Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, April 24, 1993, Image 67

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Twin Valley FFA
The 33rd annual awards ban
quet of the Twin Valley FFA was
held on March 31. More than 150
members, parents, and guests
attended this annual function.
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Litz then presented checks to
Berks County record book contest
winners: Pleasure horse records,
first Tracey Putt and second Julie
Wilson; on-farm work records -
first Steve Harrop; Home
Improvement - first Mike Reed;
Rabbits - first Marcie Baker and
second Missy Tyson; Poultry -
first Sarah Mantz and second
Michelle Powell; Aquaculture -
first Ben Dodd; Wildlife - second
Jason Hess; Pets - first Heather
Dougherty and second Amanda
Scott: Swine - first Ryan Marshall
and second Marcie Baker; Crops -
first Brian McGowan; Bees - first
Ryan Marshall; Skills and Tasks -
first Jason Brooks and second
Brian McGowan; Off-Farm Work
Records - first Ryan Marshall and
second Haether Dougherty.
Ronald Frederick, FFA Advis
er, presented state record book
awards to Ryan Marshall - gold
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and Melissa Makrls. Back, Andy Mast and Ryan Marshall.
medals in swine finishing, bee
keeping and work experience.
Silver medals to Tiffany King -
dog breeding, Steve Harrop - work
experience, Robert Sauder - wild
life, Heather Dougherty - small
animals, Carla Kurtz - work
experience; Ben Dodd - aquacul
ture; and Becky Kurtz - small ani
mals. Bronze awards were pre
sented to: Amanda Scott for small
animal records; Andrew Mast for
dairy herd records; Andrew Par
sons for swine finishing and shop
experience records; Ann Haag for
pet records; Brian McGowan for
All-make cutting parts
at prices you 11 like
Rsd Lion, PA
Martlnsburg, PA
Wsst Chsstsr, PA
field com, swine finishing, work
experience and shop experience
records; Chad Steffy for wildlife;
Ned Gardner for wildlife; Jason
Hess for Wildlife; Jason Mantz for
work experience: Marcie Baker
for swine finishing and rabbits;
Malt Kurtz for work records; Mis
sy Tyson for work records;
Michelle Jacobs for pel records;
Michelle Powell for poultry
records; Tara Plewa for wildlife
records; and Tracey Putt for plea
sure horse and work records.
Robert Prall from the Pennsyl
vania Game Commission then
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presented a check to Robert Saud
er as the wildlife conservation
record winner for the southeastern
division of the Game Commis
sion. David Stutzman presented a
check to Ryan Marshall as the
Berks County Farm Credit record
book winner.
Heather Dougherty and Tracey
Putt presented greenhand pins to
Tom Dalton, Sandra Calvert, Ann
Marie Haag, Heidi Rissel, Tracey
Schildt, Rachel Slouch, Cory Wal
ter, Megan Mcßride, Kyle Ripka,
Lee Whitmoyer, Jeff Doran, John
Errington, Chris Horton, Jeff
Kupp, Tom Lakeman, Greg Lund,
Richard Seidel, Richard Wood,
Daniel Wunderlich, Renee Baum,
Natalie Beckwith, Ramona •Gra
ziul, Nathan Messner, Beth Pecht,
Tavia Rapak, Kim Solowski,
Jason Tolley, Meri Brennan, Kira
Davis, Robert Davis 111, Justin
Fisher, Becky Kurtz, Jason Losey,
Melissa Makris, Harry Moore,
Jared Moyer, Adrienne Neff, Dan
ni Niblick, Crystal Peterson, Tara
Plewa, Brandy Ream, Rose Samo
jeden, Amanda Test, Mike Wil
son, Joe Wertz, David Hall, Jr.,
Nikki Kurtz.
Andy Mast and Jason Mantz
represented chapter pins to Chey
ney Arters, Steve Harrop, Matt
Kurtz, Mike Reed, Andy Risbon,
Michelle Jacobs, Tiffany King,
for dairy proficiency; Cory Walter for diversified livestock; Ollie
VonGcrbig for diversified livestock and floriculture; Ryan Mar
shall for extemporaneous speaking; Chad Slcffy for wildlife and
forestry management; Tara Plewa and Kyle Ripka for wildlife man
agement; Tracey Schildl and Nikki Kurtz for floriculture; Ned
Gardner and Jason Brooks for forest management; Tracey Putt for
fruit and vegetable proficiency; Nathan Mcssncr, Rose Samojeden
and Ramona Graziul for horse proficiency; Robert Saudcr and
Jason Hess for nursery proficiency; Michelle Powell and Michelle
Steve for Outdoor recreation; Mike Reed for placement in agricul
tural production: Melissa Makris for poultry production: Jared
Moyer for sheep production; Andy Mast for soil and water manage
ment; Matt Kurtz for speciality animals; Larry Medaglia and Sarah
Mantz for Speciality crops and Rachel Slouch for speciality
Frederick then presented a special sales award to Ryan Marshall
who was the high salesperson in the citrus sale with more than
52.000 in sales. Scholarship pins were presented to: Justin Fisher,
Jennifer Hannum, Melissa Makris, Crystal Peterson, Tavia Rapak,
Becky Kurtz, Danni Niblick, Jason Brooks, Heather Dougherty,
Ray Dymond, Michelle Powell, Missy Tyson, Ned Gardner, Ryan
Marshall, Ollie VonGerbig, Richard Wood, Megan Mcßride, Tara
Plcwa, Amanda Scott, Tracey Schildt, Natalie Beckwith, Carla
Kurtz, Matt Kurtz, Cory Walter, Nikki Kurtz.
Eric Marshall presented retiring ofliccr pins to Andy Mast, Ryan
Marshall, and Jason Mantz. Cory Waller presented the FFA Creed.
Coulson, superintendent of Twin Valley School District, named
the chapter stars for 1993. This year the club has three star green
hands: Natalie Beckwith, Melissa Makris, and Tara Plewa. Natalie
is the daughter of Ms. Holly Beckwith of Mountaineer Village.
Natalie has been involved with the Hay Creek Fall and apple festi
vals, the southeast Pennsylvania wildlife contest, and the Made for
Excellence conference of the state FFA. Natalie has also served as
thejumor advisor this year. Melissa is the daughter of Margaret Ful
mer of Icedale. Melissa has been very involved with the Pel Ther
apy programs at Tel-Hai and Hickory House. She participated in the
Food for America program and the fall and apple festivals at Hay
Creek. Tara Plewa is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Plcwa of
Honey Brook. Tara has participated in die Food for America prog
rams on Christmas trees, water quality and plant foods. She
attended the Made for Excellence conference and the southeastern
Pennsylvania wildlife contest. She participated in the county green
hand contest and the county and slate record book contests.
This year two chapter stars were named. Ryan Marshall is the son
of Mr.- and Mrs. Richard Readinger of Remholds. Ryan is a tuition
student at Twin Valley High school. Ryan has been involved in
many activities on the county and area level. Ryan has a work
experience project as well as raising market hogs to show at the
Pennsylvania Farm Show and a bee keeping project. Ryan serves as
President of the Berks County FFA and a chapter vice-president.
He participated in the county envirothon contest, won the area sales
contest, and was the high salesperson in the citrus sale with over
$2,000 in sales. He received three gold medals in the state record
book contest and placed first in the county extemporaneous speak
ing contest. He has exhibited honey at local fairs and the Pennsylva
nia Farm Show Andy is the son
of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mast of El verson. As you can see by looking at
the program, Andy has been very active this year, and since enter
ing FFA. Andy’s projects include dairy herd and working on a dairy
larm. He served as chairperson of the com and soybean test plots.
He participates in the Pet-Therapy and Food for America Programs.
He attended FFA Week at Penn Slate, Made for Excellence, and the
county FFA leadership program. He has attended both the Pennsyl
vania Cooperative Institute and the American Institute of Coopera-
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, April 24, 1993-827
Carla Kurtz, Maggie Pavlesich,
Amanda Scott, Julie Wilson,
Michelle Powell, Chad Steffy,
Michelle Steve, Sarah Mentz, Lar
ry Medaglia. Dennis Krauss pre
sented pins to the 1992 Keystone
Degree winners - Andrew Mast,
Jason Mantz, Ryan Marshall, Ned
Gardner and Robert Sauder.
County FFA President Ryan Mar
shall and Vice-President pre
sented plaques to winners of coun
ty FFA contests: wildlife - third -
Jason Hess, fourth Robert Sauder,
and fifth Chad Steffy; Forestry -
second Robert Sauder, third Ned
Gardner and fourth Jason Brooks;
Pleasure Horse Judging - second
Nathan Messner and third Tracey
Putt; Greg Lund for third in the
greenhand contest; Heather
Dougherty for first place in land
judging; Ryan Marshall for first in
sales and Carla for second in the
chapter contest.
Dave Henry, chairperson of the
agriculture advisory committee,
presented proficiency awards to
Steve Harrop for Agriculture
mechanics and placement in agri
culture production; Brian McGo
wan for agriculture mechanics and
placement in agriculture produc
tion; Heather Dougherty for agri
culture processing and soil and
water management; Marcie Baker
for agriculture processing and
dairy proficiency; Jason Mantz