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    VOL 38 No. 21
BST Gets Thumbs Up From FDA Committee
Lancaster Farming Staff
Md. Monsanto Company, one
of the manufacturers of bovine
somatotropin (BST) for use in sti
mulating cows to give more milk.
Georgia (Grandma) Marburger,lurried 100 years old last fall, and Is living proof that
milk Is good for you. Grandmafsthe matriarch of the Marburger Farm Dairy family with
a long history of community service in Butler County. With Grandma from left is
George Cudoc, farm manager, Jim Marburger, and Marge Wearing, g randchildren and
principals in the business. Photo by Everett Newswanger, managing editor.
Anna Calhoun of Armstrong County was
crowned 1993 Pennsylvania Jersey Queen last
week at the Pennsylvania Jersey Club’s annual
meeting. For details about the meeting, see page
A 32. For more about the new queen, see page 89.
Five Sections
has overcome what appears to be
the last major scientific hurdle in
gaining approval of its product for
commercial marketing.
Though tempering its statement
with caution that it was not issuing
a final decision, the Veterinary
KINGSTON (Luzerne Co.) Beautiful dairy far
mers are being sought for recognition as part of the
Dairy of Distinction Program in New York, New
Jersey and Pennsylvania and April 15 is the deadline
to apply.
Started in 1983, the Northeast Farm Beautification
Program recognizes the hard work and dedication of
dairy owncr/operators who maintain attractive farms.
The purpose of the program is to 1) promote a positive
dairy image; and 2) instill in consumers a greater sense
of confidence in the wholesomeness of dairy products.
Farms that apply for recognition are judged on the
roadside appearance of buildings, grounds and sur
roundings. Animal cleanliness, the barnyard, feed
areas and manure management are other aspects of the
farm operation taken into consideration.
To qualify, applicants must be actively dairy farm
ing. An application form can be found on page D 8
along with full details of the program.
Daylight Savings Time
Starts Sunday
Daylight Savings Time officially starts at 2 o’clock
on Sunday morning April 4. To follow the old adage of
“spring forward, fall back,” since this is spring, you
will want to advance the clocks around the farmstead
one hour before retiring Saturday night For farmers
there is a little more to this yearly ritual. Experts say
schedules for feeding animal and especially milking
schedules for dairy cows should be advanced gradually
over a period of several days. With many cows now
milking more than 100 pounds per day, this advice
would be important to maintain lop production.
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, April 3 1993
Medicine Advisory Committee to
the Federal Drug Administration
on Wednesday issued a “safe” ver
dict to the use of Monsanto Com
pany’s commerical version of
BST, Sometribove.
The advisory committee held a
Last Call For
Dairy Of Distinction
public hearing and meeting Wed
nesday at the Holiday Inn, in
Gaithersburg, Md., to review
Sometribove within the context of
it being able to increase the risk to
humans of antibiotics in drinking
While the committee’s approval
doesn’t necessarily guarantee that
the product will receive full
approval by the Federal Drug
Adminstration’s Center for Veter
inary Medicine (CVM), it does
Marburger Farm Dairy
Survives In A World
Of Growing Competition
Managing Editor
Co.) —Georgia (Grandma) Mar
burger remembers when the trolley
ran past the processing plant to
Mars and stopped to pick up milk.
Of course, she remembers. She was
bom in 1892 and celebrated her
100 years last fall with a parly,
hundreds of birthday cards,-. and
PDA Modifies Avian
Influenza Restrictions
Lancaster Fanning Staff
Co.) State Secretary of Agri
culture Boyd Wolff Monday
announced modifications to a
statewide avian influenza quaran
tine that will allow poultry exhibi
tions and live bird marketing to
With conditions.
The current quarantine has been
Penn State Students Win
National Beef Bowl
Co.) Four students from Penn
State’s Department of Dairy and
Animal Science won the National
Championship Beef Bowl Com
petition at a recent meeting of the
National Cattlemen’s Association
in Phoenix.
National in scope, the Beef
Bowl is sponsored by the Ameri
can Cyanimid Company and the
National Cattlemen’s Foundation.
Each invited team must first win a
similar competition in its own reg
ion. The Penn State team repre
sented the Northeast, the Univer
sity of Missouri the Midwest,
Oklahoma State University the
South, and Washington State Uni
versity the West.
The contest was a double
elimination tournament with ques
tions covering all phases of the
beef industry. Much like the old
television College Bowl, a team
had to buzz in to win the right to
try answering each question.
Questions on genetics and breed
ing, nutrition, management, mark
eting, physiology, and many other
609 Per Copy
remove some of the last non
political barriers to receiving
According to Gary Stefan,
spokesman for the CVM, the agen
cy will consider and review the tes
timony presented Wednesday in
deciding the next step toward
“The drug will not be approved
until all questions are adequately
addressed,” Stefan said.
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had her picture on Marburger Farm
Dairy milk cartons that are distri
buted to hundreds of retail stores
and all the schools in Butler
And while this centenarian, who
looks no older than when she was
90, is no longer involved with the
family farm and milk business, she
keeps track of things and is sure to
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in effect since Jan. 20, resulting
from the discovery of a non
pathogenic strain of avian influen
za in samples taken from live poul
try markets in Philadelphia, New
York City and West Newark, NJ.
The modifications arc included
in amendments to the Pcnnsylvam
a poultry quarantine which estab
lish lest requirements for exhibi-
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topics challenged the competitors.
On the contest’s first day, Penn
State team members competed in
three rounds, beating Missouri
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Award To Editor
For Excellence
In Journalism
Newswanger, Lancaster Farm
ing’s managing editor, received
the 1993 “Award For Excellence”
from the Northeast Farm Commu
nicators Association, for the best
photojournalism farm story. The
winning entry in the association’s
Nor’Easler Contest was called
“exceptional” by the pannel of
judges from Purdue University,
Lafayette, Ind.
The story featured the Clydes
dale horses from Budweiser at the
2501 h Anniversary of the City of
Lancaster. The award presentation
was made during the association’s
winter conference in Boston.
$19.00 Par Year