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    Scholarship To NALJA President
Dwayne Faldley, president
Is your com silage program standing in milk production and cutting feed supple
the way of improved milk production and ment costs
reduced input costs?
We know that the quality of corn silage
can be highly variable from one hybrid
to another. But are you content to take
your chances with whatever quality of
silage your current corn hybrids produce?
Or do you want
to get more mileage
out of your com
Cargill Hybrid Seeds
has developed a
forage quality pro
gram that identifies
which hybrid within
a maturity is best
suited for silage
on your farm.
After five years of evaluation, university
research and hundreds of, on-farm tests,
we have built a Quality Index to help
simplify the corn hybrid selection
process. The Quality Index combines a
feeding strategy with quality traits that
have the greatest impact on boosting
"For More Information, Contact These Dealers”
Jack Miller
Alverton, PA
Reynold Reinert
Fogelsvllle. PA
Dean Salvatora
Glbaonla. PA
David M. Nolt
Annvtlle, PA
BUI MaoCauley
Atglen. PA
Cheater Horst
Greencastle, PA
Brown ft Ran
Atglen. PA
Millar Equip. Co.
Bechtelsvllle, PA
Belleville Flour Mill
Belleville. PA
Ken Daltch
Bolling Springs, PA
Oeer Farm ft
Home Supply
Orookvllle. PA
Woody Kyper
Huntingdon, PA
Fabln Bros. Farm
Indiana. PA
Dale Leman
Chamberaburg, PA
Bunk Smith
Dlllaburg, PA
Richard E. Keener
Easter PA 6t NJ
Territory Office
Hoober'a Mill
Intercourse, PA
Henry F. Barley
Lancaster, PA
Bruno Holnalder
Latrobe, PA
Ed Houge
Ebensburg, PA
Homer B. 801 l
Lebanon, PA
Ed Byers
Enon Valley, PA
of the North American Li
mousin Junior Association,
was selected overall winner
In the National Cattlemen’s
Foundation’s Beef Industry
Scholarship contest. Fald
ley’s winning essay was enti
tled “Producing and Market
ing Beef Cattle to Meet Con
sumer Demand.”
Dwayne Faidley, president of the
North American Limousin Junior
Association (NALJA), has been
selected overall winner of the Na
tional Cattlemen’s Foundation
Beef Industry Scholarship. The
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
sponsors the $2,500 stipend.
9 I OiiSir'nj
Tii Above A<| age
S Avc ije
A 3 « 0«IO»A»«»Jt
i 1 SuD» an-a a
Dennis A. Confer
Lehlghton, PA
Elvin N. Nolt
Lcola, PA
Ray and Allan Ard
Lewisburg, PA
Paul B. Kline
LlUtz. PA
John Forty
Hanover. PA
William Stahl
Loyavllle. PA
Donald Todt
Hanover, PA
Locust Brook
Ag Center
Manhelm, PA
Amy Hoy
Hickory, PA
Ron Moore
Manhelm, PA
Cargill, Inc.
Marietta. PA
Paul Colley
Indiana. PA
Gerald Burket
Martinaburg, PA
Wayne Stonerook
Martinaburg, PA
Tom Veeter
Knox. PA
Rosa Judy
McVeytown. PA
Stoner's Hljos Mill
Merceraburg, PA
Tom Sto offer
Mcrcersburg, PA
CUntondale Mills
Mill Hall, PA
The Quality Index is part of our corn
silage Menu that identifies hybrids with
the most important quality traits -
energy, protein, fiber and fiber digest
jr. ton wee
AT I* S‘>
Only time-tested
hybrids with out
standing corn silage
production potential
are added to our up
dated Menu. There’s
a Menu, such as
shown at left, for
hybrids adapted to
your area.
Don’t settle for less
than the best. For
more information
about our exclusive
forage quality program, contact your
Cargill Hybrid Seeds dealer today or call
this toll-free number: 1-800-657-4810
yn:* y
un >M »y conau-iw itll cn tußW'lta by Ci g n n*s Bu H tn* Sata Bis* to tn*
•no • punt qjii ry pon ono mi mini; Quai ly c oM*« • t*>*ioo*a by tn* us*
Ol m V no fl u m*n A*rm*ntal on technology m V iro T<u* 0 g*st B»i ry mis us*Q I
m*i*u *«noi*p<ant*n« gy in VI o Ct ll Will 0 f• V b-i ty»as u**e tom*a»u *f b*
Bg*st tui’y »na co *i«leg to ary man* nia««
At the 1993 National Silage Production Conference,
Syracuse, NY, many experts were in agreement that
this concept of evaluating corn hybrids is a worthwhile
approach to improving dairy production.
Duane Stoltafus
Morgantown, PA
William Buttermore
ML Pleasant. PA
Smith's Dairy Supply
New Enterprise, PA
Dale Hair
Newville, PA
Franklin D. Hess
Orangeville, PA
Wilmer W. Rush
Perkasle, PA
Fred Frey
Quanyvllle. PA
Melvin Nolt
Richland, PA
Al Vettorl
Saxonburg, PA
Lelnbach Farm Supply |
Shlppcnsburg, PA i
Sam Muiaer
Shlppcnsburg, PA
Cheater K. Solty's Jr.
Spring City, PA
Nelson Brenneman
Spring Grove, PA
McOee flc Smith
Spring Run. PA ' Phtxn
Faidley, an lowa State Univer
sity student, travelled to the Na
tional Cattlemen’s Association’s
annual meeting in Phoenix to dis
cuss his winning essay, “Produc
ing and Marketing Beef Cattle to
Meet Consumer Demand.”
“As an industry, we need to
identify what the consumer wants
and figure out better ways to sup
ply it,” Faidley said. “Youth today
have decided not to wait to share
responsibility for improving the
cattle industry.”
Faidley was chosen from more
than 100 applicants. Lisa McCain,
another NALJA board member,
received an honorable mention.
Anthony’s Peed Mill
Strousstown, PA
Koch's Farm Sendee
Tamaqua, PA
John Kirk
Warfordaburg, PA
Lynn Stoner
Waynesboro, PA
Mason Dixon
Farm Service
Waynesburg, PA
Steve Shaw
Williamsburg. PA
Tharpe It Loreen
Churchvlllc. MD
Charles Zepp
Glenelg, MD
CjII 1-800-657-4810 or complete this coupon and mail to
I ij Yes Send me more information on Cargill Hybrid Seed.
I □ |’m interested in hearing about a Cargill IXalcr Opportunity in ms area
3536 Country Side Lane, Camp Hill. PA 17011
717-731-9599 717-653-6880
Farm Credit
Northeastern Farm Credit, ACA
held their Third Annual Ag Out
look Forum on February 3 and 4
with approximately 286 farmers
attending the same one-day semi
nar offered at two different loca
tions within Northeastern’s ser
vice territory.
On February 3, farmers
gathered at the Country Cupboard
Restaurant in Lewisburg and on
February 4, at the Tory Vets Club,
Troy. A free luncheon buffet was
Roy Umbel
Frlendsvllle, MD
Reifsnlder Vet Supply
Keymar. MD
C.W. Brown
Rising Sun. MO
Robert Clae
Sykesvllle, MD
Louie Plseher
Sykesvllle, MD
Jim Beyer
Uppcrco, MD
Ronald L. Carty
Columbus, NJ
Glendon 8. Coleman
Elmer, NJ
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, March 27, 1993-A2l
Holds Forum
provided by Farm Credit at both
Topics and speakers included
“Fanning The Cycles” and “Farm
ing With Family” Don Rogers,
vice president, farm business con
sulting, Farm Credit Bank of
Springfield; “Commodity Out
looks” Lou Moore and Greg
Hanson, Penn State University;
and “Tax Strategics to Maximize
Farm Business Success” pre
sented by Farm Credit’s financial
management specialists Dianne
Shuck and Duane Mattocks.
For Parade
PHILADELPHIA Equestrians will gather
from all parts of the Delaware Valley and beyond
for this year’s 72nd annual Wissahickon Day Par
The parade will begin promptly at noon from
Northwestern and Germantown Avenues (known
as Harpers Meadow), at the Northwestern lip of the
city, and continue along the Wissahickon creek
through Fairmount Park along the path known as
“Forbidden Drive.”
This yearly equestrian parade began in 1921 to
celebrate the defeat of an amendment which would
have allowed automobiles in the park. The path be
came known as “Forbidden Drive,” because it was
thereafter forbidden to the automobile.
The parade is presented by the Riders of the Wis
sahickon (ROTW) and cosponsored by the Friends
of the Wissahickon. The parade features English
and Western riders as well as a variety of carriages
and costumed riders. Entrants in the different riding
divisions will be judged prior to the start of the par
Judging begins at 10:30 a.m. at Harpers Meadow
(Germantown and Northwestern Avenue) and is
open to the public. Ribbons will be awarded to win
ners in the different categories.
Entertainment begins at 11:30 a.m. in front of
Valley Green Inn. There will be pony rides, a pet
ting zoo, and clowns. Refreshments are available.
Bring a blanket and spend the day.
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