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Dairy Hard
Improvement Association
W*l« L. Burrta, membenhip development,
C»U 1-800-DHI-TEST for Infoem.tion.
Infinity Is Repackaging Of Services
Co.) Infinity is a repackaging
of our services with a brand name
that is not specific to geography
it conveys that this is an organiza
tion operating across lines for
many people’s benefit.
Infinity is the way things will go
in the future: more service, more
choice, more flexibility, and more
Infinity System Module Dairy
Management System (DMS) is a
New Foil BFC
New Foil® BFC bioinsecticide is re
shaping Colorado potato beetle
control. Ecogen has developed a
new Foil strain that produces a
crystal that is three times as large
and three times more effective than
the original Foil formulation. That's
three times more toxin in every bite.
BiSS*r is better.
Added strength means that less Foil
BFC is needed to do the job.
Recommended application rates
have been reduced from 3 quarts
per acre with the original Foil 1 to 1
national DHIA certified service
and one of 10 service modules
under Infinity.
A “module” is a term for a sub
package of services within a total
system. Under the Infinity system,
each of the 10 modules is designed
to stand alone in providing a range
of specific services, but the mod
ules are also connected through the
overall scope of Infinity system so
that information can be transferred
between modules as needed.
New Foi BFC. Big Fat Crystab For Better Control.
Ecogen Inc
2005 Cabot Boulevard West, Langhome, Pennsylvania 19047-1810 (215)757-1590 1-800-220 2135
Foil is a trademark of Ecogen Inc Copyright ©1993 Ecogen Inc Always read and follow label directions carefully
The DMS module, for example,
is a traditional, paper-based dairy
herd management service provid
ing the entire range of official and
unofficial records services for
dairy producers.
It has a lot of flexibility and
choices, and provides a full range
of printed reports for dairymen to
use in managing their milking and
dry cows, herds and young stock.
All reports and services are option
al at the producer’s discretion, giv
ing him control over the total cost
of the service.
The services are divided further
into five sections or packages, for
ease of promotion and choice
making, but not to limit choices.
Prices for the packages are dis
counted from the total cost of those
options selected individually.
The five sections consist of a
Basic Package Report for herd and
cow management; three Advanced
Reports (Levels I, II and III): and
an Optional Reports Services.
The Basic Package Report is
1/2 quarts per acre with Foil BFC.
Reduced rates and increased
efficacy combine to save you time
and money.
Best Choke For IMA.
Lead-off your Integrated Pest
Management (IPM) program with
designed to give a dairyman the
primary reports needed to manage
all aspects of his dairy operation.
Included in this package are a
Monthly Cow Lactation Report,
Herd Summary Report I or 11, Indi
vidual Cow Page each lactation.
Young Stock Listing, annual cow
and herd production certificates,
bam sheets, and direct automated
The three advanced level pack
ages are laid out differently,
depending on the need for
Level I includes reports on
reproductive management, soma
tic cell management, and a report
on an annual herd management
awards, an annual herd profile, and
one special report from a custom
ized report list.
Under the Level II section,
included are a semiannual PTA
report, semiannual report on
potential identification problems,
Foil BFC. You can't find a more
effective Bt than Foil BFC
Consultants agree that Bts can play
a critical role in CRB control When
properly timed, Foil BFC will stop the
explosion of CRB larvae and permit
a sensible rotation of insecticide
When the season starts put Foil BFC
to work. It will save you time,
money and a small piece of the
environment for your future.
Foil BFC is the best Bt
you cun buy.
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, May 1,1W3-A2l
an annual listing of cows sold, and
an optional special report.
Under the Level 111 section, the
DMS module provides 365-day
lactation records, monthly record
updates to a breed association for
DIR, computer-generated registra
tion applications, and an option
special report.
Among the stand-alone options
which are individually prices,
available options include ARIS
on-line services, heifer manage
ment system, herd performance
evaluator service, a complete
nutrition management system,
bam cards, calf books, stable
breeding cards, laboratory compo
nent analysis reports, and young
sire evaluations.
A sample of the packaged
reports can be obtained by calling
the Pa.DHIA office at
(8 14)-865-1 517, or
The power of
Infinity comes from
the unique integra
tion of individual
service modules
which permit infor
amtion in one mod
ule to be shared with
other modules.
While some modules
rely on input of data
from other modules,
the overall design
allows a DHIA or
dairy producer to
select only those
modules needed.
In addition to
DMS, a systems
overview of the 10
modules in Infinity
• OFS —On
Farm System-Dairy
Comp 305 and Dairy
• OFS+ On-
Farm System plus
Genetic Evaluations
and Young Sire
• FSS Field
Services System.
• DES Data
Entry System.
Laboratory Control
Extension and Edu
cation Service.
• CS
• FPS Finance
and Personnel