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VOL & NO. 51
Smith Inducted Into York Holstein Hall Of Fame
John T. Smith, retired York extension agent, was
inducted to the York County Holstein Hall of Farm. Club
president Tom Boyer presented Smith with a plaque honor
ing his leadership to the association.
State Grange Convention
Marketing Will Keep Agriculture Pennsylvania’s No. 1 Industry
Marketing is the key to ensuring
that agriculture remains Pennsyl
vania’s top industry into and bey
ond 1990, according to Boyd
Wolff, state Secretary of Agricul
ture. Wolff spoke at a banquet
Tuesday night before several
hundred members of the Pennsyl-
Future Of Agriculture Demands
Changes In Vo-Ag Programs
Enrollment in vocational
Directors Named At Poultry
Association Banquet
LANCASTER Poultry pro
ducers elected three board mem
bers for the Lancaster County
Poultry Association on Thursday
night. The election took place at
their annual banquet held at Olde
Robert Zimmerman, president of the Lancaster County
Poultry Association, presented scholarships to Alfssa
Hoober, (center) poultry queen, and to Rebecca Barley,
FOur Sections
vania State Grange during their
“Agricultural strength is vulner
able to changes,” stated Wolff.
“Good marketing can form the
economic bridge between
specialized-food producers and
Because consumer needs are
changing and traditional avenues
agriculture programs in high
schools throughout the nation has
fallen to 5 percent of the student
Hickory Inn. Lancaster.
Elected for a three year term
were Thomas R. Pantano, Stras
burg; Richard E. Landis, Man
heim; Kenneth Martin, East Earl;
and Barry Renno, Mount Joy.
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, October 29, 1988
York Co. Correspondent
YORK—Retired York County
extension agent John T. Smith is
the newest inductee into the York
County Holstein Hall of Fame.
The Hall of Fame award was
made during the York Holstein
Association’s annual meeting and
dinner, hosted October 19 at St.
Matthew Lutheran Church. A
plaque honoring all Hall of Fame
members is displayed at the York
Agricultural Extension offices.
Hall of Fame recognition is bes
towed on individuals whose con
tributions have been significant to
the county’s Holstein breed and
dairy industry.
Smith, a Juniata County dairy
farm son, received his Ag Educa
tion degree from Penn State and
taught vo-ag, prior to Navy ser
vice in 194-t Following military
service, he supervised a G.I. train
ing program to educate rural youth
for increasing iood sales are nar
rowing, agricultural producers
need to expand their markets by
capitalizing on the changes. Some
of the facts of which producers
should be aware, according to
Wolff, are:
•Aging Americans - More than
20 percent of Americans arc 55
years of age and older. It is pre-
body in rural areas as well as urban
areas and while high quality marks
some vo-ag programs, there are
many which do not meet the basic
eduational needs of its students.
These findings come from a
national study on the quality of
agricultural education in the
United States. The study, con
ducted by the Academy of Natural
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Standard Time Returns
Tomorrow Morning
Because it’s time to turn the
clocks back to Standard Time,
one farmer said that daylight
will come at 6 a.m.instead of 7
a.m. and darkness will come at 5
p.m. instead of 6 p.m. Officially
this happens at 2 a.m. on Sunday
morning, but many farmers will
start to change feeding and milk
ing schedules today. Good far
mers ease their livestock into the
time change so production is not
Some Lancaster Farming
readers don’t change their
clocks in this summer ritual. But
if you moved your clock ahead
last spring, you’ll want to move
it back an hour when you go to
bed tonight. That way you’ll be
on time Sunday morning.
50$ Per Copy
while they continued to work on
Smith’s extension career began
in 1947, as Snyder County’s
extension agent. Prior to accepting
the York position in 1952, he also
worked as multi-county agent in
Erie-Warren-Crawford counties.
His dairy leadership was preva
lent in helping to organize the
York County Milk Producers and
Lebanon Holstein Club
Honors Junior Members
LEBANON The Lebanon
County Holstein Club honored the
accomplishments of their junior
members at the annual banquet
held Tuesday evening at the Zoar’s
Lutheran Church in Mt. Zion and
elected new mbmbcrs for their
board of directors.
Phares Musser, David Himmel-
dieted (hat by 2010 one in four
Americans will be older than 55
years, and currently the fastest
growing segment of our popula
tion is those adults aged 85 years
and older.
•Education - Much of the 18- to
Mark Slater receives help covering his corn silage after
his 16-year-old concrete-staved silo collapsed last Sunday.
Slater estimates that the silo contained about 700 tons of
Silage HioM by Tom Kolly, Mtratrj
Silo Collapses On
Montgomery County Farm
gomery) Last Sunday morning
dairy farmer Mark Slater and his
wife, Carol, were rudely awakened
by the noise of their 20x70-foot
silo collapsing.
“It made a big noise and just fell
over,” said Carol.
The 16-year-old, concrete
staved silo was only a couple loads
short of being filled with com sil
age when it fell. “We figured it was
about7ootons ot silage,” said Car
ol. The Slaters have covered the
exposed silage with plastic in order
to mmimi/.e spoilage.
The silo fell at approximately
7:20 a.m. after, Slater had finished
milking his 90 cows and returned
to bed. No one was injured by the
fallen silo, although it did crush a
$lO.OO Per Year
encouraging dairymen to the tech
nological advances of DHIA test
ing and artificial insemination for
herds. Smith coached 4-H dairy
and livestock judging teams earn
ing success at state and national
competition, and remained an avid
4-H and youth supporter through
and beyond his extension career.
He received the Pennsylvania
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bergcr and Barry Donmoyer will
leave the board at the end of their
expired terms. Elected to the board
were Vince Wagner, Nelson
Bomgardncr and Arthur
David Vail and Dale Himmel
berger, advisors of the junior Hols
tein club, presented trophies and
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20-yeai-old Head of Household
group is composed of college stu
dents and females.
•Double-Income Family - An
ever-increasing number of double
income families means the need
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tractor and the silo unloader was
Officials from Lancaster Silo
Co. examined the silo, but “it’s
hard to tell what happened until the
silage is cleared away,” explained
Brain Weaver, vice president for
th' firm. “The silo’s structure itself
looked fine, we think maybe it
could be the footer, but nothing's
definite vet ”
Before viewing the 010 Weaver
thought perhaps the damage could
have been Irom poor maintenance,
“Silos need maintenance, especial
ly at tins year. People put silage in
while it was still green and the silos
juiced. The juice can deteriorate
the slays and rods if it (the juicing)
goes on for years,” commented