Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, January 30, 1993, Image 90

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    C6-Lancaster Farming, Saturday, January 30, 1993
The new 62 HP Model 5030 Ford tractor Is powered by a four-cylinder, 256 cubic
Inch liquid cooled engine. Customer options include 8x2,8x8 synchronized shuttle
shift and 16x8 Dual Power synchronized shuttle shift transmissions, cabs, fixed or
telescoping POPS, 8.5 GPM or 14 GPM hydraulics, and up to four hydraulic remotes.
The new tractor is available in all purpose or low-profile versions.
NEW HOLLAND (Lancaster
Co.) The new 62HP Ford Mod
el 5030 diesel tractor is powered
by a 256 cubic-inch engine.
Designed for all types of opera
tions including landscaping,
orchards, specialty fanning and
farmsteads, the new tractor is
available in all-purpose or low
profile design.
The Claas® Liner 1500 rotary rake with contour under
carriage adapts to uneven, rough ground conditions, even
at high working speeds to deliver a thorough, clean
harvest, increasing yield.
Rake Adapts To Ground
COLUMBUS, Ind. The Lin
er 1500 rotary rake from Claas of
America, Inc., with contour
undercarriage, adapts to uneven,
rough ground conditions, even at
high working speeds to deliver a
thorough, clean harvest, increas-
ing yield.
It has an adjustable working
width up to 21’4”, allowing the
rake to be adapted to harvester or
mower pickup. Transport width is
Equipped with twin rotors, the
1500 provides a neat, loose win
drow to the side rotor
weight compensation with strong
Tractor Available In
All-Purpose De
A variety of options let “5030”
buyers “design” their own new
tractor'for individual applications,
said Ford New Holland Product
Manager Dave Dell. He points out
the tractor is available in 2WD or
4WD. Drive options include Bx 2,
BxB synchronized shuttle shift,
and 16x8 Dual Power synchron
ized shuttle shift transmissions.
Bclleville type springs protect the
crop. The rotors are driven by
double universal joints, permitting
the 1500 to be lifted from the trac
tor seat without disengaging the
PTO and allowing operation of
one rotor where space is limited.
A flow divider ensures that both
rotors are raised completely,
equally. Each rotor has ten tine
arms and each tine carrier has four
double tines. Electric height
adjustment is optional.
For more information, contact
Claas of America, Inc„ 3030 Nor
cross Drive, Columbus, IN 47202,
(800) 368-1516.
“5030” hydraulics rated at 8.5
GPM to the remotes can be
upgraded to more than 14 GPM
with closed center remotes for
auxiliary hydraulic drive to imple
ments and attachments. Up to four
remotes are available. Cabs are
available and buyers can choose
fixed or telescoping ROPS.
An adjustable suspension seat
and the long “5030” wheelbase
provide comfortable operator ride.
Top-link sensing offers depend
able draft control and weight
transfer for more traction and bet
ter performance. Large electrical
capacity improves cold-weather
starting and provides ample cur
rent for accessories.
Ciba-Geigy Launches New Logo, Identity
GREENSBORO. N.C. Ciba- tics). Use of the new logo and the f ac iii ty reduced waste water by 99
Geigy Corporation, the wholly- Ciba name will be phased in over percent.
owned American subsidiary of the the -next several months. . More open communication with
Swiss pharmaceutical, agricultur- “Ciba represents the new face employees, customers, sharehol
al and industrial company, of our company, a more dynamic, ders, communities where Ciba has
announced a new logo and corpo- open and ambitious character as operations, and the news media,
rate identity: Ciba. The move is we look ahead to the next cen- For instance, in 1992 the company
part of a worldwide program tury,” said Bontempo. He said this began to release regular earnings
designed* to reflect the changing change is part of a series of key an d performance statements and
face of-Ciba-Geigy. decisions made by Ciba manage- w ill convert to GAP accounting
In 1990, Ciba introduced a ment to position the company for standards in 1993.
strategic business philosophy growth in the future. • Greater emphasis on Ciba’s con
called “Vision 2000,” which out- Allowing greater autonomy and tributions to society and educa
lines the company’s balanced responsibility for business deci- tion, through programs such as
commitment to economic growth, sions at thb divisional level is an “The Chemistry Institute” and
social responsibility, and environ- inherent part of the philosophy, “Science Teacher Update Semi
mental protection. This new iden- Bontempo said. This change isrin nars,” which support science and
tity reflects that commitment, said place and has allowed Ciba’s divi- chemistry education in secondary
Emilio (Leo) J. Bontempcr, presi- sions greater flexibility to address schools and colleges,
dent, Ciba plant protection, and a challenges and opportunities. At “This new business philosophy
fnember of the corporation’s the same time, the new logo and is based on our belief in sustaining
board of directors. identity will serve to unite the long-term growth through a com-
An internal design team based company’s 14 divisions. mitment to social and environ
its choice on several criteria. Other changes that reflect the mental concerns and by being the
including the distinctive typeface new philosophy include: leader in research, technology and
of the red and blue logo, the fact • Responding to social and envir- the application of science,” said
that Ciba is easily pronounced onmental concerns by exceeding Bontempo.
internationally, and is currently in regulatory standards and meeting The legal name for the U.S.
use in some operations (Ciba Vis- strict internal policies. For exam- company will remain Ciba-Geigy
ion and Ciba Coming Diagnos- pie, water recovery efforts at one Corporation.
The new Vermeer 8020 Gator Mower, a rugged disc-style
hay mowing unit has a cutting width of 10’3” and is capable
of operating at speeds up to 8 mph.
Disc-Style Cutter
Features Extra
PELLA, lowa The new Ver
meer 8020 Gator Mower, a rugged
disc-style hay mowing unit—fea
turing solid steel hood protection,
heavy-duty side curtains, and an
easy-to-maintain drive system
has recently been introduced.
The rugged low profile
1,390-pound unit has a cutting
width of-10’-3” and is capable of
operating at speeds up to 8 raph.
However, according to Vermeer
officials, the major emphasis in
the Gator Mower design is opera
tor protection.
“This new Gator Mower com
bines the cutting efficiency and
speed of a quality-built disc-style
mower with the kind of operator
safety and protection that’s sorely
needed in today’s hay mowing
equipment,” said Jim Vander-
Werff, national sales manager of
the Vermeer Agricultural
According to VanderWerff,
“the Vermeer 8020 Gator Mower
is built with a unique folding steel
hood that not only provides the
operator with complete access to
the cutting bed but also an extra
measure of protection not. found
on conventional curtain-only
mowers. In addition, Vermeer has
put its side curtain material
through an extensive puncture
testing process. As a result, today
all new Gator Mowers come
equipped with heavy-duty single
ply rubber curtains that actually
measure up to 250 percent thicker
than those found on competitive
units. The replaceable swing
away cutting knives are also heat
tempered, shatter-resistant and
reversible,” he said.
The Vermeer 8020 is built for
aggressive cutting speeds in all
kinds of terrain. The adjustable
cutter bar features eight counter
rotating, synchronized cutting
discs for dependable performance
even in wet, trampled, or wiry hay
conditions. The entire cutting bed
is powered by a continuous
through-drive shaft, rather than a
series of gears. In effect, each cut
ting disc is self-contained and pre
packed with its own set of gears,
bearings, and lubricant.
The efficient modular design
makes it easy to service. Simply
by removing the end panel and
one hex nut, the operator can slide
individual discs off the cutting bar
for repair or replacement This
design also extends the life of the
cutting head, especially in hilly
The 8020 Gator Mower also
features a smooth hydraulic lift
system for quicker turns and better
handling on the run, plus a breaka
way frame design that prevents
damage from large unseen obsta
cles. The unit lifts vertically for
narrow transport at a width of only
The Vermeer Gator Mower is
also available in three other mod
els with mowing capabilities of 7-,
8-, and 9-foot widths.