Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, November 15, 1986, Image 21

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that all hybrids aren't alike.
A lot of seed salesmen will tell you that all hybrids are
alike. That they’re all developed from the same public
lines. Well, depending on the salesman, that could be true
- of his lineup. It’s not true at Pioneer. That’s because
every Pioneer® brand hybrid is developed from one or
Performance wise, 3744 is tough to
beat. Besides outyielding the com
petition by a wide margin over the
last three years, 3744 usually dries
down faster. It has excellent root
and stalk strength, resists Northern,
Southern and Carbonum Leaf
Blights, and does well under higher
populations and higher management
or irrigation.
Living, Learning & Planting PIONEER
This newcomer has already proven
itself as the yield leader for its matu
rity. Over the last three years in this
area, 3352 holds a significant yield
advantage against competitive hy
brids. Now, that kind of performance
speaks for itself. But besides yields,
3352 has very good emergence and
early vigor along with excellent stay
green and leaf disease resistance
against Northern and Southern Leaf
Blights, Eyespot and Gray Leafspot.
This hybrid is going to surprise a lot
of folks.
more lines that only Pioneer has. It’s one of the reasons
why the differences between Pioneer hybrids and others
show up at harvest. And why you find so many Pioneer
hybrids with exceptional yield, dry down and standability.
A leading hybrid with the ability to
deliver big, hefty yields in poor
growing seasons as well as good
growing seasons. 3378 owes much
of this success to its hearty agron
omic traits like outstanding plant
health, superb standability, fast
emergence, strong drought tolerance
and ears that “flex” to accommo
date growing conditions. With so
much going for it, it’s not hard to see
why 3378 is a lot of growers’ favor
ite corn. Plant some and you’ll be
convinced too.