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VOL 38 No. 13
This scenic home farm of the Raymond Butters family located off Route 414
between Liberty and Morris will be open to visitors on the Tioga County Farm-City Day
this year. The first such event was held last year and 2,000 people responded to the
countywide invitation for city people to visit the farm. In the photo at right, the Butters
family was introduced at the recent Farm-City banquet. They are from left, Raymond
and Peggy Butters; Joyce Krisanda and David Butters; and Pat and Terry Butters. In
front, Pat and Terry’s children, Erick and Jillian.
Butters Family To Host
Tioga Farm-City Day
Tioga Co. Correspondent
was an evening of recognition and thanks. It was
also an evening of introductions. The Tioga
County Farm-City Day Appreciation Banquet
Pa. Crop Management
Annual Meeting Held
Mifflin Co. Correspondent
Co.) An impressive lineup of
speakers highlighted the Pennsyl
vania Crop Management Associa
tion’s (PCMA) ninth annual meet
ing held recently here at the
Knights of Columbus Hall.
PCM A directors, members, and
employees converged to assess
accomplishments, to set crop man
agement goals, and to hear, along
with their guests, industry special
ists who updated information in
their area of expertise.
All attending the conference had
one goal in mind—to successfully
Five Sections
drew over 100 people who gathered to congratu
late Glenside Dairy owners Dennis and Arietta
Owlett and son and daughter-in-law Larena
Owlett, and all who helped the 1992 Farm-City
become a success.
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manage crops and the environ
ment PCMA President John Ligo
opened (he conference.
Building upon two goals set at
last year’s meeting to get infor-
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Barn Raising Elevates Spirit Of Unity
Lancaster Farming Staff
LEBANON (Lebanon
Co.) Hershey Bare is a well
known name in this southern Pen
nsylvania county.
It’s not the name of an ice hock
ey team, but of a dairyman who
gets his share of comments about
the similarity in sounds between
names it is Hershey Bare’s
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, February 6, 1993
Price, Quality Factors Hurt Beef
Consumption, Says Meat Specialist
Lancaster Farming Staff
LANCASTER (Lancaster Co.)
Why won't consumers buy
It's not because of diet and
health concerns, according to a
farm, not the Hershey Bears’ farm.
The SOish, tow-headed dairy
man is partly known for his fre
quent smile, community involve
ment and generousity.
He is also well known because
he has allowed and encouraged
hundreds and hundreds, if not
thousands, of people to tour his
dairy farm so they can understand
milk production and view a family
renowned Colorado meat
Actually, beef simply costs too
And what consumers air getting
they’re not satisfied with, for quite
a number of reasons, according to
His name is known to many
children and past children who
attended city schools, retired peo
ple living in homes, the county’s
businessmen, the extension ser
vice, 4-H, Farm-City program
workers, editors and staff of daily
newspapers in the county, etc.
His popularity was no less evi
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608 Ptr Copy
Dr. Gary Smith, professor of ani
mal science at Colorado Sate
Smith, who holds the presti
gious Monfort Endowed Chair in
Meat Science from the university,
presented his findings on the
recently completed National Cat
tlemen’s Association Audit at the
Cattle Feeder’s Day on Tuesday at
the Farm and Home Center.
And those findings bring into
question a lot of the ways and
means that cattle producers bring
their product from the feedlot to
the packers. Ultimately, cattle pro
ducers must have a say in all the
stages of production in ordqr to
keep producers buying, Smith told
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