worcestershire
sauce, salt and pepper; bring to a
boil. Brush sauce on chicken.
Place chicken on prepared grill,
skin side up, about 8 inches from
heat Cook, turning and basting
liberally with sauce every 5 to 10
minutes, about 60 to 70 minutes or
until fork can be inserted in chick
en with ease. Makes 4 servings.
National Broiler Council
Soon we hope to harvest some
of the crops that we have been
working on this spring. The peas
and strawberries are ready to be
picked and frozen. Of course,
we’ll eat a lot of them fresh from
the garden.
Ida Risser
When I’m outside planting
bulbs, I see and hear a tiny Jenny
Wren as it works to build a nest in
the birdhouse. Another bird has
moved into the bluebird house but
I cannot give it a name. Although,
it looks like the Vireo pictured in
my birdbook.
Many of my neighbors, who
take walks past our home, have
commented on my ids bed with
100 plants that I transplanted last
August. Not all of them bloomed
Rollover Protective Structure Information Available
By now you know that of all money or time you might save by
, farm accidents, tractor rollovers cutting comers on such an essen
are the single greatest cause of tial piece of protection. Are you
death. Half of those deaths could still operating an unsafe tractor
have been prevented if the tractor because you just can’t find the
had been equipped with a rollover information you need on the avail
protective structure, or ROPS. ability of a ROPS for your
Agricultural safety experts equipment?
agree that no matter how careful To help farmers find that infor
or experienced an operator may mation, the Wisconsin Rural
be. nothing can protect him or her Health Research Center has pub
from death in a rollover tractor Ushed an updated version of the
accident better than a properly Guide to Tractor Roll Bars and
designed and installed ROPS and Other Rollover Protective Struc
a seatbelt tures. The directory offers a com-
Fcdcral and industry standards prehensive listing of ROPS and
ensure that all new tractors sold in tractor manufacturers, ordering
the United States have a ROPS. procedures, ROPS types available
but of the 4.5 million tractors cur- for specific tractor makes and
rently in use, only 1.3 million are models and suggested prices,
equipped with the life saving To get a copy of the guide, con
structures. tact The Wisconsin Rural Health
A safe ROPS cannot simply be Research Center, 1000 North Oak
rigged in the farm shop. Your life Avenue, Marshfield, WI
is worth much more than the 54449-5790.
Excellence Since 1903
MCO . n . CONTACT; _
3368 York Rd. P.O. Box 126,
Gettysburg, Phllllpsburg,
PA 17325 NJ 08865
717/624-3331 201/454-7900
Call or writ* today
lor mort information
Lancaster Fanning. Saturday, May 29,1H3-BI
this year but I’m hoping that next
year will be a full display of their
I have just marked some SO
photos that I took with my camera.
Half of these will be sent to our
children. Many years ago my aunt
and grandfather shared the price
of my first small box camera. It
cost two or three dollars if I
remember correctly. Since then
I’ve had two or three other mote
expensive ones.
My camel-back trunk is full of
family pictures from many gener
ations. Most of diem ate marked
and I’ve been able to share some
negatives with people who were
publishing historical books. One
book gave a two page spread to a
picture of my father’s 1923 Over
land car and our family on a trip to
Maryland for fish. It was a custom
to get our year’s supply of fish on
Ascension Day.
It seems that in the 1800 s pic
tures were often taken of the
homestead with family members
standing in the foreground. These
are quite interesting!
Illinois only, call
1400-426-66 M